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1. Education Queensland Changes to Principal Selection

3. Key issues Need to differentiate more effectively between applications. Task verification form becoming an ineffective indicator. Need for greater access to current performance information. Implementation of new Directive on Recruitment and Selection 04/06

4. Need to Differentiate between applications. The current process has been in place since 1998 and given only six STARs were required, examples selected by applicants within the pool were increasingly similar; The revised process allows an applicant to demonstrate both breadth of experience and capacity through multiple examples.

5. Task Verification Form becoming an ineffective indicator. Particularly evident in higher banded positions. Tasks often not current. Logistics involved in verifying claims. Considered by panels as ineffective as a selection tool.

6. Need for greater access to current performance information. Research has shown that the most effective indicator of future success is current performance. Requirement to have that information validated by current supervisor.

7. Implementation of new Recruitment and Selection Directive 04/06 New Directive allows the referee report to be considered at any time within the selection process. Requires that a public service employee must disclose all information known to them that is relevant to the applicant’s ability to undertake the responsibilities and duties of the position and to the work behaviour of the applicant.

8. Intent More efficient process that encompasses ongoing performance review to assess when applicants are “ready”. Less onerous task for the applicant; CVs can be maintained and SCs updated as required. Wider use of selection tools in the process. Capacity for panels to validate more effectively.

9. What is different? Only 4 Selection Criteria to respond to for Bands 5-11 Principals. Increased emphasis on CV Referee report to be signed by supervisor and sent in with application No Task Verification form Evidence is linked to the Leadership Matters ‘Capabilities’

10. Role of Principal Principals play a vital role in delivering the vision of Education Queensland. The leadership of principals is critical to improving the educational outcomes of students in their schools. Principals have a major influence on developing the quality of teaching and learning and nurturing positive relationships between students, teachers and stakeholders.

11. Role of Principal (cont) They: lead the school community to develop, articulate and commit to a shared educational vision focussed on providing quality learning outcomes for all students; uphold the principalship as a values based, ethical and moral activity; embed socially just practices in daily school life; set high standards for student and staff performance; are active participants in life long learning and ongoing professional development; form partnerships with parents, other government agencies, community groups, industry and business; are futures oriented and strategic; understand the legislation and policies that impact on schooling; and manage resources to achieve goals.

12. Selection Process Prior to considering applications the panel meet to clarify (taking account of the selection criteria) expectations around the knowledge, skills and experiences required to successfully undertake the position. Bands 7–11 – The selection of applicants to Bands 7-11 principal positions is based on a ‘cluster of schools’ selection process. Cross-district panels are formed to undertake the selection process. A nominee of the Director-General of Education chairs the panel. The rest of the panel consists of one nominee of the Deputy-Director General, Education Queensland, one nominee of the Queensland Teachers’ Union, and a member of the local school council (if applicable) or a nominee of the Parents and Citizens Association (P&C). The P&C may invite the QCPCA to nominate a representative.

13. Selection Process (cont) Shortlisting – The panel evaluates the applications to determine who should be interviewed for positions. Shortlisted applicants are contacted to arrange an interview time. Applicants who are not shortlisted are advised by mail that they have been unsuccessful. Referee checks – Referee checks can be undertaken, at the panel’s discretion, at any time during the selection process. The panel uses the information provided in the completed referee report to assist in the selection process. The panel may contact your second referee to seek further information. Panels will not consider ‘testimonial statements’ from referees. Maximising appointments - An applicant who has been recommended for a principal position but has been unsuccessful in being matched to a vacant position may be contacted to consider extending their preferences. This ensures that the maximum number of appointments are made to the vacant positions.

14. New Selection Criteria (7-11) SC1 Demonstrated leadership of a curriculum, teaching and learning environment, leading to the achievement of quality learning outcomes for all students. SC2 Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated capacity to develop and sustain productive relationships within and beyond the school community. SC3 Demonstrated strategic thinking and analytical skills and the ability to use those to influence the educational agenda for state schooling. SC4 Demonstrated ability to manage effectively human, financial and physical resources to deliver high quality organisational outcomes. SC5 Demonstrated capacity to develop and maintain an organisational culture based on ethical professional and personal behaviours and corporate values. (Do not write to this in your application.)

15. New format for responses to SCs Not written in STAR format, One page per selection criterion, Dot point format that provides examples of experiences that demonstrate ability to meet criteria.

16. Dos and Don’ts An effective response to a selection criterion provides evidence that you meet the requirements of the position. Beliefs, philosophy or knowledge is not evidence. Don’t write a thesis on leadership. Simple assertions or generalist statements are not helpful. Use examples of your experience and achievements as a leader. Citing ‘five years experience as a manager’ does not constitute evidence that you are a good manager. The selection panel wants to know what you have actually done. Context is important. You need to consider the environment in which the position operates in order to make your responses relevant. For example, leadership roles in schools may differ depending on the size, location and complexity of the school as well as specific characteristics of the centre.

17. Example of dot point…. As General Manager, Planning and Purchasing I am responsible for: Oversight & monitoring of TAFE Institute performance… Reform of all facets of… Planning of the….. Allocation of $120m to….

18. Example of dot point…. I have significant experience in national policy development and in the development of implementation strategies for Queensland. For example: QLD representative on national policy bodies - NCA Committee; VETP Working Group; AESO Committee; HE Forum (200X-0Y) oversight of preparation of all Departmental briefing for the Minister for ANTA MINCO and MCEETYA (200X-0Y), and representative of Director General at ANTA CEOs’ Committee. To drive implementation of agreed strategies, I have: Established…. Allocated…. Monitored… Reported achievements including………..

19. Referee Reports Referee report to be signed by supervisor and sent in with application. Highlights need for performance review process to be established between principals and supervisors. Should be no surprises as this would be part of ongoing performance discussions with supervisor.

20. (Referee Reports Cont.) Applicants should seek feedback around the Referee Report well before applying for a job. Provides qualitative information to panels about the applicant’s capabilities. Needs to be specific to each SC.

21. It’s all about the Best Applicant not necessarily the best application

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