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4. The network and programming of events. This presentation is about ... A communication infrastructure is being designed to make virtual environments a ...

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Institutes of Contemporary Art Beyond the White Cube -

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Presentation Transcript

Slide 1:Institutes of Contemporary Art Beyond the White Cube - Building Shared Spaces for Art in Romania

INSPIREDDEVELOPMENT a presentation by Gabriella Kardos (Kardos Creative Ltd.) for Intercultural Dialogue and Digital Culture, International Round Table, Zagreb, 20-21 November 2008

Slide 2:Main points to be covered:

1. Communication infrastructure - network 2. Trans-border centres 3. Local context 4. The network and programming of events This presentation is about the proposed creation of three institutes of contemporary art to be built in Romania over the next few years under the umbrella of one organization and how it is envisioned they will turn their geographical positioning into a strategic advantage for sharing experiences

Slide 3: 3ICA: Baia Mare, Iasi and Constanta

ICA Baia Mare ICA Iasi ICA Constanta

Slide 4:View of the 3 Developments

RADIUS Shopping and Business and Arts Baia Mare WTC Constanta Iasi Business and Technology Campus

Baia Mare ICA Baia Mare ICA Baia Mare

Slide 8:All 3 centres will promote research, experimentation, interdisciplinarity and connectivity The Baia Mare ICA will also have a ‘green’ theme promoting an ecological approach to the environment Due to its positioning within Iasi Business Campus, which aims to attract tenants such as new technology companies, this centre will have a special focus on new media art and related activities. Trans-border centres aiming to bring the people of this region together to share in their cultural production and work on common interests.

Conceptual identity We are now working towards creating a foundation that aims to unite these centres and give them a stronger context from which to operate

Slide 9:Regional and Trans-Border Connectivity

Slide 10:3ICA Communication infrastructure

A communication infrastructure is being designed to make virtual environments a fundamental part of the day-to-day business, exhibitions and performances. The infrastructure will support Streaming (e.g. NY Metropolitan Opera HD); Educational/learning projects (interactive lectures, etc); Day to day communication between centres (administration, planning meetings, etc.); Telematic café (connection always on); Creative tools

Slide 11:3ICA Types of Collaborative Projects

work is installed in 3 locations simultaneously; install viewing portals of events in the other centres; invited artists/lecturers where performers act in one centre and performance is streamed to the other centres turning each centre into a broadcasting network; create a programme of visiting artists, writers, educators, etc. who will come to the ICAs to create projects. entering into larger networks, such as MARCEL

Slide 12:< > < > < Network Touch ><><>< Galen Scorer and Tim Jackson, Synthops Research Group

An example of collaboration that transcends language, distance and cultural barriers, being based on emotion, immediacy and not precluding a knowledge of 'art‘

Slide 13:> < > < > < Network Touch ><><><


Place your hand in front of a video camera. The image of your hand is seen on a screen, along with another hand that is being broadcast from another installation. When your hands touch each other…a sound is emitted.


+ MAX: audio Graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia Create your own software using a visual toolkit of objects, and connect them together with patch cords Basic environment that includes MIDI, control, user interface, and timing objects SoftVNS2: video High quality video streams David Rokeby, SoftVNS Very Nervous System Software Links to Max and triggers video, or video triggers sound in this case

Network Touch Installation, Jepson Center for the Arts Savannah, Georgia, USA - February 2008
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