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The Philippines. General Information. the usual stuff, basic info. Language Session. phrases, lines. Travel Pictures. a visual presentation, nature scenes. What’s in a name?. Named after Crown Prince Philip (Felipe) II of Spain; hence, Felipenas or Filipinas. PHILI PP INES.

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The Philippines

General Information

the usual stuff, basic info

Language Session

phrases, lines

Travel Pictures

a visual presentation, nature scenes

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What’s in a name?

Named after

Crown Prince Philip (Felipe) II of Spain;

hence, Felipenas or Filipinas


Adjective: Philippine or Filipino/Filipina

for example: Philippine culture, handsome Filipino math graduate student, Philippine eagle

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Where is the Philippines?

Time Zone: GMT+8

Capital: Manila

Google Link

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High tide:


Low tide:


Indiana: 35,867 sq mi

California: 155,959 sq mi

United States: 19,924 km

Archipelago: a group of many islands in a large body of water

Land Area:

115,739 sq mi or 299,764 sq. km


36,289 km

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Volcanoes – active and dormant




Swamp regions

Hot springs

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Dry Season: March – May (warm) 33-34 C

Wet Season:

June – October (monsoonal)

November – February (coolest) 29-31 C

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Current flag dates back to 1897, when it was sewn in 1897 in Hong Kong.

In wartime, the flag should be raised with the red band on top.

Flag of the Republic of the Philippines

Blue: peace and justice

Red: courage

White equilateral triangle: equality

Sun with 8 rays: first 8 provinces that sought independence from Spain

3 stars: 3 major geographical groups of the country

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Who or what is the Filipino? Hong Kong.

The Filipino is basically of Malay stock with a sprinkling of Chinese, Spanish, and Arab blood.


Asian ₪

family, appearance, food

American ₪

language, food, movies, tv

religion, language, food

Spanish ₪

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2000 resident census population Hong Kong.

Indiana: 6,080,485

California: 33,871,648

Who or what is the Filipino?

76.5 million (2000 census) :Population

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Good morning. Hong Kong.

Good afternoon.

Good evening.

How are you?

Thank you.

Filipino – national language

English – business , government, and legal transactions; primary medium of instruction

Other dialects (over 100 regional languages)


Who or what is the Filipino?

Magandang umaga.

Magandang hapon.

Magandang gabi.



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Catholics – 82.9% Hong Kong.

Protestants – 5.4%

Muslims – 4.6%


Who or what is the Filipino?

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Capsule History Hong Kong.

Indo-Malays and Chinese merchants settlers

Spanish conquistadores; 333 years

Asia’s first nationalist revolt in 1896; Philippine Independence in 1898

American colonization; 48 years

People Power I and II