8 furniture pieces you would want to buy instantly
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8 furniture pieces you would want to buy instantly!

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8 furniture pieces you would want to buy instantly! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This PPT speaks about the latest furniture designs that one must get. These pieces of furniture are contemporary, urbane and utilitarian.

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BUOY Lamp – Designed by Anindya Das Gupta, these chic lamps can blend into any surroundings and enhance the environment. The essence of the BUOY Lamp’s design is its simplicity and minimalism. You can easily change the ambience of your room by changing the position of the light box and adjusting its height manually. The lamp’s design is so versatile that at its lowest height it acts as a soft glowing light while at its highest point it transforms into a reading light with focused beams. Depending on your mood and activity, you can easily adjust the light. The BUOY Lamp is made of a 3mm metal case, a solid wood light box and nylon webbing connecting the two while acting as a holder for the light box.


The Kinderwagen – Designed by HridayGami, this latest furniture design is ideal for your kids room. Created and engineered keeping kids in mind, the Kinderwagen can be molded in different ways for various activities. Whether you’re having a puppet show session, reading stories together or having an arts and crafts session, Kinderwagen’s tangible design allows easy mobility. It is also quite safe as the edges are rounded and the steel frame is looped. Each piece can also be used individually. With so much convenience, the Kinderwagen is a must buy for your kids’ room.


Frozen Motion - Designed by Rooshad Shroff, Frozen Motion is a beautiful, fluid design that captures the idea of having ink set in motion. Frozen in Time is the concept of capturing moments in motion at their most captivating point. Building on it, the Frozen Motion is a series of pieces that are simple and transparent capturing the idea of dissolving ink. Presently the collection has a side table and two chairs, but can be easily replicated on other pieces such as coffee tables, shelves and many more. This is one of the latest furniture designs that has become very popular.


The Fresh Seater - The Fresh Seater by Aziz Kachwalla, is a result of survey taken across living rooms in Mumbai. The survey revealed that most people were unhappy with big, bulky sofas and fondly recalled the traditional wood furniture in their family homes. Most of the younger generation preferred low seating while for their parents they were looking for comfortable high seating. The Fresh Seater aims to be just that. A visually lightweight piece of furniture made out of wood, cane and steel, The Fresh Seater caters to the young and old alike. The two-seater can be deconstructed, has adjustable height and put back together as two arm chairs. This latest furniture design is so versatile that it can find its way to every living room.


PRESS - PRESS by Deepak Jawahar is the next level of comfort in seating. This experiential and functional installation is created out of 10 x 10 blocks of wood and vertical metal. This unique installation is adjusts itself according to the form and position of the person sitting on it. The interesting thing about PRESS is that its cubes deform on the application of pressure and mold into different shapes every time someone sits on it. Each time it looks different as new dimensions are added.


Peggi - Designed by Cyrus Patell, Peggi is a juxtaposition of elegance and liveliness, of simplicity and intricate detailing. This product was designed to achieve a product that focuses on fine craft and finish. The lamp’s elongated, conical shade can be adjusted to different heights and is removable too. It can also be rotated to change the direction of light. This latest furniture design can be easily customized to suit your taste of shades and colors.


ALCrochet Table – The ALCrochet table is result of SaketSethi’s belief that inherent material property can be recast as something that’s completely different. A 3D printed piece is woven around the table as a continuing single object. The dimensions of this table are amalgamated beautifully to make it versatile and allow several user interactions. The legs of the table can be utilized for holding newspapers, magazines, miniatures or even potted plants. This suave latest furniture design is a must have in every home.


Kaathfula Chair - Designed by RanjanBordoloi, the Kaathfula chair is inspired from nature. Kaathful essentially means mushroom in Assamese and this chair is inspired by the underside of a mushroom. It has individual layers of foam which have been upholstered separately and them combined to create this unique design. Two varieties of foams are combined to ensure that the seat is stable. This latest furniture design is available in a range of colors and fabrics.