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Yahoo! Mail (New Version) Hall of Fame. Check Mail. Read about sports, ... directly from Yahoo! Mail. Set status, add friends just like yahoo messenger. Chat! Peek ...

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Check MailRead about sports

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Hall of Fame/Shame Hall of Fame

Slide 3:Check Mail Read about sports, gossips, stories etc.

Everything Under one Roof!

Slide 4:Send Instant Messages directly from Yahoo! Mail. Set status, add friends just like yahoo messenger


Slide 5:Peek inside any message without leaving inbox. Optional Full message view!

Reading Pane

Slide 6:Easy Organization Menus available both at the top and left of inbox. Easy to use drop down menus

User Friendly!

Slide 7:Allows user to change color. Choose from Standard or Compact header


Slide 8:Switch Back to Classic version in seconds.

For Those who didn’t like it…..

Hall of Shame

Slide 10:Display size is very small. Difficult to figure out the song, time remaining, battery level!

Small-Sized Display!

Slide 11:Requires one AAA battery. Inefficient for use in long run No optional USB Charging available.

Requires Battery!

Slide 12:One Button Provides Many Functions. Difficult to understand the functionality!

Multiple Functional Buttons!

Slide 13:Doesn’t support all song formats. Doesn’t allow to browse the song list!

Other Shortcomings!

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