olathe city cemetery an update of online capabilities
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Olathe City Cemetery: an Update of Online Capabilities

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Olathe City Cemetery: an Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scott Rice GIS DBA. Olathe City Cemetery: an Update of Online Capabilities. Amanda Bakley. Collin Baffa. High School / College Interns (2006-09). Olathe Memorial Cemetery ~8,000 member exclusive club Each member has a name, dates, and other associated information

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Olathe Memorial Cemetery

~8,000 member exclusive club

Each member has a name, dates, and other associated information

Intern’s Task (2006-09)

Match that information with a physical location and a photo reference

(i.e. a picture and location for each headstone)

intern s tools
Maps- digital, and the old fashioned kind

Professional Survey

Trimble Geo XT and external antenna

Arcpad and Arcpad Application Builder


AutoCad- Map3D

GPS-Photo Link

Intern’s Tools
Interns collected points in Arcpad using a Trimble GeoXT GPS device

At each point (headstone) they took a picture and recorded the name, date, and time in a custom shapefile

collecting data
Take a GPS point at every headstone

The name is added into the form created for the cemetery project

Once the point has been entered a picture is taken of the headstone


Collecting Data
gps photo link
GPS-Photo Link is software that combines pictures and coordinate data into a single shapefile

It also creates thumbnails and custom watermarked photos that are linked to the shapefile

It does this by matching the time a GPS point was taken with the timestamp embedded in digital photos

GPS-Photo Link
To create a searchable geodatabase that will allow

Quick location of people buried within the cemetery

Allow the caretaker to determine who is buried in a particular location

Allow the caretaker to determine quickly which plots are open for future customers

Create an internet version that will allow searches by resident name, dates, or owner name

after the interns
Have 7,742 points in different feature classes

Approximately 24,000 pictures (original, tagged, thumbnail plus some extras)

Tagged images have the x,y and date imprinted on photo after processing by GPS Photo Link

Merged all points into 1 feature class in test SDE database

9 points missing images

After the Interns
after the interns10
6 in center, 1 N end, 2 S end

Took own pictures

Merged with rest

Verified all 24,000 photos were oriented correctly, some were not

After the Interns
after the interns11
Images moved to web server

Table exported from SQL Server to MySQL (web server)

Next step:

Process to move images from Firebird database (PONTEM) to MySQL

After the Interns
after the interns12

Parks & Rec hired a consultant to build web site for viewing cemetery records

Told us it would take 6 – 24 months to get the headstone images incorporated

We built a work around that went live at the same time as cemetery online database

After the Interns
Demo: http://www.olatheks.org/parksrec/cemetery

Effie, Daniel & Dean Park

Goldie Carver & James McAuley (rotated photos)

William Shakespeare