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The Personalization of Eagan High School. Pete Zak and Jim Becker. Improving Student Performance Breaking Ranks II. Personalizing the School Environment Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Collaborative Leadership/Professional Learning Communities. Presentation Outline.

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The Personalization of Eagan High School

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The personalization of eagan high school l.jpg

The Personalization of Eagan High School

Pete Zak and Jim Becker

Improving student performance breaking ranks ii l.jpg

Improving Student PerformanceBreaking Ranks II

  • Personalizing the School Environment

  • Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

  • Collaborative Leadership/Professional Learning Communities

Presentation outline l.jpg

Presentation Outline

Demographic and Survey Data

Link Crew

Wildcat Partners – Parents

Youth Frontiers

PAWS (Advisory)

School Enhancements

Supporting Data

Slide4 l.jpg

  • Students = 2200

  • Free and Reduced Lunch = 6 %

  • Demographics

    • White = 86 %

    • Asian = 7 %

    • Black = 5 %

  • Average ACT Score Range = 24.2

  • MCA Reading Proficiency = 87 %

Students on academics 2006 l.jpg

Students on Academics (2006)

  • Work Hard for Grades 92 %

  • Challenged to Think 74 %

  • High standards 87 %

  • Clear Expectations84 %

    • % of students who strongly agreed or agreed with the question

Students on personalization 2006 l.jpg

Students on Personalization (2006)

  • Most teachers care about me 62%

  • Teachers go out of their way 55%

  • One Adult who really knows me 56%

  • Spirit is Very Good 61%

  • Proud to Attend EHS77%

    • % of students who strongly agreed or disagreed with the question

A thought l.jpg

A Thought

  • What would happen at your school if students were given permission to care about each other and the structure in which to do it?

Looking at transition l.jpg

Looking at Transition


Eagan High School Data

Research on Successful Transition Programs

Transition and Registration at EHS

Current Freshmen experience at EHS

Characteristics of Well-adjusted freshmen (Teachers and Research)

Goals, Activities and Assessments

Staff Development

Ehs freshmen transition goals l.jpg

EHS Freshmen Transition Goals

  • Social/Emotional

  • Academic

  • Physical

Freshmen registration jan l.jpg

Freshmen Registration (JAN)

  • Parent Night

    • Principal

    • Personalization

    • Registration & Graduation Requirements

    • Optional Tours

    • Special Ed. Cord.

  • Student Day #1 (EHS)

    • Pepfest

    • Tours

    • Activity Fair

  • Student Day #2 (MS)

    • Electives

    • Online Registration

Slide13 l.jpg

Ninth Grade

Transition at

Eagan High School

“Students helping students succeed”

What is link crew l.jpg

What is Link Crew

  • A Freshmen Transition Program

  • A Leadership Training Program (Representative)

  • A School Community-building program

Link crew general assembly l.jpg

Link Crew General Assembly

7:25Doors Open


7:40-8:25Opening Assembly and Mixer

8:25-8:35Frosh find Link Crew Leaders

8:35-8:40Teams move to meeting spaces (62 spaces)

8:40-9:25Session 1

9:25-9:35Beverage Break

9:35-10:20Session 2


10:35-10:55Closing Assembly

Ehs today link crew events l.jpg

EHS Today - Link Crew Events

  • First Day of School

  • Freshmen Tailgate

  • Dodgeball Tournament

  • Volleyball Tournament

  • “Jam the Gym” Dance

  • Follow-Up Activities

  • Cocoa and Cram

  • Link Crew Celebration

  • Parent Link Crew

Wildcat partners vision l.jpg

All Eagan High School parents/guardians will play an active role in supporting and helping their student reach their goals for success at Eagan High School.

Wildcat Partners - Vision

Ehs parent involvement goals l.jpg

EHS Parent Involvement Goals

To promote and provide opportunities for parents to build upon and enhance their parenting skills.

To improve two-way communication between the school and parents.

To provide opportunities and encourage school involvement through volunteering.

To raise parental awareness of the community assets and opportunities available for their students.

Fall parent link crew orientation l.jpg

Fall Parent Link Crew Orientation

3:30 Session 1 Begins – Doors Open, Nametags

3:45Welcome - Polly Reikowski

3:50Expectations for the Evening – Pete Zak

3:52Large Group Presentation – Jim Becker

4:10Parent Link Leaders report to Wildcat Den

4:22Move to Small Groups

4:30Small Groups Begin

5:10Parents move to commons to find students

Youth frontiers l.jpg

Youth Frontiers

  • Freshmen Commit to:

    • Respect self

    • Respect others

    • Stand up for Respect

  • Seniors Commit to:

    • Honor each other

    • Bring closure to 4 years

    • Look to the future

Slide24 l.jpg

Homeroom at

Eagan High School

“People Achieving Wildcat Spirit”

Homeroom plan of action l.jpg

Homeroom Plan of Action


Eagan Data

Goals, Activities, Assessment

Key Dimensions (People & Size, Time & Space)

Staff Development

Feedback and Presentation to the Staff

Research supporting homerooms l.jpg

Research Supporting Homerooms

Breaking Ranks II Recommendations:

  • High Schools create smaller units

  • Personal Adult Advocates

  • Teachers convey a sense of caring

  • Engage families as partners

  • Advocate and model a set of core values

Goals and activities l.jpg

Goals and Activities

  • Academic

    • Grade check-ups

    • Parent communication

    • DEAR/SSR - Literacy

    • Promote challenging courses (4 year plan)

  • Adult Advocate

    • Connection to one adult in the school

    • Listener

    • Relationship with other teachers

    • Teachers communicate with counselors

    • Special days and recognition

Goals and activities28 l.jpg

Goals and Activities

  • Character Development

    • Work to foster positive values in students

    • Discuss current events in and outside school

    • Optional curriculum themes : Integrity, Courage, Respect, Citizenship, Attitude and Responsibility.

    • Icebreakers

  • School Climate

    • Spirit Ideas - Homecoming Banners, PAWS class banners, Turkey and Polar Bear Bingo

  • Streamline Procedures

    • Announcements and Eagan AM

    • Registration Procedures

Role of advisors l.jpg

Role of Advisors

  • Provide a steady base for students

  • Academic Advisor (Grades, Registration)

  • Discuss issues that may arise in school

  • Character Development (Optional - Curriculum)

Role of principals and counselors l.jpg

Role of Principals and Counselors

  • A principal and counselor will be assigned to a collegial group of 17-18 teachers

  • Facilitate collegial group discussions

  • Visibility- Touch base with each homeroom on a weekly basis

  • Work with students who are struggling

  • Facilitate school-wide activities

Ehs today paws l.jpg

EHS Today - PAWS

  • Homecoming

    • Movie Night

    • Dodgeball Tournament

    • Pepfest (Rock/Paper/Scissors)

    • Homecoming Tailgate

    • Wildcat Classic - 5K Run

  • Spirit Events

    • Winter Olympics, Jam the Gym Night, Trivia, Name That Tune, Great American Airplane Challenge, Shot Put. Discus, Registration Derby

  • Winter Blast Week

    • Volleyball Tourney, Sledding, Hot Dog Night, Polar Bear Bingo

School enhancement example l.jpg

School Enhancement Example

  • Teachers - Focus Groups

  • Students - Surveys

    • Doors in Restrooms

    • Hallway Traffic

    • Color in the Hallway

Ehs commons l.jpg

EHS Commons

Ehs trophy case l.jpg

EHS Trophy Case

Students in advanced programs l.jpg

Students in Advanced Programs

% of students who either Strongly Agreed or Agreed

Students on academics l.jpg

Students on Academics

Students on personalization l.jpg

Students on Personalization

% of students who either Strongly Agreed or Agreed

Contact information l.jpg

Contact Information



  • Eagan High School : 651-683-6900

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