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A Presentation for. The ABC Company. Business Development & Operations Strategy. Agenda. Approach To Business Development Target Markets Staffing Approach & Key Personnel Process for a Typical Project Contract & Risk Management Systems Cash Flow Projections

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A presentation for

A Presentation for

The ABC Company

Business Development & Operations Strategy


  • Approach To Business Development

  • Target Markets

  • Staffing Approach & Key Personnel

  • Process for a Typical Project

  • Contract & Risk Management Systems

  • Cash Flow Projections

  • Information Management & Reporting

Approach to business development and growth
Approach to Business Development and Growth

  • Develop a Solutions Driven Construction Business

  • Conservative Growth By Acquiring and Retaining Qualified Personnel

  • Secure Repeat Work By Meeting Commitments

Target markets public construction
Target Markets - Public Construction

  • Florida State University

  • Leon County Schools

  • Florida A & M University

  • Florida Dept. of Management Services

  • Local Government

Target markets private construction
Target Markets – Private Construction

  • Office & Warehouse

  • Hotels

  • Commercial General

Plan for staffing
Plan For Staffing

  • Current Staffing

    • Principals (#)

    • Project Manager (#)

    • Superintendents/ Project Engineers (#)

    • Administrative Support

    • Financial (Accounting)

    • Safety/ Risk Management

  • Future Hires

    • Conservative Hiring Approach; Growth Managed by Availability of Qualified Key Staff

  • Retain Key Personnel

    • Share Knowledge Through Training and System Building Approach

    • Defined Bonus Incentives for Management

    • Benefits: Health Insurance, Retirement Plan

Key personnel experience
Key Personnel Experience

  • John Doe (Principal)

    • 10 Years Construction Experience

    • 8 Years Public Construction

    • Facility Type Experience is Diverse:

      • Educational, Administrative, Research, Athletic, Historical, Detention, Renovation

    • Successful Construction Operations System Development and Management

Key personnel experience1
Key Personnel Experience

  • John J. Doe

    • 25 Years Construction Experience

    • 20 Years Public Construction

    • Extensive Public Contracting Experience

    • Strong Customer Relationships

    • Successful Operations System Development and Management

Key personnel experience2
Key Personnel Experience

  • John P. Doe (Project Manager)

    • 20 Years Construction Experience

    • 17 Years Public Construction

    • Large Project Experience:

      • Educational, K-12, Prison, Renovations

    • Strong Knowledge of the Construction Process and Contract Control/ Scheduling Systems

Key personnel experience3
Key Personnel Experience

  • Jane Doe (Accountant)

    • 11 Years Construction Experience

    • 7 Years Public Construction

    • (Software Type) Cost Accounting System

    • Monthly Financial Reporting

    • Understanding of Construction Process and Accounting Interface

    • Experienced Receivables, Payables and Payroll Staff

    • Close Relationship and Access to Company CPA

Key personnel experience superintendents project engineers
Key Personnel ExperienceSuperintendents/ Project Engineers

  • John B. Doe

    • Extensive Public Facility Renovation Experience

  • John C. Doe

    • Fast-Tracked Commercial Retail Space & Public Construction Experience

  • John A. Doe

    • Large Public Project Experience

  • John R. Doe

    • Large Public Project Experience

Process for typical construction project
Process For Typical Construction Project

  • Call For Bids or RFP Response

  • Bid Submittal or Presentation to Selection Committee

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Pre-Construction Services

  • Construction Phase

    • Bidding/ Procurement

    • Subcontract Award

    • Schedule Control

    • Quality Control

    • Cost Control

    • Billing/ Pay Cycle

  • Project Close Out/ Warranty

Contract and risk management preconstruction phase
Contract and Risk ManagementPreconstruction Phase

Develop second page for subcontractor?

  • Subcontractor Prequalification

  • Subcontract Agreement (AGC)

    • Sub Bonding

    • Additional Insured Requirements

    • Indemnification Clause

    • Performance and Recourse Articles

  • Bid Package Organization

  • Detailed Guaranteed Maximum Price Proposal

  • Contract risk management construction phase
    Contract & Risk ManagementConstruction Phase

    • Operations Systems

      • Operations Procedures Manual (project setup thru job closeout)

      • Contract Control Database (Primavera Expedition)

      • Subcontractor Management

        • Standardized Agreements (AGC)

        • Superintendent Field Reference Package

        • Quality Control Tied to Schedule

      • Budget Control

        • Standardized Cost Coding for Each Project

        • Track Committed Costs and Budgets

        • Subcontractor Pay Application Approval Process

      • Schedule Control (Primavera Suretrak)

      • Insurance

        • Job Specific General Liability Certificate and Builders Risk Policy

        • Subcontractor General Liability, Worker’s Comp. (secured prior to execution of Subcontract Agreement)

    Contract risk management construction phase1
    Contract & Risk ManagementConstruction Phase

    Cost Accounting System

    Interaction With, and Support of Operations Group From Preconstruction Phase Through Project Closeout

    Job Setup Starts w/ Cost Control:

    Time Allocation

    GMP/ Schedule of Values Entry

    Specific Cost Code Assignment to each Job

    Progress Draws

    Schedule of Values

    Detail Billing Report

    Invoice Backup

    Contract risk management construction phase2
    Contract & Risk ManagementConstruction Phase

    (cost accounting continued)

    • Reporting (Job Specific)

      • Job Cost (original budget, revised budget, total committed, cost to date, balance to complete)

      • Committed Costs (no invoice paid w/o commitment)

      • Budget Revision Process (no change w/o approval)

      • Current Payable by Job (sub payments)

      • Receivables Aging

    • Reporting (Company)

      • Financial Statements Monthly

      • W.I.P.: Schedule of Contract Activity

      • Monthly Projections

      • Backlog

    Established Line of Credit

    Insert copy of letter from your bank acknowledging your line of credit

    Information management and reporting capabilities
    Information Management and Reporting Capabilities

    Include highlights of your information management and reporting systems

    • Standardized Network Structure

      • Server #1: Data Server- Word, Excel, Access, Estimating

      • Server #2: Expedition Contract Control and Timberline Cost Accounting

      • Server #3: Mail Server

      • Remote Access for Key Personnel


    • Conservative Growth, Repeat Business

    • Established Relationships With Target Markets

    • Systems Approach to Operations Mgt.

    • Experienced Staff

    • Sufficiently Capitalized