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Click on Screen For Next Page. Amick Studio 92 Shore Road Old Greenwich, Connecticut. Americcan Indian Fishing Oil — 24x36.

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Amick Studio

92 Shore Road

Old Greenwich, Connecticut

Americcan Indian Fishing Oil — 24x36

Born in Canon City, Colorado amidst cowboys, prospectors and Indians Robert Amick studied law at Yale and practiced law for two years before becoming an artist. He worked as a printmaker, illustrator and painter. His paintings of landscapes, horses and western life (his childhood) became so popular that several were printed for the public school system. Born in a log cabin in Canon City, Colorado, Robert Amick became an illustrator of Western subjects, painter, printmaker, commercial artist and teacher. He grew up in the Colorado cattle country during the 1880s amidst cowboys, Ute and Sioux Indians, homesteaders, and prospectors-"all the characters on the western stage " (Samuels). Amick earned a law degree from Yale University while also taking art courses. After practicing law for two years in Ohio, he became a full-time artist, taking private lessons and studying at the Art Students League. He did illustrations for "Harpers," "Scribner's," "The American," and other publications but was most comfortable with subjects from the life of his background. His western scenes of brilliantly colored landscapes with horses and riders became quite popular, and twelve of them were reproduced as prints for the public schools. He spent much of his career living near New York City in Greenwich, Connecticut where he was, according to a family member, the founder of the Art Society of Greenwich in 1927. Given the circumstances of his background, it is likely he was in Arizona before 1940, but that is not proven.  

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This is a 1932 oil painting of Jim Foster’s grandfather, Mortimer Bristol Foster, a descendent of Isaac Singer, who used to live at 45 Binney Lane in Old Greenwich, CT, in the early 1930’s.

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Landscape Amick WaterColor Painting

Where The Sun Goes – 1932 – 14x30" Print

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Autumn Landscape

Oil on Canvas Board 10x13 3/4”

The Pueblo Indian – 1933

22x28” Print

Horse in


Oil - 30x24"

Still Life

Oil on Board 16x20”

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Winter Stream - 1940

Watercolor - 22x27”

Water Fowlers

Oil - 32x24”

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Reflections - 16x27” - Oil

The Scout - Print - 18x30”

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Indian Rug Makers


Framed litho on paper

Tall Tales

30x40” - Oil

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Snowy Harbor

oil on canvas - 22x36”

Winter Stream


Oil/Canvas on Board


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49ers– 8x10”


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Winter’s Morn

Watercolor - 31x22 1/2”

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Boats at Dock

Watercolor on paper


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Stage Coach

W/C - 20x30”

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Salem Ship at Dock. S.L.L. Sight

22x28" WaterColor.

Bounding - Print

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Theodore Dreiser

Pencil Drawing


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The Guide and the Goose Shooter

Oil - 8 3/4x12” 1/4”

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Looking Out to Sea22 x 30”Watercolor

Inner Harbor Scene

22 x 28”Watercolor