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“Two Days in May” by Harriet Peck Taylor. Theme 4. Genre: Realistic Fiction. A realistic story is about realistic (could happen in real life, but they aren’t real) people, things, and events. The plot-including events, problem, solution-is made up (fictional).

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“Two Days in May” by Harriet Peck Taylor

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Two days in may by harriet peck taylor l.jpg

“Two Days in May”by Harriet Peck Taylor

Theme 4

Genre realistic fiction l.jpg

Genre: Realistic Fiction

  • A realistic story is about realistic (could happen in real life, but they aren’t real) people, things, and events.

  • The plot-including events, problem, solution-is made up (fictional).

  • This story is based on a real incident.

Summary l.jpg


Sonia and her father, together with a group of their neighbors, launch a peaceful protest to help five deer that have wandered into the city in search of food.

Background information l.jpg

Background Information

  • Deer are wild animals that eat grasses and berries to survive. As more and more buildings and roads are being built, the deer have fewer places to live and find food.

Key concept l.jpg

Key Concept

protecting animals

Key vocabulary l.jpg

Key Vocabulary

  • appreciate

  • grazing

  • population

  • starve

  • surrounding

  • territory

  • wander

Appreciate l.jpg


to enjoy and understand

Grazing l.jpg


eating growing plants

Population l.jpg


relating to the number of people or animals living in a certain place

Starve l.jpg


to suffer or die from not having enough food

Surrounding l.jpg


on all sides of

Territory l.jpg


an area of land

Wander l.jpg


to move from place to place without reason

Monitor and clarify l.jpg

Monitor and Clarify

  • You will use this strategy while you arereading to make sure you are understanding what you read.

  • If something doesn’t make sense:

    • look back

    • reread

    • read ahead

Strategy focus monitor and clarify l.jpg

Strategy Focus: Monitor and Clarify

Let’s try it!

Read pages 73-78. Who are the main characters so far?


Why is Papa taking charge of this problem?

Comprehension skill focus making a judgement l.jpg

Comprehension Skill Focus: Making a Judgement

  • When you make a judgement, you are deciding if the choices the characters made were the right ones.

  • Most judgements are based on our own values and belief system.

Graphic organizer l.jpg

Graphic Organizer

Fill in the organizer with details from the story.

Problem: The deer are in the city.

Do you agree with how the characters solve the problem?

Yes, when….No, when...



Meet the author l.jpg

Meet the Author

Harriet Peck Taylor is both a writer and an artist. Her special interests

are animals and Native American folklore. As a result, her children's

books are often Native American folktales about animals.

Since college, Harriet Peck Taylor has been an artist. Her batik artwork

is shown in galleries as well as in public locations. She has done the art

for greeting cards, T-shirts, wallpaper, fabrics, and CD covers.

This author/illustrator loves the outdoors. On hikes in the foothills of

the Rocky Mountains, her two dogs often walk with her. For a while, a

young coyote would follow them on their walks. It would sometimes stop to

howl, and Harriet Peck Taylor began to howl back. Their "chats" went on

for several months. Once, the coyote even got near enough to touch noses

with the dogs!

Tracking animals is one of Harriet Peck Taylor's hobbies. She never

bothers the animals, but watches them simply for the joy it brings her.

She tracks bears in summer and fall, and mountain lions and other animals

in winter. "The snow always has a story to tell," she says. (from www.eduplace.com)

Link to houghton mifflin l.jpg

Link to Houghton Mifflin

If you enjoyed reading “Two Days in May” and would like to check out some more information and activities, click below to go to www.eduplace.com, Houghton Mifflin’s web site.

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