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THE NATIONAL FOREST PROGRAMME FACILITY National forest programmes The National Forest Programme Facility Country Support Information Services Governance of the Facility How to apply for Facility funds National forest programmes


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The national forest programme facility l.jpg


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  • National forest programmes

  • The National Forest Programme Facility

  • Country Support

  • Information Services

  • Governance of the Facility

  • How to apply for Facility funds

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National forest programmes

Country-specific process for forest policy formulation and implementation towards Sustainable Forest Management

  • Based on Rio Agreements and guided by the UNFF

  • Framework for planning

  • Framework for action

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... is an innovative Partnership between developing countries, funding partners and FAO …

… facilitates the implementation of national forest programmes ...

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...offers a new approach towards Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)

  • A move away from projects

  • Country led

  • Informed participation of stakeholders

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  • …with strategic priorities on

    • building a national consensus

    • integrating SFM into poverty reduction

    • integrating international commitments

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  • Beneficiaries

    • Partner countries and their interest groups, through grants, to further the nfp process

    • nfp practitioners world-wide, through global knowledge management initiatives

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Country Support

  • Purpose

    • Creating an enabling environment for national forest programmes

    • Catalytic role easing bottlenecks

  • Focus of its support

    • Information and knowledge

    • Capacity development

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  • Activities

    • Civil society participation in nfp

    • Formulation and adoption of policies

    • Strengthening skills

    • Knowledge access, use and sharing

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  • Funding per country:

    • US$ 300,000 per country, on average

    • for a 3-year period

  • Funds to be spent on:

    • Workshops, fora, and training

    • Policy analysis and specific studies

    • Knowledge management systems

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  • Partners of the Facility

    • 2002: 7 Countries and one Sub-regional NGO

    • 2003: + 21 more Countries and one Sub-regional Organization

    • 2004: + 8 more Countries

Partner countries in africa l.jpg

Partner Countries in Africa

Partner countries in asia pacific l.jpg

Partner Countries in Asia & Pacific

Partner countries in latin america caribbean l.jpg

Partner Countries in Latin America & Caribbean

Information services of the facility l.jpg

Information services of the Facility

  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge

  • Linkinginternational and national knowledge sources

  • Developing a forest Information Web Platform, and dynamic methods of information exchange

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  • Web presence

    • nfp Information Platform, including:

      nfp Update

      nfp Digest

    • Sourcebook on Funding SFM:

      Database on funding sources

      Information for fund-raising

Cd rom nfp information compendium cover l.jpg

CD-ROM : nfp information compendium - cover

Cd rom nfp information compendium contents l.jpg

CD-ROM : nfp information compendium - contents

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Governance of the Facility

  • A Donor Support Group of Existing and Potential Donors

  • A Steering Committee of 11 members (Developing Countries (3), Funding Partners (2), World Bank, Research Institutions, International NGOs, Foundations, Private Sector and FAO)

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The Facility is funded, under a multi donor trustfund, by European partners and FAO

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  • The Facility is hosted by FAO, and has been operational since June 2002 with:

    A core staff at the HQ of FAO

    The active support of

    • FAO Regional nfp Advisors, and additional Regional Facilitators

    • The FAO Forestry Department at large

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  • Process for Country Support in 2 phases

    • Concluding Partnership Agreements between Facility & interested countries

    • Providing Facility Grants to nfp stakeholders in Partner countries

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  • ProceduresforPartnershipAgreements

    • Interested countries apply for partnership, based on a concept note

    • The Steering Committee determines priority countries for partnership with Facility, based on criteria to evaluate country applications

    • Partnership Agreements are established with Partner Countries

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  • Procedures for Facility Grant contracts: 3 steps

    • A call for proposals is published in partner countries towards a wide range of stakeholders

    • Proposals from stakeholders are ranked, based on criteria (see further)

    • Facility Grant contracts are concluded with selected stakeholders

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  • Eligibility criteria for Facility grants

    The beneficiary must be…

    • located in the country

    • a stakeholder in the nfp process

    • a non-profit making organisation

    • ready to contribute 20% of cost

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  • Ranking criteria for Facility grants

    • Quality and logical design

    • Competence & capacity to undertake action

    • Cost effectiveness

    • Co-ordination with other stakeholders

    • Sustainability of the proposal

    • Transparency and access to information

    • Training and learning processes

    • Potential impact

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Outline of the Proposal

(page one)

  • Name of stakeholder, address

  • Summary of the proposal

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(page two)


  • Specific issues to be addressed

  • Linkage to the national forest programme process

  • Linkage to actions already being taken

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(page three)

Objective(s) of the proposal

  • Objectives and how to address the issues

    Proposed action

  • detailed description of the activities to be performed or the services to be rendered

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(page four)

Expected Outputs

  • Specify and describe in detail...

  • .... to avoid later disputes over quantity and quality

Slide31 l.jpg

(page five)


  • Partnership(s) established

  • Involvement of stakeholders

  • Other assistance received or requested

  • Management and organizational chart

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(page six)

Action Impact

  • On social, economic and environmental issues

  • On forest stakeholders' and their commitment to improve forestry

    Duration and Timing

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(page seven)

Stakeholders’ Contribution

  • detailed description, costing and timing of all inputs provided by the Applicant

  • contribution should be at least 20% of the total Facility supported activity

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(page eight)

Detailed Budget

  • Description task, unit costs, total costs

  • Cost items may include:

    • National Consultants (if needed)

    • Contracts (for services other than consultants)

    • Travel (transport and subsistance allowance)

    • Training (such as workshops, awareness campaign)

    • Expendable material (stationary, training material)

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The FACILITY wishes

the Forestry Stakeholders

a successful launching meeting.

Thank you!

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