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Land the Job You Want: The Interview. The Career Place Connecting Workers and Employers. Today’s Agenda. Preparing for the interview During the interview Following up after an interview. Preparing for the interview. Conduct extensive research Practice, practice, practice.

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Land the job you want the interview l.jpg

Land the Job You Want:The Interview

The Career Place

Connecting Workers and Employers

Today s agenda l.jpg
Today’s Agenda

  • Preparing for the interview

  • During the interview

  • Following up after an interview

Preparing for the interview l.jpg
Preparing for the interview

  • Conduct extensive research

  • Practice, practice, practice

Conducting research l.jpg
Conducting research

  • Learn as much as you can about the job

  • Research the company and its competition

  • The Internet is your best research tool

Practice practice practice l.jpg
Practice, practice, practice

  • Role play

  • Speak clearly and not too fast

  • Remain attentive and eager to listen

The interview l.jpg
The interview

  • Look good and dress for the culture

  • Bring your career portfolio

  • Arrive early

  • Turn off your cell phone and pager

  • Offer a firm handshake

  • Use proper, comfortable posture

  • Be aware of your body language

Sell yourself l.jpg
Sell yourself

  • Be enthusiastic

  • Explain your qualifications

  • Relate your experience

  • Maintain a positive attitude

  • Make good eye contact

  • Ask questions

Common interview s l.jpg
Common interview ?s

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • What is your weakest point?

  • What are your long-term goals?

  • Why do you want to work for us?

  • Why should I hire you?

  • Do you have any questions?

What employers look for l.jpg
What employers look for…

  • Your dependability

  • Your knowledge of the company and job

  • How well you get along with others

  • If you project a positive image

  • How well you handle problems

Interview tips l.jpg
Interview tips

  • Keep your answers brief, but thorough

  • Use examples to illustrate your point

  • Think before you speak

  • Relate your answers to the job

Interview tips11 l.jpg
Interview tips

  • Match your skills with the company’s needs

  • Don’t volunteer information

  • Don’t bring up compensation

The closing ask questions l.jpg
The closing: Ask questions

  • When will you make a decision?

  • Have I answered all your questions?

  • May I call you in a few days?

  • Stress that you want the job

  • Thank the interviewer

Evaluate your interview l.jpg
Evaluate your interview

  • Did you dress appropriately?

  • Were you warm and friendly?

  • Were you confident?

  • Were you able to handle tough questions?

Evaluate your interview14 l.jpg
Evaluate your interview

  • Did you project the right ‘fit?’

  • Did you show you can do the work?

  • Did you speak well, and to the point?

  • Did you understand critical points?

Evaluate your interview15 l.jpg
Evaluate your interview

  • Did you project knowledge of the job?

  • Did you present your qualifications?

  • Were you enthusiastic?

  • Did you show your determination?

Following the interview l.jpg
Following the interview

  • Send a formal thank-you note

  • Re-iterate your qualifications

  • Stress your enthusiasm

  • Add ideas you may have forgotten

  • Call to see if you’re still a candidate

  • Take notes on what worked, what didn’t