Ee 400 introduction to telephone
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EE 400 Introduction to Telephone . Term Project Voice-over IP (VoIP) Prepared for Dr. Samir Ghadhban. Members of Team. Abdulkarim Al- Zahrani 232701. HANI AL-RUWAILI 221942. Outline. Introduction for Project Methodology Literature survey Some codes conclusion. Introduction.

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Ee 400 introduction to telephone l.jpg

EE 400 Introduction to Telephone

Term Project Voice-over IP


Prepared for

Dr. SamirGhadhban

Members of team l.jpg
Members of Team

Abdulkarim Al-Zahrani




Outline l.jpg

  • Introduction for Project

  • Methodology

  • Literature survey

  • Some codes

  • conclusion

Introduction l.jpg

  • The basic idea is transfer the voices over Internet Protocol (IP) by converting the voice to a group of Bits collected in to Byte Array

  • Then compress it to transfer it as a Datagram packet through an Ad hock network.

  • In the receiver side, collect the packet in the Byte Array then read it as First In First out

Methodology l.jpg

To solve the problem several protocols were implemented. This was discovered when a literature survey was made.

Literature survey l.jpg
Literature survey

  • The existing Protocols can be classified into two:

  • H.323 from International Telecommunications Union.

  • Time Transport Protocol (RTP-Real) from IETF.

Code for the sender side l.jpg
code for the sender side

region Voice_In()

private void Voice_In() {

byte[] br;

socket.Bind(new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Any, 5020));

while (true)


br = new byte[16384];


m_Fifo.Write(br, 0, br.Length);



Slide8 l.jpg

Use to start the conversation :

private void button3_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


if (connected == false)



connected = true;




Use to stop the conversation :

private void button4_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)




Meshdriver l.jpg

MeshDriver provides self-organizing, self-healing networking functionality in an easy-to install software package for end-users and system integrators. MeshDriver utilizes devicesthat you already have, no new hardware is needed!

Conclusion l.jpg

We can manage an ad hoc network between the three nodes drive by the MeshDriver .It is work as a cross between the two nodes. MeshDriver relies on established connectivity between devices. For example, it does not automatically configure wireless adapters and establish wireless connections. using wireless adapters in Ad-Hoc mode is one way to establish wireless connections automatically.