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Canadian Society for Social Development . Did You Know…. Over 14% of the Canadian adult population lives with a disability. This means 1 out of every 7 Canadians aged 15 and over. An estimated 4.4million people.

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Canadian Society for Social Development

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Canadian Society


Social Development

Did You Know…

  • Over 14% of the Canadian adult population lives with a disability.

  • This means 1 out of every 7 Canadians aged 15 and over.

  • An estimated 4.4million people.

  • Of this number, over 1 million are unemployed and would like to work.

Stats Canada 2002

CSSD Background

  • Federally incorporated, non profit

    with charitable status

  • Funded by HRSDC, the Vancouver Foundation & our tuition revenue

  • We offer two online, interactive entrepreneurial programs for Canadians facing barriers to employment

  • Virtual organization established in Nelson BC with staff around the country

CSSD Online Learning

We offer two online programs

  • Business Abilities – business planning and advance business management course with online coaching

    • We serve approx 100-150 students per year

  • Internet Business Development for Entrepreneurs (IBDE) – tuition based

  • Students can register online for both programs

Learning Online Across Canada

  • Participants:

  • Work at home at their own pace

  • Establish a small business as a way of earning an income

  • Develop a network with other entrepreneurs across the country

  • Bolster self-esteem

Participants learn from home

CSSSD staff available online

  • One year business planning & management course with 1 on 1 coaching assistance

  • Phase One is where:

    • students assess entrepreneurial skills

    • research their business ideas

    • prepare a business plan that is critiqued by our team

  • Phase Two – (while they establish their business) includes:

    • Advance Business Management Modules

    • Virtual Classroom with experts in various fields

  • Site is bilingual, web accessible and it features video clips, conversation café etc.

BA Eligibility Requirements

  • Have a permanent disability or chronic health problem

  • Be unemployed (less than 20hrs/wk)

  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada

  • Be in need of assistance to prepare for self employment

  • Not collecting EI or be reachback (Some exceptions can be made)

Course Enhancements

1 on 1 Interaction with virtual instructors through web cams, instant messaging, phone, email & virtual classroom & desktop sharing

Virtual Classroom

A Screenshot of Our Virtual Classroom

Our Awarding Winning IBDE Program

Course Description

  • FT 6 month accredited program with 7 modules

    • Introduction to the Internet Site Design & Theory

    • Web Graphics & Advance HTML/XHTML programming

    • Expression Web Website Marketing & E-commerce

IBDE Criteria

  • self-identify as someone facing barriers to employment

  • be unemployed (work less than 20 hours per week)

  • be legally entitled to work in Canada

  • possess some computer skills

    (questionnaire is given to assess skills)

  • have a computer that meets the requirements for web design work with an Internet connection.

  • Be prepared to use the skills when finished

Our Home Page

  • Showcases websites made by IBDE Grads

  • Mall directory displays the different types of categories

    (ie: arts & crafts, tourism, service, etc)

  • Currently there are thousands of products & services being featured in the sites.

Program Costs

  • The Business Abilities Program is free for eligible PWD.

  • We are also expanding this program next fall to anyone wanting to explore self employment. Tuition TBA

  • IBDE tuition assistance is usually available from federal or provincial training programs.

Future Plans

  • Encourage

    • Employment, Disability, Youth & Aboriginal Support Agencies

    • Business Development Centres CF/CBDC’s

    • To partner with us and promote the program as if it were their own.

  • IBDE is now taking applications for our next intake. Register online at

  • Business Abilities has a continuous intake at:

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