Authentic italian gelato
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Authentic Italian Gelato . Delivered at your footsteps. Ice Creams and Buffet. No buffet can be complete without ice creams. There is no substitute for ice creams. . Why Third Place??. To exceed customer’s expectations. Customers Expectations?. Vanilla/ chocolate/strawberry Ice cream

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Authentic italian gelato l.jpg

Authentic Italian Gelato

Delivered at your footsteps

Ice creams and buffet l.jpg
Ice Creams and Buffet

  • No buffet can be complete without ice creams.

  • There is no substitute for ice creams.

Why third place l.jpg
Why Third Place??

To exceed customer’s expectations

Customers expectations l.jpg
Customers Expectations?

  • Vanilla/ chocolate/strawberry Ice cream

  • Kept in a casserole

  • Scoop out ice creams using a scooper dipped in water

  • Quality is not an issue as every thing is same – “cold”

  • Customer may value one scoop at Rs.10/-

Exceeding expectations l.jpg
Exceeding expectations

  • Quality ice creams which tastes better, feels better, new flavor and a new experience.

  • Presented and served well. – follow HACCP guidelines.

  • Maintain temperature throughout. Ice cream is fresh and not melt.

  • Presented in SS Gastro norm Pan with lid.

  • Customer will value one scoop @ Rs. 50/-

  • SUGAR-FREE Ice cream for Diabetics…….

Third place l.jpg
Third Place

Your one stop solution point for Desserts

We provide

  • exceptional flavored gelato which are fresh and unique.

  • unique systems to maintain temperature of gelato through out buffet time.

  • training to staff to handle gelato to maintain its quality and value

  • gelato in SS Gastro norm pans that meets HACCP guidelines.

Product gelato l.jpg

  • Italian Ice cream

  • Imported Original Flavors

  • 100% Natural and No Chemicals

  • Low Fat, Low Calories

  • Zero Transfat & Cholesterol

  • Freshly Prepared

  • Flavors like Roche, Snickers, Yogurt, Cheescake & 300 other fabulous flavors

    A product most suited for international public - low fat, low calorie and Natural

The basics l.jpg

  • More Appealing to International Travelers

  • 100% Natural Product- No Chemicals Used

  • Follow HACCP Guidelines

  • Only the best can afford, gives you an advantage

  • Rare flavors: International flavors: Fruit Flavors

  • Easy to use- 1 kilo packs

  • No wastage – Keep Slim Inventory

Sugar free gelato l.jpg
Sugar- Free Gelato

  • Made with natural sweetener, Maltitol

  • Can be made in any flavor

  • Lessen your burden for searching for sugar-free desserts.

  • Possess all characteristics of natural gelato

Investments operations l.jpg
Investments & Operations

  • All the investment on the pans and the system will be done by us.

  • Full training is given by us free of charge.

  • Just have to sign in and give your order.

How does it work l.jpg
How Does it Work

  • All orders should be in multiples of 1 kilo.

  • Minimum Order quantity is 10 kilos.

  • Delivery in GS Pans free of cost, GS pan to be returned

  • 2 systems on loan, to be returned upon termination

  • Payments – one week credit via cheque or DD only

Easy transformation l.jpg
Easy transformation

  • Avoid wastage – zero wastage guaranteed.

  • Slim Inventory – Stock for as less as Rs. 3100/-

  • No Investment required

Should you give it a try l.jpg
Should You give it a TRY??

  • Yes, What is the harm in trying out. Come and see the product and manufacturing set ups.

  • The quality of product comes from the ingredients and the machinery used with the methodology.

  • Give us a call today @ 9895513160

Standard flavors l.jpg
Standard Flavors

  • Classic Vanilla

  • French Vanilla

  • Milk Chocolate (Light Chocolate)

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Oreo Cookies

  • Stracciatella (ChocoChips)

  • Espresso (Coffee)

  • Café Mocha (Coffee ‘n’ Chocolate)

  • Bubble Gum

  • Dates N Figs

Premium flavors l.jpg
Premium Flavors

  • Wafers

  • Roche (Chocolate ‘n’ Hazelnut)

  • Cookies (Biscuit)

  • Black Forest

  • Café MOKA (Moka Coffee)

  • Hazelnut

  • Café Hazelnut

  • Roasted Almond

  • Cheescake (Mascarpone Cheese)

  • Yogurt

  • Green Apple Pie (Green Apple, Spices)

  • Guava Lemon

  • Chocolate Chilly

  • Chocolate Ginger Lemon

  • Chocolate Pear

  • Dolce Latte (Cream Caramel)

  • Torrone (Almond Naught)

  • Pepita Mint (Toble)

  • After Eight (Choco Mint)

  • Tiramisu (Cheese, Wine & Coffee)

  • Choco De Nero (Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry)

  • Cream Cassis (Cream ‘n’ Blackcurrent)

  • Amaretto (Almond Liqueur)

  • Malaga (Rum ‘n’ Raisins)

  • Irish Coffee (Whisky Cream)

  • Guava

  • Bianco Nero (Dark & White Chocolate)

  • Kinde

  • Ciambella (Italian Plum Cake)

  • Cream Strawberry (Cream ‘n’ Strawberry)

  • Cream Way ( Cream & Dry Fruits)

  • Lello Strawberry (Coconut & Strawberry)

  • Bounty (Coconut ‘n’Chocolate)

  • White Chocolate

  • Lello (Tender Coconut)