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This is a lesson in how to care for spoiled dogs

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This is a lesson in how to care for spoiled dogs created specifically for students participating in EDTC/560. This fulfills the video page requirement for their Web sites. This is a presentation by Sarah Baker. © Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected] How to Care for Spoiled Dogs!.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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This is a lesson in how to care for spoiled dogs

created specifically for students participating in EDTC/560.This fulfills the video page requirement for their Web sites.

This is a presentation by

Sarah Baker

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]


How to Care for Spoiled Dogs!

Sarah Baker

Applications of Multimedia and Web

Page Design – EDTC/560

Maryanne Urey Mills

July 11, 2005

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]

some simple instructions
Some Simple Instructions
  • This icon takes you back to the VERY beginning
  • This icon takes you back ONE slide
  • This icon takes you to the VERY end
  • This icon moves you forward One slide.

Practice by clicking forward to the next slide with the green shaded icon on the left hand side of the page.

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]

  • This presentation was created as a requirement for EDCT-560. It is the first and only lesson in the collection.
  • This is a presentation of my favorite subject… My dogs!
  • There is a test at the end so pay attention! (that’s a joke. There is a short quiz at the end of the presentation for you enjoyment)

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]

  • While viewing the slides, gain some insight to caring for a spoiled dog (or two).

Barley and Clover

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]

the flow chart of life
The Flow Chart of Life

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]

starting with the top of the flow chart
Starting with the top of the Flow Chart
  • Must go to dog school
  • Firm but understanding
  • Attention
  • space

Barley in his Eagles gear

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]


Dogs, especially puppies need plenty of sleep.

Crazy things happen with an overtired dog

  • Destruction
  • Misbehavior
  • Irritable
  • Change in temperament

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]

  • Good quality food is a must
    • Maintain proper health
    • Maintain good weight
    • Not too smelly
    • Prolonged age

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]


Dogs thrive on play. Without the proper amount of space and time to play bad things can happen. Before you think about purchasing a puppy think about how much time and space you have to offer them. That can help determine the size and breed.

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]

the test
The Test

The Video

The following is a short

quiz to quiz you new found

knowledge of Barley and

Clover and how to care for

a spoiled pet.

The answers are on the last

page of this presentation so

don’t cheat and skip a head!

I hear this a lot when they want something!

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]

the quiz
The Quiz

This quiz contains five simple questions

that will help measure your knowledge

of what it takes to care for a spoiled dog.

question 1
Question 1

1. What is the name of this presentation?

question 2
Question 2

2. What is the function of this icon ?

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]

question 3
Question 3

3. What are two changes that can happen to a dog if they do not get enough sleep?

question 4
Question 4

4. What is an alternative treat to give a dog that is healthy?

question 5
Question 5

5. What is a healthy alternative treat that can be used on place of biscuits?


1. The name of this presentation is, How to Care of Spoiled Dogs!

2. This is button will take you one slide back.

3. If dogs do not get enough sleep, these things can happen: Destruction, Misbehavior, Irritable or Change in temperament.

4. Sleep, Eat, or Play are alternatives that are great to give a healthy dog.

5. Instead of biscuits, give your dog vegetables, such as carrots.

End Show

© Sarah Baker, 2005 e-mail [email protected]

3. According to the flowchart what are the three most important factors in a spoiled dog’s life?