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Mark Craig Senior Product Manager Oracle Workflow Oracle Corporation. Workflow and Business Events Database to J2EE. Oracle Workflow. Supports enterprise requirements for business process management Business Event and Process Definition Business Process Automation, Integration

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Presentation Transcript
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Mark CraigSenior Product Manager

Oracle Workflow

Oracle Corporation

Oracle workflow l.jpg
Oracle Workflow

  • Supports enterprise requirements for business process management

    • Business Event and Process Definition

    • Business Process Automation, Integration

    • Business Process Intelligence

  • Traditional application workflows

    • Business document approvals

  • E-business integration workflows

    • Sending, receiving, routing on JMS messages

Oracle workflow5 l.jpg
Oracle Workflow

  • Embedded Process Management Engine of

    • the Oracle E-Business Suite

    • Oracle Application Server 10g Integration technologies

  • Workflow Server 2.6.3 ships with upcoming Database/Application Server 10g releases

Business benefits l.jpg
Business Benefits

  • Visual documentation of the business process

    • Crosses organizational, company boundaries

    • Analyze time and costs of entire processes with multi-dimensional analysis

  • Business processes will change

    • You can only fix what you can see

    • Enabling dynamic processes sympathetic to change

    • Change business processes without changing code (Reduced cost of ownership)

Workflow enabled e business suite l.jpg
Workflow Enabled e-business Suite

Release 11i highlights

  • CRM

    • Call Center

    • Service

    • Contacts

    • Support

    • Marketing

    • iStore

  • ERP

    • Order Management

    • Internet Procurement

    • Self Service Financials

    • Advanced Planning System

    • Projects

  • HRMS

    • Candidate Offer

    • Career Management Reviews

And many more...

Traditional workflow expense report l.jpg
Traditional Workflow: Expense Report

AP Standard Expense Report Process

Oracle workflow for java ow4j l.jpg
Oracle Workflow For Java (OW4J)

  • Currently Under Development

  • Next generation of Oracle Workflow

  • Java based Business Process Management

  • Integrated with Oracle JDeveloper Application Developer Framework

  • You choose whether your workflow is executed by the database or java engine (based on where your business logic is deployed)

Architecture transformation l.jpg
Architecture Transformation


Oracle Workflow

JDeveloper IDE (Java)

Design Tool (Windows)

Web Browser (HTML)

PLSQL Engine Java Adapter

Java Engine PLSQL Engine

Database Repository

Database or XML

PLSQL Web Toolkit UI


Slide11 l.jpg

Business Events


Business Processes

Slide12 l.jpg

  • Don’t hardcode your business actions or process to your application

  • Achieve maximum flexibility to make additions and modifications without changing code

  • Identifying business events already key part of the development process

  • Register Events, optionally register actions

Business event l.jpg
Business Event









Slide14 l.jpg

Business Event System

  • Applications raise events

  • Declaratively register

    • Business Events

    • Actions to Business Events (no coding required)

  • Actions include

    • Launching a workflow

    • Publishing XML to JMS

    • Executing Code

Slide15 l.jpg

Business Event System Architecture


Matching Event Subscription


Local Events








External Events

XML on



Slide16 l.jpg

Model your

Business Process

Model your business process l.jpg
Model your Business Process

  • Bottom up/Top Down Design

    • Receiving and Raising Events

    • Receiving and Sending Messages

    • Business Logic

    • Task assignment

  • Use sophisticated constructs

    • Looping

    • Results-based branching

    • Parallel Flows

    • Rendezvous

Future ow4j modeler l.jpg
Future……OW4J Modeler

  • OW4J Modeler

    • Applications developer tool

    • Integrated with Oracle JDeveloper Application Framework

  • Based on XML

    • Leverages Oracle JDeveloper Application Framework metadata services

  • Runs on platforms supported by Oracle JDeveloper

Ow4j modeler21 l.jpg
OW4J Modeler









Process Window

Future ow4j self service modeler l.jpg
Future…OW4J Self Service Modeler

  • OW4J Self Service Modeler

    • Browser Based

    • Process modeler for Business Analysts

    • Optimized for simple use case scenarios (Notification messages editing & simple activity re-sequencing )

    • Hosted environments

Layered customizations l.jpg
Layered Customizations

  • Base Workflow Definition/Template modeled in OW4J Modeler

    • Never overwritten by customers

  • Customizations applied in OW4J Self Service Modeler

    • Layered on top of base definition at runtime

  • Available Customization layers

    • User

    • Verticalizations

    • Localization

    • Organization

  • Powered by Application Developer Framework XML metadata services technology

    • Manages runtime application XML metadata (file/database)

    • Supports Reuse, Caching, Translation, Customization

Xml business process definition l.jpg
XML Business Process Definition

  • OW4J based on XML Schema process definition

  • Member of the Workflow Management Coalition

  • Moving towards industry standard XML schema based import/export definition of business process

  • Closely following ongoing debate(s) in various standards bodies ( ,BPEL….)

The promise of a standard definition l.jpg
The Promise of a Standard Definition

  • Business Analysts already using specialized desktop applications to model business processes

  • These applications will be able to export an industry standard XML definition of a business process……

    • XML imported into OW4J Modeler

    • Configuration by Developers and Analysts

    • OW4J Engine runs that business process

Slide28 l.jpg

Include People


in your

Business Process

Automated task management l.jpg
Automated Task Management

  • FYI Notifications

  • Response Required Notifications e.g.. Approvals

  • Browser based Oracle Workflow Worklist

    • Automatically Notify Users of Tasks

    • Sends Notifications to Roles (users and groups)

    • Drill down capability (URL, Attachments)

    • Escalation Management

    • Vacation Handling

Worklist configuration capabilities l.jpg
Worklist Configuration Capabilities

Control Notification Filtering, Column Display and Order

Notification mailer l.jpg
Notification Mailer

  • Based on Java Mail APIs, XML and JMS

  • Outbound SMTP, Inbound IMAP

  • HTML, Text, Summary formats

  • Managed & Configured using the Oracle Workflow Manager

  • Some customers send up to 20000 outbound emails/day

Wireless access to notifications l.jpg
Wireless Access to Notifications

  • Leverages Oracle Application Server 10g Wireless Option

  • Sends FYI or Response Required Text Messages

  • Wireless Devices supported

    • PDA

    • Phone

    • Instant Messaging

    • Voice etc

Electronic signatures l.jpg
Electronic Signatures

  • What are Electronic Signatures

    • Password Based E-Signatures (PSIGS)

    • Digital Signatures (PKCS7 / X.509)

    • Biometrics, etc.

  • Why Electronic Signatures

    • Government Requirements

    • Contractual Obligations

    • High Value Transactions

    • Security Consciousness

Electronic signatures38 l.jpg
Electronic Signatures

  • Already available in Oracle E-Business Suite

    • Password Based Signatures via Browser

  • Under Development

    • Digital Signatures(PKCS 7/X.509) via Browser

  • Future Directions

    • Signing via e-mail (S/MIME)

Content management workflows l.jpg
Content Management Workflows

  • Oracle Content Management SDK

    • Java based, Object Oriented File System

    • Targeted at Developers building CM solutions

    • Integration with Oracle Workflow via AQ

  • Oracle Files

    • Enterprise File Server Replacement

    • Built on CM SDK

    • Workflow integration for approval and routing

Slide40 l.jpg

Automate your

Business Process

Business process automation l.jpg
Business Process Automation

  • Short and Long Lived Processes

  • Sequence the execution of

    • Java Methods

    • Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs)

    • Web Services

    • PL/SQL

    • Task assignment

  • Consume and Publish JMS Messages

  • Store and Manipulate Java Objects

    • Serialize/Deserialize Java Objects

Business process execution l.jpg
Business Process Execution

  • The OW4J Engine will complement, not replace the existing database resident PL/SQL engine

  • Easy optional migration for existing customers from PL/SQL Engine to Java Engine

  • For existing customers, no incentive to upgrade existing processes until/if applications are reimplemented in Java.

Utilize expression languages l.jpg
Utilize Expression Languages

  • Minimize Coding

  • Route on Java Object or EJB Attributes

  • SPEL, the Simplest Possible Expression Language

    • Example: Employee Item Attribute stores as Employee Java Object

    • ${employee.salary>50000} returns boolean which workflow can route on

  • XPATH for XML

  • Third Party Java Rules Engines

  • Database Rules Engine

Ow4j engine status l.jpg
OW4J Engine Status

  • OW4J Engine Developer Preview

    • Lightweight, no Database required

    • Demo Application: Requisition Approval

    • Available from OTN now!

  • EJBs with underlying PL/SQL implementation (OTN download)

    • Customers can verify and use the new interface

    • Execution still performed by PL/SQL workflow engine

Slide45 l.jpg

Manage and Optimize

Business Processes

Oracle workflow status monitor l.jpg
Oracle Workflow Status Monitor

Universalaccess to process status

  • Summary of key activities

    • Decision makers in the process

    • Current owners

  • Graphically monitor and administer workflow transactions

    • View and analyze transaction history

    • Retry or skip any activity

    • Rewind and rerun any process

    • Available to end users and administrators

Slide48 l.jpg

Oracle Workflow Status Monitor

Universalaccess to process status

Oracle workflow manager l.jpg
Oracle Workflow Manager

  • Component of Oracle Enterprise Manager

  • Browser Based System Management Tool

  • Dashboard for System Administrators and DBAs

  • Highlights

    • Manage Workflow Background Processes

    • Manager Workflow Mailer

    • Track Workflow System Status

    • Drill Down Capability

Workflow manager metrics l.jpg
Workflow Manager: Metrics

  • Access metrics either via graph or Related Links: Throughput:Work Items(View)

Business process intelligence l.jpg
Business Process Intelligence

  • Complete Audit Trail Maintained

  • Business Intelligence through Public Reporting Database View

  • Graphical Business Intelligence through Oracle Discoverer

  • Feedback loop for Continuous Process Improvement

Development framework l.jpg
Development Framework

  • For PLSQL and Java Applications

  • Pluggable Business Actions

  • Abstract Business Process from Business Logic

  • Adaptable Business Processes

    • Sequencing application logic execution

    • Linking Applications and Systems

    • Online and Offline Human interaction

Slide56 l.jpg


Proof Points

2003 global excellence awards for workflow l.jpg
2003 Global Excellence Awards for Workflow

  • Sponsored by WFMC, Giga and WARIA

  • Regional Gold Award won by Oracle Partner iProcess

    • Implemented Oracle Workflow at third largest retail group in Brazil

    • Implemented Systems range from Travel Management to Expenses Control

    • Press Release

Customer proof points l.jpg
Customer Proof Points

  • British Telecom

  • Council of the European Union

  • CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)

  • CompanyFinance

  • Qualcomm

  • Canon

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Reference Customers

British telecom l.jpg
British Telecom

  • Article: Workflow, Oracle’s Hidden Jewel

  • Oracle Workflow customer since 1998

  • The biggest Oracle Workflow solution is Oracle Financials, which has 3,000 registered users.

  • The smaller projects have about 50 regular users

  • The larger projects have 200 concurrent users and 300-350 periodic users.

Slide60 l.jpg

Oracle Workflow is helping us to reduce our operational costs through better management and control of users and their workloads, it is also reducing our time to market with new products and services.”

- Jim Hutton, British Telecom

Slide61 l.jpg

  • World's leading particle physics research laboratory

  • Birthplace of the World Wide Web

  • CERN uses Oracle Workflow for the following business processes

    • Purchasing 

    • Requests to import or export goods

    • Requests to attend a course from an on-site training catalogue 

    • Requests to attend external training, conferences or other events 

    • Requests for vacation time 

    • Requests for overtime compensation 

    • Requests for additional human resources for a project or activity. 

Cern the results l.jpg
CERN: The Results

  • More than 5000 active users

  • Around 1000 different users a day

  • Oracle Workflow processes an electronic document every 20 seconds.

  • Oracle Workflow also supports the multilingual environment required by CERN users, sending notifications to users in the language of their choice. 

  • Average processing time of an e-document is less than a few hours compared with days and weeks for the previous paper version. 

Canon sales corporation l.jpg
Canon Sales Corporation

  • Sales Subsidiary of Canon

  • Looking for Open “Centralized and Internet Enabled” Solution for Business Processes Reengineering

  • Expense and Payments System

    • Self Service Access via Browser for all Employees

  • Oracle Workflow: One Server, 9000 Users

  • Development Effort: 5 people * 1 month

Next steps l.jpg
Next Steps….

  • Other sessions

    • #36995 Boosting Process Performance with Oracle Workflow (already held)

  • Recommended Demos

    • Oracle E-Business Suite Integration Booth 9D

      • JDeveloper OC4J Modeler

      • Requisition Approval Demo using OW4J Engine

      • Wireless Notifications

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  • See Your Business in Our Software

    • Visit the DEMOgrounds for a customized architectural review, see a customized demo with Solutions Factory, or receive a personalized proposal. Visit the DEMOgrounds for more information.

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Next Steps….

  • Oracle Technology Network:

    • Oracle Workflow for Java


    • Lots of Collateral, Datasheet, Tech Whitepapers

    • Developer Forum (Support Forum in Metalink)

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