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Introduction Directorate of Economics & Statistics (DES)is an attached office of the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation. It is solely responsible to collect and provide all kind of Agricultural related statistical information.

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  • Introduction

  • Directorate of Economics & Statistics (DES)is an attached office of the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation.

  • It is solely responsible to collect and provide all kind of Agricultural related statistical information.

  • The DES have established about 15 Market Intelligence Units (MIUs) at Ranchi, Patna, Lucknow, Chennai, Trivandrum, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Bhopal, Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Shilong and Bhubaneshwar.

  • Responsibilities of the MIUs

  • - Implementation of Market Intelligence Scheme

  • - To maintain close liaison with other reporting agencies like State Agricultural Marketing Departments, FCI, IMD, Traders, FCA and Farmers Etc.

  • To ensure the reliability of data and its dissemination

  • appraisal and report price situation and Crop prospects

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Activities of MIUs

  • Preparation of advanced estimates of different crops on Weekly basis

  • Collection, Compilation and Interpretation of Agricultural Produce data on

  • - Prices, supply, distribution data

  • - Area, Production and Yield

  • - price, supplies and distribution of Food and Non-Food items with

  • reference to policy of State/Centre Govts.

  • - Sensitivity Analysis on producers share in consumer price and market functionaries profit/loss margin

  • Preparation of Market survey report

  • Collection and reporting of prices of essential commodities in selected market in the States.

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Information Systems identified for Phase-I

  • Information being transmitted to head Qtrs on Weekly Basis

  • Wholesale Price Monitoring system

  • Retail Price Monitoring System on Food and Non-Food Items

  • Market Intelligence (Food grains) System

  • Crops Prospects Information System.

  • Monitoring System for Arrivals, Stocks and Outgoing Quantities

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Activities identified for Phase-II computerisation

  • Preparation of advanced estimates of different crops on Weekly basis

  • Collection, Compilation and interpretation of primary data prices, supply, distribution etc of agricultural produce;

  • Collection and compilation of data on Area, Production and Yield data of agricultural commodities and also input utilisation;

  • Study of price, supplies and distribution position of food and non-food items in market centres in the States/Central Government and their impact on food and agricultural front.

  • Monitoring the price and supply data reported by the primary reporters Agricultural Producers Market Centres in the States and imparting training to the primary reporters;

  • Preparation of special quarterly report on all the basic aspects of the agricultural situation;

  • study the Agro-Economics condition of village population in the selected hinterland of representative markets.

  • Preparation of Annual and Administrative reports for the Annual Conference.

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  • Centralized Database in SQL Server to be maintained at NIC Head Qtrs

  • Web enabled system through DACNET Portal

  • Linkage with AGMARKNET

  • Only Weekly Price Monitoring System to be implemented initially

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Market Trend and Analysis (MTA) Unit

  • At central level MTA is responsible to coordinate with MIUs to get the data

  • MTA analyse the data and prepare trend and analysis report.

  • MTA report consumed by FCI, Economics Affairs, Consumer affairs and

  • Commerce and Industry.

  • MTA report also used for decision making support system for preparing Govt. Policies on Agriculture and fixing MSP etc.

  • Report also used by Agricultural Universities and Agriculturalist for research

  • and analysis purpose.

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Central/State Govt.


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Weekly Wholesale Price Monitoring System

  • This system use to report commodity wise week end reports.

  • From this input comparative analysis is done.

  • This analysis process will help to monitor the rends.

Weekly retail price monitoring system on Food and Non-Food Items

  • Retail price reporting system consist of food and non-food items.

  • Food items report collected on week end basis.

  • Non-food items report collected on month end basis.

  • In both type of reporting comparative and trend analysis is done.

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Weekly Crops Prospects information System

  • Accountability of this system to report area sown up to the reporting period

  • Area likely to be sown during the current season

  • Expected yield during the current year.

Monitoring system for Weekly Arrivals, Stocks and Outgoing Quantities

  • To find market arrivals from villages and other markets.

  • Stock at the beginning of the week.

  • Outgoing quantities for local and dispatches outstation.

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Market Intelligence Reporting System on food grains

  • Textual report is prepared based on the local prevailing trend of market.

  • It will cover the following aspects like weather and rain fall conditions,

  • Crop prospects, price trends and market arrivals, stock and market sentiments.

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Directorate of Economis & Statistics(DES)

  • It is located at krishi Bahan, New Delhi

  • Under DAC, M/O Agriculture

  • Headed by Economic & Statistical Adviser

  • Responsible for maintaining and providing agricultural statistics to the Government of India.

Application software requirements of des new delhi l.jpg
Application Software Requirements of DES, New Delhi

  • Land Use Statistics

    This system consist of three components namely Land Use Classification, Crop and Area Irrigated and Area under Crops.

    . State Agricultural Statistical Agency(SASA) is the reporting agency for LUS.

    . LUS data being collected year wise, district and state wise.

    . This web enabled system is already implemented in the DES.

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Area, Production and Yield (APY) System

  • Crop wise, season wise and district wise information is collected on area, production and yield.

  • Data entry is being done in client/server mode.

  • Web enabled reporting.

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Agricultural Commodity Price System(ACPS)

  • Monitor the MSP(minimum support price) to the farmers.

  • DES collects the data through price reporters where ever the market arrivals are high.

  • Client/server mode for data entry and web enabled for reporting.

  • Comparative analysis is done to facilitate the price data with previous week, month and year.

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Retail Prices Information System

  • The data is collected and monitored for essential commodities of food and non-food items on weekly basis.

  • Data entry is done in Client/server mode.

  • Reports are web enabled.

  • Central database is maintained.