Using web 2 0 to interact with target audiences
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Using Web 2.0 to Interact with Target Audiences - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Web 2.0 to Interact with Target Audiences. Greg Silva, RIHEAA CariAnne Behr, Mapping Your Future ®. Web 2.0.

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Using Web 2.0 to Interact with Target Audiences

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Using Web 2.0 to Interact with Target Audiences

Greg Silva, RIHEAA

CariAnne Behr, Mapping Your Future®

Web 2.0

"Web 2.0" refers to a perceived second generation of web development and design, that facilitates communication, secure information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the World Wide Web.”





  • Social media networks are not going away and cannot be ignored.

  • Over the past year, major brands ignored activity resulting in damaging their brand’s reputation.

  • This is where our target audiences are and how they prefer to receive information.

Facebook, statistics


  • Facebook Fanpage

  • People link up as a “like page”

  • Provide updates, messages, and resources directly to customers

  • Real time

  • Teaser message with link from your homepage

Serve as a Resource

  • Don’t just promote your own institution, but provide links to other resources that might benefit your audience.

  • The majority of people receive their news and information from social networking sites.

Facebook Ads

Target a specific geographic audience:

  • Example: had video contest; winner from East Greenwich High School

  • Targeted all people on Facebook from EGHS and put our ad on their homepage

  • Cost is under $1,000, and you get thousands (if not millions) of impressions (views)



  • Micro-blogging

  • Send and read others’ updates (“tweets”)

  • Becoming just as large as Facebook and MySpace

  • Base age of users: 25-40 year old professionals


  • Breaking news

  • Broadcast news and information

  • Conduct research

  • Crisis communications

  • Live tweeting/reporting

  • Find and solve customer service issues

  • Point to other interesting resources

  • Organize meetings

  • Share images

Customer Service

Example: Dunkin Donuts gets notified every time their name is mentioned in a tweet and will respond to them, if needed.

A customer complained her coffee was cold twice when purchased at the DD near her house. DD responded to her personally with an apology.


  • Up to 140-character messages

  • Sent to followers

  • Viewers:

    • Followers

    • Anyone who searches keywords included in tweet

    • Anyone following #hashtag (if one is included)

    • Anyone who searches your name, views all your tweets

Perfect Tweet

  • Short

  • Personal

  • Uses abbreviations

Key Tools

  • @ symbol

    • Precedes name you want to reference in your tweet “@sshilebrand is giving a presentation today”

    • Can indicate a reply

  • Direct messages

    • Letter D space and then name “D sshildebrand”

    • Only able to send to someone following you

  • Re-tweetTo re-send interesting message from other person, cut and paste message, preface with capital “RT”


  • Create by prefixing a hashtag # or *Example #MappingYourFuture

  • Searching or following this tag produces all messages that include it

  • – to view some of the more popular discussions.

Build a Following

  • Be social.

  • Target a specific audience by following them.

  • Look at who their following and who is following them.

  • Tweet relevant information.

  • Re-tweet other people’s relevant information.


URL Shorteners

Converts a long URL to a short one and redirects

users to original page. Some tools also measure


  • Built into several monitoring applications


  • TinyURL

  • SnipURL


Build communities of individuals interested in same topic.

Example - Journchat –Weekly conversation between journalists, bloggers, and PR practitioners every Monday 8 to 11 p.m. Eastern. Participate by following hashtag #journchat.


Video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips.

  • Unregistered users can watch the videos

  • Registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos. Accounts of registered users are called "channels".


  • Create a channel and reach out to similar channels to build audience (like Twitter and Facebook)

  • Post videos you want your audience to viewExample: has our two commercials as well as our video contest finalists on the page

  • Post training videos


  • Post VodCasts (video podcasts)

  • Brand the homepage

    • Colors

    • Logo



Refine the Search

MGSLP’s Success

Began October/November 2008

*Statistics as of April 30, 2009


Measuring Social Media

Measuring Social Media

Mapping Your Future measures:

  • Number of fans on Facebook

  • Number of friends on MySpace

  • Number of followers on Twitter

  • Number of re-tweets we receive

  • Blog views on MySpace

  • Number of clicks on

Mapping Your Future’s Success

  • MySpage – 1,002 friends

  • Facebook – 789 fans

  • Twitter – 57 followers

  • Blog views on MySpace – 3,576 total

Contact Information

  • Greg Silva

    Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority

    (401) 736-1169

  • Sherry Hildebrand

    Mapping Your Future

    (512) 635-3315

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