the negative side of enlargement
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The Negative Side of Enlargement:

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The Negative Side of Enlargement: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Negative Side of Enlargement:. Anti-Immigration Feelings and Right-Wing Politics. The Enlargement Towards the East. 2007: Bulgaria and Romania 2004: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia. 1995: Austria, Finland, Sweden

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the negative side of enlargement

The Negative Side of Enlargement:

Anti-Immigration Feelings and

Right-Wing Politics

the enlargement towards the east
The Enlargement Towards the East
  • 2007: Bulgaria and Romania
  • 2004: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia.
  • 1995: Austria, Finland, Sweden
  • 1980s: Greece, Portugal, Spain.
  • 1973: Denmark, Ireland, U.K.
why the negative attitude
Why the Negative attitude?
  • The new members are at much lower levels of economic development
why the negative attitude7
Why the Negative attitude?
  • Magnitude of enlargement: population growth from 380 million to 494 million.
  • Different nature of the EU/EC:
    • Regional Development Fund
    • Freedom of movement across countries since 1992
italy s backlash against romanians
Italy’s Backlash against Romanians
  • November 2007 a Romanian raped and killed an Italian woman
  • Violence against the Roma camps in the main cities
  • It helped Berlusconi come back to power
  • Thousands of Romanians were rounded and sent back.
backlash against romas
Backlash against Romas
  • Gypsy encampments outside all major Italian cities
  • 2008 Emergenza Nomadi
    • 150,000 gypsies in Italy
    • Gates around camps
    • Finger prints
  • Three camps in Naples were burned to the ground
where do gypsies come from and why
Where do gypsies come from and why?
  • Most gypsies live in Eastern Europe:
  • Why? Video:
enlargement and the right wing parties
Enlargement and the Right-Wing Parties
  • The negative aspects of the Enlargement are brought to the electorate by the new right wing parties.
  • What do the right wing parties stand for?
    • Anti- Immigration and anti EU
    • Nationalism and xenophobia
    • Traditional values of the society
a list of right wing parties in western europe
A list of right-wing parties in Western Europe
  • Austria: Freedom Party
  • Belgium: National Front, Flemish Block
  • Denmark: Progress Party
  • France: National Front
  • Germany: German People’s Union
  • Italy: Lega Nord, Tricolor Flame
  • Netherlands: Pim Fortuyn List
  • Spain: National Alliance, National Union
  • UK: UK Independence Party
right wing parties and immigration
Right-Wing Parties and Immigration

Front National: ‘At the origin of most of most of the problems of our country for the last thirty years there has been a menacing immigration policy that has been perpetuated by successive governments.’

EP elections: 2009: 6.3; 2004: 10%; 1999: 5.7

UKIP: We will freeze immigration for five years, speed up deportation of up to a million illegal immigrants by tripling the numbers engaged in deportations, and have ‘no home no visa’ work permits to ease the housing crisis.’

EP elections: 2009: 16%; 2004: 16%; 1999: 7%