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Faithful House Program Ethiopia Presented at The Christian Connection for International Health Conference Baltimore, USA May , 2009 By Dr.Dehab Belay CRS Ethiopia. What is The Faithful House ?. Building strong marriage and families to affirm life and avoid risk

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Faithful House Program Ethiopia

Presented at

The Christian Connection for International Health Conference

Baltimore, USA

May , 2009

By Dr.Dehab Belay

CRS Ethiopia

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What is The Faithful House ?

  • Building strong marriage and families to affirm life and avoid risk

  • A fundamental importance for mutual fidelity and partner reduction in preventing the prevalence of HIV.

  • A vital contribution to the health and well being of individuals, couples and families.

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  • Married and co-habitating couples

  • Engaged and intending couples

  • Young adult or singles to reinforce chastity and develop life skills

  • Parents to assist them in teaching chastity to their children

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Implementation approach:

  • In ECC structures, through parish catechists, youth leaders, laity leaders etc.

  • Flexible implementation modality, regular time after mass or on weekly basis are options used.

  • The program is owned and implemented by ECS and diocesan offices

  • Central coordination and regular technical support is given by the national team.

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Accomplishment: Preparation

  • Exhaustive discussions held among CRS, ECS, Diocese and communities

  • Experience sharing visit was made by 3 people from CRS & ECS to Ugandan FH program.

  • Report of visit was shared with other CRS, ECS and diocesan staff

  • Feasibility assessment was conducted in 2 selected dioceses and up to 3 parishes under each diocese

  • Draft implementation strategy was developed based on the assessments results and the Ugandan experience.

Accomplishment cont d l.jpg
Accomplishment (cont’d)

  • The Faithful House manual was adopted to Ethiopian context.

  • Training of approximately 30 facilitators (ToF) was conducted centrally with the support from MLI & MLU.

  • The program launched in all 5 dioceses.

Results l.jpg

  • 1,281 couples and other community members have been reached

  • Trained couples and community members have reached 8,146 peer contacts.

  • Translation of the FH manual in to local language is now finalized.

  • Integration and mainstreaming already stated with the family desk of each diocese and ECS.

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Response from Participants

  • Highly appreciated by participants, they say, “We have attended many trainings and workshops, but

    TFH is very different…”

  • Woreda police members have requested and attended the full session FH along with their spouses.

Sustainability l.jpg

  • FH is integrated into family desk of ECS

  • Family desk does not require additional funding but capacity building to run the program,

  • Part of the evangelization of the church

  • Integrated into the church's social service e.g pre-marital counseling

  • Support from the high level church authorities – the bishops

Uniqueness of tfh in the ethiopian context l.jpg
Uniqueness of TFH in the Ethiopian context

  • TFH functioned as a wake-up call for the need of post marital counseling service by the church

  • Highly appreciated and supported by the highest level of Church administration (Bishops)

  • Muslims and members of the Orthodox church have undergone training together (Adigrat)

  • Muslims willingness to adapt the curriculum when funds are available

  • Approach – does not necessarily require that couples meet away from home.

  • TFH implementation highly flexible (goes where interested couple are)

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  • Busy schedules of volunteer facilitators

  • In the beginning of implementation, was difficult for both parents to abandon the household at the same time in order to attend the training together.

  • High demand but difficult to meet due to lack of accessibility (some parishes geographic locations).

  • Limited budget to run the program as required.

  • Financial expectations by a few facilitatorss

The faithfull house in east africa l.jpg

  • Rwanda: are currently conducting operational research in order to determine the best individuals to train for reaching couples in the community and increasing program sustainability.

  • Uganda: the program has expanded to CVT and treatment programs where over 3,000 sero-negative and discordant couples have experienced the training on a slight modigied version of the curriculum