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Integrated Safety Management Workshop Safety Incentives and Worker Involvement

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Safety Incentives at Moab UMTRA Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrated Safety Management Workshop Safety Incentives and Worker Involvement Don Metzler, DOE-EM Federal Project Director Joe Legare, S.M. Stoller Corporation. The Challenge Maintain Proactive Employee Involvement in ISM Core Functions.

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Integrated Safety Management Workshop

Safety Incentives and Worker Involvement

Don Metzler, DOE-EM Federal Project DirectorJoe Legare, S.M. Stoller Corporation

the challenge maintain proactive employee involvement in ism core functions
The ChallengeMaintain Proactive Employee Involvement in ISM Core Functions
  • Moab is a remote site with an increasing level of activity
  • The project is transitioning into a new phase of work with increased construction activity at Moab and Crescent Junction
  • The workforce has fluctuated from ~12 to ~120 contractor and subcontractor personnel during the past 12 months
  • Worker engagement in the ISM core functions is essential to workplace safety
  • The Safety Incentive Program engages workers in feedback and work planning functions
site overview
Site Overview
  • Uranium ore was mined and milled by private companies for Federal Government use in national defense programs.
  • After the 1950s, uranium was also needed for nuclear power.
  • Milling operations created process wastes and tailings, a sand-like material containing radioactive materials and other contaminants.
  • Seepage from the tailings pile resulted in contaminated ground water beneath the uranium processing site.
site overview moab site
Site OverviewMoab Site
  • Adjacent to the Colorado River
  • Three miles northwest of Moab in Grand County, Utah
  • Public roads border the site to the north and the southwest
  • Union pacific railroad traverses the site
  • Bordered on the north and southwest by steep sandstone cliffs
site overview crescent junction
Site OverviewCrescent Junction
  • ~30 miles north of Moab Site
  • Located between Crescent Junction and Thompson Springs
  • Undeveloped and remote
hazards review
Hazards Review

Some of the hazards associated with work at Moab and Crescent Junction include:

  • Motor vehicle traffic
  • Biological hazards: Spiders, insects, snakes
  • Construction hazards
  • Radiation and contamination
  • Flammable liquids
  • Buried utilities
  • Work near water
  • High-pressure underground gas lines
  • Working on or near active rail lines
  • Exposure to heat and cold
doe current activities
DOE Current Activities
  • Groundwater extraction and injection
  • Characterization of airborne, soil and ground water
  • Maintenance of access and radiological controls to the tailings pile
  • Development of site infrastructure in support of the DOE preferred alternaitve
  • Preliminary assessment and activities related to remediation of vicinity properties
  • Revegetation of remediated areas
  • Development of site infrastructure at Crescent Junction
  • Site staffing has fluctuated from ~12 to ~125 contractor and subcontractor personnel over last yr
doe planned activities
DOE Planned Activities
  • Construct a lined cell at Crescent Junction
  • Construct a haul road for transporting tailings by containers from the pile to the rail line
  • Construct rail spurs at Moab and Crescent Junction sites
  • Begin excavation of the pile, transport to Crescent Junction, and place the tailings in the cell
the challenge maintaining a strong safety culture
The ChallengeMaintaining a Strong Safety Culture

Maintain a strong core safety culture at two remote DOE sites with an increasing level of activity

  • Develop and maintain open lines of communication between the workforce, supervisors and managers to achieve a strong core safety culture in a dynamic work environment
  • Achieve workforce ownership of the processes for working safely
the challenge maximizing employee involvement
The challengeMaximizing Employee Involvement

Define the scope of work

Analyze Hazards

Implement controls

Perform the Work

Feedback and Improvement

safety incentives program
Safety Incentives Program
  • High degree of employee involvement in providing feedback during work planning
  • Employee ownership of safety message
  • Recognition through on-the-spot awards for feedback and improvement initiatives
  • Monthly safety lunch with feedback and worker recognition for safe performance of work
  • Innovative means of reinforcing the safety message
  • Direct involvement of the DOE Federal Project Director and Stoller Management
the approach high degree of workforce involvement
The ApproachHigh Degree of Workforce Involvement
  • Individual and team contribution are recognized
    • Daily toolbox meetings
    • Weekly Safety Presentations
      • Workforce led presentations on selected safety topic
    • Monthly Safety Lunches
      • DOE HQ expectations communicated
      • Stoller Corp. safety culture communicated
      • Workforce, management, subcontractor participation
making the message stick innovation and incentives
Making the Message StickInnovation and Incentives
  • Safety skits
  • Safety Jeopardy
  • Guest speakers
  • Safety videos
  • On-the spot awards
  • Monthly safety awards
making the message stick safety skit
Making the Message StickSafety Skit

“Backhoe operator for hire”

  • Created and enacted by project workers
  • Site manager and worker interact in a safety skit
  • Other luncheon attendees point out safety and health poor practices
  • Active involvement and memorable learning experience
making the message stick safety jeopardy
Making the Message StickSafety Jeopardy
  • And the answer is:
    • A friendly competition where your knowledge of hazards and safe work practices will make you a winner.
    • What is safety Jeopardy?
innovation and incentives on the spot awards
Innovation and IncentivesOn-the-Spot Awards
  • Specific on-the-spots recognizing worker safety acts and initiatives will be enumerated here
  • The safety incentives program has been in place about six months
  • Workers have responded favorably to the safety incentives, safety lunch and to senior DOE and contractor management involvement