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WHICH PROJECT?. Silver Award. Silver Award. topic 1. future travel. A solution to pollution?.

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Silver Award

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Silver Award

topic 1

future travel

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A solution to pollution?

Vehicle exhaust fumes pose serious pollution problems in cities. One suggestion is to use hydrogen instead of petrol and diesel – but that’s not as simple as it sounds. Hydrogen-powered vehicles do exist, but so far they are still experimental. At least twelve cities around the world – including in England – are trying out hydrogen buses. Several car manufacturers are developing hydrogen models.

Are you about to witness a ‘green transport’ revolution?

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refuelling a hydrogen-powered bus

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Have you ever wondered …

… whether vehicles can really be pollution-free, with zero emissions as is claimed?

… what makes a good fuel cell for powering cars and buses?

… how effective you might be as an environmental campaigner?

you might like to imagine a situation such as …

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A: research

In their Council election manifesto, your local Green Party candidates propose to replace local buses with hydrogen-powered ones. You’re not sure what difference this will make, so you decide toresearch informationto …

… help you decide whether hydrogen-powered vehicles really are ‘greener’ than petrol and diesel ones

… evaluate the advantages, disadvantages and problems of using hydrogen as an energy source.

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B: practical

Pollution-free, zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles sound like a good idea, but so far there aren’t many around. You aim to take advantage of this gap in the market by designing a prototype fuel cell, which you will present at a Dragons’ Den type forum, to bid for further development funding. Your first step is to undertake practical experimentsto …

… investigate factors that affect the performance of a hydrogen fuel cell

… evaluate methods of generating hydrogen for use in fuel cell

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C: communication

Some information sources claim that hydrogen is an environmentally-friendly energy source and should be the transport fuel of the future. Others disagree. As an environmental campaigner, you need to sort out the confusion, so you can decide whether you should campaign for or against hydrogen power. You need to gather information on both sides of the argument, then use your communication skills to …

… convince people that hydrogen-powered vehicles are, or are not, ‘greener’ than petrol and diesel ones

… explain why some people believe that hydrogen-power is ‘green’, but others are not so sure.

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Silver Award

topic 2


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On your bike

A triathlon consists of a 1500 m swim in open water, followed by a 40 km cycle ride, then a 10 km run. World class athletes complete it in less than two hours.

Obviously, triathletes have to be super fit. But what difference does their kit make?

Take the cycling stage, for example. Bikes vary in many ways, and cyclists ride their bikes differently – using gears to turn the pedals fast or slow. So, why do bikes vary so much in style and price, and how does a triathlete choose the right one?

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how do you choose the right bike for a triathlon?

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Have you ever wondered …

… if the shape of a bike, or the materials it’s made from, really matter?

… if lots of gears make a difference when riding a bike?

… if you could help someone choose the right bike for them?

you might like to imagine a situation such as …

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A: research

You’re a Youth Club Leader. Your local community has raised enough money to buy several bikes for the club so that you can all use the local off-road cycling centre. It’s up to you to decide which bikes to buy. You decide toresearch informationto…

… understand how a bike's design affects performance on different terrains

… evaluate bikes to decide if they’re good value for money.

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B: practical

In a triathlon there is no break between the legs of the race. Athletes need to pace themselves – they have to complete the cycle stage quickly, but they need enough energy left to run 10 km immediately afterwards. You’ve been asked to join the training team for a young Olympic hopeful, as a cycling specialist. You decide to undertake practical experimentsto investigate …

… the effect of bicycle gears on top speed and acceleration

… whether the gears used by an athlete affect his or her ability to run afterwards.

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C: communication

People cycle for many reasons, both on-road and off-road. The wrong type of bike can make cycling difficult or uncomfortable, too slow for racing or too unsafe for the roads. You work in a bicycle shop. Customers frequently ask for advice about which bike they should buy. You need to gather information, then use your communication skillsto …

… help customers understand why some bikes would not be suitable for their needs

… explain the advantages of the most suitable bikes for them.

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Silver Award

topic 3

squeaky clean

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A solution to pollution?

In the mediaeval world, pandemics were rife. Improved standards of hygiene have helped to bring these diseases under control. The widespread use of soap for washing hands, clothes and surfaces contributes to this daily battle. With the appearance of MRSA, C. diff and swine flu, the importance of effective hand washing is now at the forefront of health propaganda. Hospitals encourage visitors to use alcohol hand gels and people buy them for their own use. Yet many people still believe that hand washing isn’t important.

Are we using the best methods to prevent the spread of potential killers like MRSA, C. diff and swine flu?

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how often do you wash your hands?

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Have you ever wondered …

… are disinfectants and antiseptics really necessary at home?

… are alcohol-based hand cleaning products really more effective than traditional soap and water?

… does hand washing really matter?

you might like to imagine a situation such as …

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A: research

Your friend’s Gran says that all you need to keep clean and healthy is a bar of soap and hot water. You can use them to wash your hands and to clean your clothes and your home. You can even use them to clean up wounds. You wonder why there are other cleaning products on the market, so you decide toresearch informationto …

… find out why hand washing is an important part of the daily routine

… evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning methods used for infection control

… decide if disinfectants and antiseptics have a place in the home.

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B: practical

You have a friend with a young baby. She knows about the importance of hospital hygiene in the control of MRSA, but wonders if she should use similar measures to protect her child at home. She particularly wants to know if she should use alcohol gel instead of soap for hand washing. Your first step is to undertake practical experimentsto …

… determine if hand washing makes your hands cleaner

… compare the effectiveness of hand washing using soap and water with the use of an alcohol hand gel.

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C: communication

As a health promotion specialist, you think that the only way to persuade people to wash their hands after using the toilet or blowing their nose is to give them clear evidence. You need to gather information on both sides of the argument, then use your communication skillsto …

… convince people that frequent hand washing helps to prevent the spread of disease

… explain why the use of soap or alcohol hand gel is important in hand washing

… persuade people to improve their hand washing habits.

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