digital photography
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Digital Photography

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Digital Photography. Week One Review. What you are going to do with your digital pictures dictates what your resolution should be: Display on website 72 dots/inch (dpi) High quality prints 300 dpi

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'digital photography' - Patman

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digital photography
Digital Photography

Week One Review


What you are going to do with your digital pictures dictates what your resolution should be:

Display on website 72 dots/inch (dpi)

High quality prints 300 dpi

If you convert resolution from 72 dpi to 300 dpi, your print size gets smaller. How small depends on how many megapixels your camera is. A 3.1 megapixel camera will make a maximum of a 5” x 7” print at 300 dpi

Good quality prints >150 dpi

You can get a bigger print with good quality by compromising on resolution. Walmart supplies a CD at 200 dpi.



Resampling changes the pixel composition of your image. Most instances you will not resample when converting resolution or image size.

Uncheck for no resampling

resembling ii
Resembling II

You may want to resample:

1.If your image size is not large enough after you convert to the desired resolution. (limit size changes to 25% or less to maintain quality)


2. You are making images smaller for display on the web. This is necessary to keep file sizes small and make web pages load faster.

Note: Because resembling always alters the pixel composition of your original image, you should always save resampled pictures by a different name or in a different location so you keep your original copy intact.

converting resolution
Converting Resolution

Click on Image for dropdown menu

Click on Image Size to open image palette (see next slide)

converting resolution ii
Converting Resolution II

Image size palette

3. Click OK

1. Uncheck resample image

2. Type in desired resolution (Example 300)

visual rhythm
Visual Rhythm

Visual rhythm refers to repetitive patterns within images. This picture has multiple areas of visual rhythm and symmetry pleasing to the eye.

figure study
Figure Study

A figure study captures the image of your subject in its entirety. Cutting off the hand in this image was an error. Figure studies don’t necessarily have to be human subjects. Any object can be photographed as a figure study as long as it is composed in its entirety.

vantage point
Vantage Point

The bear was actually a rug and the photographer laid on the ground to get a straight-on vantage point. Your position in relation to your subject can greatly affect the perception of the viewer.


The position of the steeples compliment each other and add balance to the image.


Contrast can be used to exemplify areas of photographs and draw our attention to a subject. The lighting is this image makes the long neck of the flamingo stand out against the dark backgound. It also enhances the texture of the feathers.


Texture is often eye-catching and can be manipulated to enhance the image. The wrinkles and rough skin in the trunks of the animals gives us information that we use to perceive much about the elephant.