california s accreditation system providing information about your intern program
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California’s Accreditation System: Providing Information about Your Intern Program

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California’s Accreditation System: Providing Information about Your Intern Program. Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Spring Intern Director’s Meeting April 2010. Ensuring Educator Excellence. Representatives from Intern Programs.

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california s accreditation system providing information about your intern program

California’s Accreditation System: Providing Information about Your Intern Program

Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Spring Intern Director’s Meeting

April 2010

Ensuring Educator Excellence

representatives from intern programs
Representatives from Intern Programs

Carrie Ann Blackaller CSU Dominguez Hills (Red-Yr 4)

Edmundo Litton Loyola Marymount University (Yellow-Yr 6)

Laurel Ruddy Stanislaus COE (Yellow-Yr 6)

Jacqueline Regev Fortune School of Education (Blue-Yr 1)

accountability for intern programs
Accountability for Intern Programs

Common Standards— institution wide focus

Program Standards— MS, SS and Ed Sp

  • Intern Specific Requirements
  • MS/SS Standards: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
  • Ed Sp Standards: 1, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15
purposes of the commission s accreditation system
Purposes of the Commission’s Accreditation System
  • Accountability-public and profession
  • Adherence to Standards
  • High quality preparation for educators
  • On-going program improvement
accreditation system
Accreditation System
  • Ongoing Data Gathering & Analysis
  • Biennial Report
  • Program Assessment
  • Site Visit
  • Follow Up
data collection and analysis
Data Collection and Analysis


  • Collect data
  • Analyze data
  • Decide if program modifications are needed

Show how Intern Program does this!

biennial reports
Biennial Reports
  • Focus on candidate outcomes and program effectiveness
  • Each program sponsor submits a report for each approved program that is offered that includes aggregated data, analysis, and program modification
  • Submitted after years 1, 3 and 5
impact of biennial reports at the institution
Impact of Biennial Reports at the Institution
  • Did your Intern Program complete a BR?
  • Did your BR present disaggregated data for the Intern program?
  • What was the impact of your intern program completing a Biennial Report?
program assessment
Program Assessment
  • Year 4 of cohort cycle
  • Focus on the adopted Program Standards
  • Thorough review of ALL approved preparation programs
program assessment document
Program Assessment Document
  • Part I: Narrative, describing the program currently in place.
  • Part II: Current course syllabi
  • Part III: Assessments used to assure candidate competence and reported on in the BR
    • e.g. rubrics, training information, calibration activities.
program assessment review
Program Assessment Review
  • Program assessment is a process; a professional dialogue
  • Reviewers look for a description of HOW the program meets the standards
  • Each component of the standard is reviewed for supporting evidence narrative.
impact of program assessment for the intern program
Impact of Program Assessment for the Intern Program
  • What was the process of getting the Program Assessment documentation together for the approved program?
  • Is the Intern Delivery model thoroughly described in the program document?
  • What was the impact of the feedback from the PA reviewers?
  • Have there been any program modifications based on reviewer feedback?
site visit
Site Visit
  • Year 6
  • Team of trained Board of Institutional Reviewers individuals visit the institution
  • 3 ½ day visit—2 days of interviews
  • Make decisions on all Standards—Common and Program
  • Come to a consensus on an Accreditation Recommendation
impact of a site visit at the institution
Impact of a Site Visit at the Institution
  • How have the Biennial Report or Program Assessment activities prepared or not prepared your institution for the site visit?
  • How do you ensure that your intern program is accurately presented during the site visit?
findings and follow up
Findings and Follow up

Year 7

  • Report on issues, concerns, questions or follow-up to the site visit


  • Address stipulations
    • If Major or Probationary Stipulations, may involve a re-visit, otherwise
    • Submitting documentation to CTC
impact of follow up activities at the institution
Impact of Follow-Up Activities at the Institution
  • What are some examples of the work after a site visit?