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Get Maximum Number of Entries in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Get maximum number of entries in quickbooks desktop enterprise

US Toll Free 888-846-6939

Get Maximum Number of Entries in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is designed to help small and mid-size businesses in every possible manner. With continuing updates and technical enhancements, Intuit makes it possible for the businesses to meet their day-to-day accounting requirements with increased accuracy without any technical obstacles. Now your QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is more advanced to accommodate maximum number of entries in your company data files.

  • When it comes to the number of entries, it stands for the list and custom fields allowed for every QuickBooks user. It says how much entries you can add to the company data files in a proper way. Now you can update your QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with the new capabilities to include up to maximum number of entries into your company data files.

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Here are some changes that have been made to the accounting software suite

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Here are some changes that have been made to the accounting software suite:

  • If you have QuickBooks Pro or Premier, you are allowed to use a total of 15 custom fields, but the software restricts you from using more than seven custom fields in every category.

  • And if you are using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise for your small and mid-size business, you will be allows to make use of 30 custom fields which you cannot apply to more than 12 per custom field.

    Apart from these points, there are some other benefits as well, which you can use after upgrading QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise v 14.0 and later. With the help of advanced tools and applications, QuickBooks Enterprise can simplify most of the obstacles instantly with the utmost correctness.

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Some p ractical restrictions

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Some Practical Restrictions:

  • If you go through the possible obstacles involved into the QuickBooks Enterprise solution, you will come to know about some trivial technical issues that may happen to you while updating your company data file. But that must not be your concern, as you can repair all the possible challenges with the help of reliable QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop Support service offered by reliable technicians.

  • As the QuickBooks allows you to keep as a minimum of two years of detailed transactions in your company data file. But with the latest technological enhancement to QuickBooks Enterprise, you can have now more number of custom fields and categories to fill up accounting elements.

  • On the other hand, you may possibly see some data connection error messages while trying to update the company data files. It may happen to the QuickBooks because you might be updating prior-year company data files – as the software allows the businesses to keep the transaction record of only two years.

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  • So, you need to keep on checking the data file size so as to ignore possible technical issues with the QuickBooks Enterprise solution. You can check the company data file size by pressing either F2 key or Ctrl + 2 on the keyboard. It opens up a box having file information and file size. It all depends on the transactions carried out that how much the company data files would grow up over the period.

  • To check the efficiency of your data files, you can calculate the file size through the method: have an average number of monthly transactions – which may include payment, deposit and invoices as separate three transactions, and bill payment and a bill will be considered as two transactions – and then multiply the figure with 2kb to get an approximate file size of your company data. If you wonder whether the calculation will be accurate, then you should contact QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop Technical Support to get an expert solution over the company data file size.

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What if the performance of QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop Drops:

  • There is a huge possibility to have the accounting software with diminishing performance issue over the period due to some technical issues with the company data files. In such conditions, you need to go through the company data files and check if there is any unused and worthless file lying inside the company data file.

  • Before you start digging into the company data files, you need to ensure the data files are safe and you have a separate backup copy of the entire files.

  • On the other hand, carry out the task under an expert supervision; otherwise you may come across some sorts of technical problems in a long run. Dial QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop Support Phone Number and access a real time solution for all issues that you may possibly come across while repairing damaged data files in your company data.

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US Toll Free 888-846-6939

  • So if you are running a small business and you have been worrying about the capacity of your QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop accounting software suite, you should now update your accounting suite with new capabilities to get more of your company data files included into your company transaction record.

  • In case of any technical problem, you can access Intuit help or other reliable third party tech support service provider for a quick solution.

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