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Welcome to http rewood us
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Reclaimed Flooring Sacramento CA, Reclaimed Wood Sacramento CA, Recycled WoodSacramento CA, Recycled Redwood Sacramento CA,Recycled FlooringSacramento CA,Reclaimed wood flooring Sacramento CA, Reclaimed redwood flooringSacramento CA, intage Redwood Flooring Sacramento CA

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Reclaimed Flooring Sacramento CA, Reclaimed Wood Sacramento ...

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Welcome to http rewood us

Welcome to

The Evolution of reclaimed wood into innovative

prestige flooring for your home

Have a glimpse at the ever growing REWOOD® Gallery of Floors.

Created over generations by woodworking artisans:

"Our team of journeyman artisans rescue unwanted planks. We craft each board

from beginning to end in order to create bespoke wood flooring products that

are ready to be installed, in your home or business, with

minimum effort and disruption." Mike Loven, CEO.

Reclaimed flooring sacramento ca

Reclaimed Flooring Sacramento CA

REWOOD® is 100% reclaimed Californian lumber, primarily exterior building products rescued and recycled into beautiful interior floors and fittings.

Reclaimed wood sacramento ca

Reclaimed Wood Sacramento CA,

The beauty of REWOOD® is not just about the wood! Our vast residential & commercial flooring experience has inspired us to transform traditional installation.

Recycled wood sacramento ca

Recycled Wood Sacramento CA

We are based in Northern California, with over a 100 years' combined wood flooring experience. Our clients are so excited and proud of their newly rewooded homes that we can’t repeat their typical reaction. Thankfully, our solid wood creations are versatile, and our artisans so devoted to their craft, that REWOOD® can be installed almost everywhere in your home. Striking and practical, our seasoned wood products are heirlooms to be enjoyed for everyday living. Like good wine improves with age, REWOOD® gets better the more you use it.

Recycled redwood sacramento ca

Recycled Redwood Sacramento CA

We have addressed the age-old issue of household disruption. At REWOOD® we do most of the time-consuming and dirty work of re-purposing wood stock at our "Mill". Each board is hand-crafted by experts whose ancestry is generations of Californian woodworking tradition. This means we can customize your floor to your tastes, your home and your desires. REWOOD® is delivered ready to go. Contact REWOOD® to book a free consultation. We will be happy to give you an initial quote over the phone so you can start creating your dream floor.

Recycled flooring sacramento ca

Recycled Flooring Sacramento CA

REWOOD® Heirloom. Custom made and installed in collaboration with you. The path to REWOOD® prestige is to have our certified installer create your floor. Prices start at $20.00 per square foot. Exclusively for the same price as Vintage REWOOD®! Find out more.

Reclaimed wood flooring sacramento ca

Reclaimed wood flooring Sacramento CA

Vintage REWOOD® prices start at $14.00 per square foot. Vintage is also prefinished, yet, milled and finished to your specification. Special order colors, finishes and cuts. Custom widths subject to availability. Benefit from our current offer: free installation! Call us.

Reclaimed redwood flooring sacramento ca

Reclaimed redwood flooring Sacramento CA

Genuine REWOOD® prices start at $9.00 per square foot. Genuine is our prefinished natural range, milled to 5 inch standard width with five coats of clear, low VOC finish.Call your local REWOOD® expertfor details or to arrange a site visit for a quote.

Intage redwood flooring sacramento ca

intage Redwood Flooring Sacramento CA

REWOOD® is a brand new approach to creating prestige reclaimed wood flooring. Crafted from 100% Californian lumber, we have evolved a process that used to take weeks or months, into one that can now be completed in a matter of days using REWOOD®. When we deliver REWOOD®, it is ‘ready to go’ with no need to wait for the wood to acclimatize. Compared to traditional wood flooring techniques, up to 1000 square feet of REWOOD® can be delivered with its installation starting on the same day. As soon as REWOOD® is laid out in a space, your floor is revealed. We 'tune it' on site with you, your designer or contractor, so you may pick out your favorite boards. We take inspiration from traditional patterns, and adapt them to suit your space. We are always happy to flex our creative muscles, so don't hesitate to ask for custom details in wood and metal as well as color.

Contact us

Contact Us

The Mill: (916)624-2730 / (916)209-3819

Local Experts: (916)580-9272 Sacramento Area

(707)981-4321 Bay Area

Click here to email us orfill out the form below

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