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Orientation to the Older Americans Act and Older Californians Act. Johnna Meyer, Policy Manager California Department of Aging. OAA Key Information. Historically it was the smallest program in the federal budget Continuing Resolution Reauthorized every 3-5 years Amended 13 times since 1965

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Orientation to the Older Americans Act and Older Californians Act

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Orientation to the older americans act and older californians act l.jpg

Orientation to the Older Americans Act andOlder Californians Act

Johnna Meyer, Policy Manager

California Department of Aging

Oaa key information l.jpg

OAA Key Information

  • Historically it was the smallest program in the federal budget

  • Continuing Resolution

  • Reauthorized every 3-5 years

  • Amended 13 times since 1965

  • California was the 2nd state to qualify for funds

  • Planning and Service Areas (PSA)

    • Area Agencies on Aging (AAA)

    • Direct Service Areas (DSA)

Key dates policy issues l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1950 (President Truman)

    • National Conference on Aging

  • 1951 (CA Governor Earl Warren)

    • Governor’s Conference on Aging

  • 1956 (CA Governor Earl Warren)

    • Citizens Advisory Committee on Aging

  • 1961 (President Eisenhower)

    • 1st White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA)

      • Called for a WHCOA every 10 years

Slide4 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1963 (President Kennedy)

    • Introduced the first legislation— Federal Grant Program for the Aging

  • 1965 (President Johnson)

    • Signed into Law the Older Americans Act of 1965

    • Established State Units on Aging

    • Enacted Medicare/Medicaid in SSA

Key dates policy issues5 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1966

    • California Commission on Aging created

  • 1971 WHCOA (President Nixon)

    • 5 fold increase for programs funded under the Act

    • 75% of recommendations implemented by Federal Government

    • Outcomes: SSI/SSP, Federal Council on Aging, National Institute on Aging

Key dates policy issues6 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1972 OAA Amendments

    • Nutrition (Congregate) Program for the Elderly Act signed into law. Largest program under the Act ($100 M)

Key dates policy issues7 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1973 OAA Amendments

    • Changed Focus to System Building vs. Provision of Direct Service

    • Established Area Agencies on Aging

    • Advisory Councils required at all levels

    • Title IX, Older Americans Community Service Employment Act created (now Title V)

Key dates policy issues8 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1974 (January 1)

    • New Office on Aging established in California

    • New Commission on Aging created to serve as advisory body to Office on Aging

Key dates policy issues9 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1975 OAA Amendments

    • Priority Services mandated

      • Transportation, Home Care, Legal Services, and Home Renovation/Repair

  • 1976

    • California Department of Aging established

  • 1977

    • Title V Allocation toCDA

Key dates policy issues10 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1978 OAA Amendments

    • All funds must flow through a AAA

    • All PSAs must have a AAA by 1981 in order to receive OAA funds

    • California added 15 new AAAs

    • Purpose of the Act was broadened

Key dates policy issues11 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1981WHCOA (President Carter/Reagan)

    • Social Security Focus

      • Outcome: Medicare/Medicaid Reforms

    • OAA Amendments

      • Deleted the 50% funding for Title III B Priority Services—Access, In-home, and Legal

      • Required instead “adequate proportion” and “minimum percentage”

      • 2-, 3-, or 4-year planning cycle

Key dates policy issues12 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1984 OAA Amendments

    • Increased transfers amounts between IIIB and IIIC

    • Clarified roles of SUA and AAA for accountability for funding of Priority Services

Key dates policy issues13 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1984 Senior’s Initiative for California (Governor Deukmejian)

    • Established Linkages, ADCRC, HICAP, Prop 30 (Sr. Center Bond Act)

  • 1985

    • LTC policy to CDA (AB 2226)

    • Transferred ADHC and MSSP to CDA

Key dates policy issues14 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1987 OAA Amendments

    • Required Office of State LTC Ombudsman

    • Added new Titles III D (In-Home), F (Preventive Health), & G (Abuse, Neglect)

  • 1992 OAA Amendments

    • Expanded statement of purpose

      • Opportunity for older individuals to receive managed in-home and CBLTC services

    • Redefined I&R—Renamed I&A

Key dates policy issues15 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • Case Management defined and identified as an access service requiring an “adequate proportion” of Title IIIB funding

  • Supportive Services more broadly defined

  • Limited transfer of funds between IIIB and IIIC

  • Title V

    • minimum funding base for national grantees

    • Required closer working relationship between national grantees and AAAs

Key dates policy issue l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issue

  • Changed/Added Programs

    • IIIF—Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (formerly preventative health)

    • IIIG—Supportive Activities for Caregivers (formerly Elder Abuse)

    • Title VII, Vulnerable Elder Rights Protection Activities (LTC Ombudsman, Elder Abuse Prevention, Elder Rights, Counseling)

Key dates policy issues17 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 1995 WHCOA (President Clinton)

    • Focused on reaffirming support for existing programs

    • New look at existing programs to preserve for future generations

      • Social Security (Medicare/Medicaid),

      • Older Americans Act

    • Called for Universal Health Care

    • Further development of home and community based LTC services

    • Commitment to national policy focused on aging, not aged

Key dates policy issue18 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issue

  • 1996

    • Older Californians Act Revised (AB 2800)

    • Established CDA’s mission statement in law

    • Statewide Expansion of 6 State-funded programs and HICAP

    • Transferred administration of these programs to AAAs

Key dates policy issues19 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 2000OAA Amendments

    • Cost Sharing

    • Nutrition Services Incentive Program (formerly USDA)

      • Reimbursement to Allocation Model

    • Title V, Senior Community Service Employment Program

      • Tied to Workforce Investment Act

      • State Plan Required

      • Data collection system required

      • 9 Performance Measures + Sanctions

Key dates policy issues20 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • TitleIII E Family Caregiver Support Program

    • First new program with money ($125M)

    • New Service Population

  • In-Home Services for Frail & Alzheimer’s

  • Moved III D In-Home to III B

  • Moved Disease Prevention and Health Promotion from III F to III D

  • Established Ombudsman Maintenance of Effort

    • Base Year 1999

Key dates policy issues21 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • Requires AAA to COORDINATE

    with :

    • Other community providers

    • Intergenerational Programs

Key dates policy issues22 l.jpg

Key Dates/Policy Issues

  • 2005 WHCOA (President Bush)

    • October 23-26, 2005

      • Focus on needs of baby boomers

    • OAA Reauthorization scheduled for FFY 2005-06

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