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the enterprise architecture rush

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1: The Enterprise Architecture Rush Natty Gur The EA group IASA director of technology

3: Architecture - Oxford “The art or science of building or constructing edifices of any kind for human use…” “The special method or ‘style’ in accordance with which the details of the structure and ornamentation of a building are arranged.”

4: What is architecture IEEE “The organizational structure of a system or component.” IEEE Standard 610, “Standard Computer Dictionary: A Compilation of IEEE Standard Computer Glossaries” “The fundamental organization of a system embodied in its components, their relationships to each other, and to the environment, and the principles guiding its design and evolution.” IEEE Standard 1471, “IEEE Recommended Practice for Architectural Description of Software-Intensive Systems.

5: What is system architecture Design: How each component should be build OO, Class, design patterns etc’. Differences between architecture and design Many different designs may address the same need Different architectures imply different needs Sample from reality: House Architecture: number of rooms, main structure, character, guiding lines. Design: interior design, rooms structure, electricity, etc’

6: What is EA Its not technical! Aligning IT to business. Answering all of the enterprise needs Transverse view. knowing and managing the current situation, paving the road for the wanted one. Implementation of information management Enforce homogeneous solutions and enable “One system” to the users.

7: The TOGAF way Reference model How to do certain tasks. Not an outcome! Zachman, DoDAF, TOGAF, other sector oriented. They’re all adjustable to your needs.

8: The TOGAF way Never ending organization process which builds upon several stages: Initiation Business architecture. Information architecture Applications architecture Infrastructure architecture Governance Gap analysis And again …

9: Enterprise architecture - TOGAF

10: Steps for each phase

11: Steps for each phase

12: Business architecture Enterprise architecture awareness Implement EA vision Organization commitment Mapping stakeholders Business architecture How the business works BPM / BPMN / BPEN Business targets What are the vision and mission. Gaps from current situation Constraints and demands from IT

13: Information architecture Influence from business architecture. Classification enterprise information. How information is being managed? Where to store data? Data schemas How to collaborate data Mapping of unused / missing information Information availability Information security.

14: Application architecture Byproduct of business and information architecture. Aligning systems to business needs Basic structure of systems Architecture patterns Relations and communication between systems How systems share data

15: Technology architecture Influenced by other architectures. Needed infrastructure to support the systems. Collection of selected technologies and tools to implement chosen architectures Development Tools Communication Backups Standards

16: Implementation Solution Mapping current situation Defining the ideal situation Gap analysis Creating blueprints, instructions and standards to fill the gaps. Work plan Practical definition of migration to ideal situation on time line. Taking into account current situation and other constraints Governance Governance the chosen architecture in daily work

17: Who implement it Governmental agencies in the states DOD States FBI Firms & enterprises Exxon Starbucks Pepsi Telco (1.5 B euro). DHL Improvement of IT products and saving In Israel ???"? ??? ????? ?????? ????????

18: Cisco example

19: Practical steps Read about EA Books: Enterprise Architecture Planning, Steven H. Spewak. The Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture by James McGovern,Scott W. Ambler,Michael E. Handbook on Enterprise Architecture (International Handbooks on Information Systems) by Peter Bernus, Laszlo Nemes (Editor), Gunter Schmidt (Editor). Articles A Practical Guide for Developing an Enterprise Architecture : Awareness Posters Organization meetings

20: Practical steps Choose a framework Learn it Consider hiring a consultant that knows it. Adjust the framework to your enterprise needs Determine the scope and objectives. Create a vision. Get CxO level approve. Set KPIs (key performance indicator) for measurement.

21: Q&A

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