modern bathroom designs you d love to see
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Modern Bathroom Designs You’d Love To See

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Modern Bathroom Designs You’d Love To See - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Modern bathroom designs can be a fantastic addition to your bathroom. We weigh in with some stellar references for you to use.

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Combining Marble With Glass– Nothing says luxury quite as much as having a modern bathroom design that combines marble with glass. Go in for a glass cubicle to house your shower unit in, and combine it with a beautifully appointed bathtub, complete with a marble step up, which can give you enough space to add romance to your every day life as well.


Add Unique Elements–Modern bathroom designs can give you the opportunity to add an extra zing to your master bathroom. Go in for non-traditional mirrors, as well as funky looking shower heads. You can also play with the tiling, and do away with the traditional white tiling that has been the trademark of bathrooms around the world. You can even go in for an exposed wash basin, as long as you can get your hands on designs that will fit in with your theme for the bathroom.


Add Colour and Art– Nothing sets a modern bathroom design apart quite as much as elements that you can add to this room. Go in for interesting lighting options, and do away with the bulb/tube options. You can also hand interesting artwork on the walls, which will really lend personality to what is always seen as a functional space. You can also play around with the wall tiling, going in for pastel colours or interesting colour combinations.


Play with adventure– A modern bathroom design is not really worth it, unless you add elements that can stand out in a crowd. No element is quite as neglected, in such cases, as the wash basin. You can go in for natural-looking installations, that lend a look of natural elements to the mix. Alternatively, you can also plan to go completely metal, or marble, and invest in beautiful looking wash basins that will put their ceramic cousins to shame.


Plan Your Space Well –The key towards using a modern bathroom design is to understand your space. Plan for each element while understanding how it will fit with the overall look. Elements that by themselves are good-looking, but may seem jarring with the overall design, should be avoided. After all, you don’t want a fantastic washbasin and tub that don’t right with each other.


Try Going All Marble– increasing the amount of marble that you use in your bathroom can be an interesting modern bathroom design. The natural contrasting colours that the material provides, along with minimal pastel colurs, can go a long way in giving you the contrast that you may want in your bathroom.


Go Black & White – Nothing shouts out elegance quite as much as black and white elements, used liberally in your modern kitchen design. A pristine while bathroom, interspersed with elements of black, either through your bathroom counter, the wash basin, or the artwork you may want to hang, can look spectacular.


Use Vintage Colour Contrasts–Modern bathroom designs need not only be about colours and bathroom fixtures. The right use of vintage colours, along with restrained use of fixtures, can lend a sense of elegance and style like no other!