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MS System Setup. Securing A System. Use Automatic Updates. For a workstation or server, schedule the updates to occur regularly. Control panel click on security center. Should a portable computer be any different. Limited-Access Accounts.

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Ms system setup l.jpg

MS System Setup

Securing A System

Use automatic updates l.jpg
Use Automatic Updates

  • For a workstation or server, schedule the updates to occur regularly.

    • Control panel click on security center.

  • Should a portable computer be any different.

Limited access accounts l.jpg
Limited-Access Accounts

  • Create a limited access account for each user with strong passwords.

  • Administrative access should be reserved for administrative tasks only

    Control panels -> User Accounts

Install uninstall applications l.jpg
Install/(Uninstall) Applications

  • Registry cleaner: Glary Tools

  • Malware scanners: McAffe, Adaware

  • Personal Firewall: Comodo

  • Startups and services: Autoruns – use this to identify startups and services that can be disabled.

Minimal configuration l.jpg
Minimal Configuration

  • Uninstall un-necessary applications and services.

  • Use a tool like Autoruns or MSCONFIG to deactivate services.

    start->run: msconfig

  • See for more info on startups and services.


Scanners l.jpg

  • Anti-Virus

    • Virus Scan Console

    • Configure the updates

  • Anti-spyware/adware

  • Update regularly (automatically)

  • Choose scanners that can be run in safe mode.

Scanners mcafee l.jpg
Scanners (McAfee)

  • Go to Auto Update and choose the schedule button to set the schedule for updates.

  • Manual updates are possible by placing the .DAT files in the: Program Files\ Common Files\McAfee\Engine folder.

Browser l.jpg

  • IE is the default

  • Are other browsers more secure?

  • Configure to be secure

    • Deactivate ActiveX, JavaScript, Java

    • Tools->internet options

      • Security tab

  • Conduct browsing with a limited access account.

Browser9 l.jpg

  • Set

    • Internet zone


    • Trusted sites (default settings?)

  • Consider a tool like SiteAdvisor

  • Don’t use Autocomplete

    • tools-internet options->content tab

      • Disable the features AutoComplete

Registry maintenance l.jpg
Registry Maintenance

  • Flush the System Restore

    • Click the “System Restore Settings” in the wizard.

    • (check) Turn off System Restore. This will delete your old checkpoints.

    • Turn on System Restore

    • Run a registry cleaner/check before making a new checkpoint.

Registry backup l.jpg
Registry Backup

  • Run a registry checker/cleaner (Glary tools).

    • Backup the registry and create a checksum (hash) (see next slide)

    • Consider MD5Summer as a way to checksum all files in the registry.

    • Optional: Encrypt the backup and hash information or store it on removable secure media.

Registry backup12 l.jpg
Registry Backup

  • Start->run->Open: regedit

  • File -> Export

  • Choose a name and location for the registry backup file. Save it.

  • Create a hash for the backup file. Place the hash in a text file.

  • Encrypt the hash and backup file.

    • Properties -> advanced

  • Copy to external media

Archival backups l.jpg

  • Things to backup

    • Personal data and settings

    • Registry

      Windows has a backup utility:

      Accessories->System Tools->Backup

Disk maintenance l.jpg
Disk Maintenance

  • Disk Clean Up

    • System Tools ->Disk Cleanup

  • De-fragmenting (in safe mode)

    • System Tools -> De-fragment

Disabling autoruns l.jpg
Disabling Autoruns

  • Right click the icon for the device

  • Choose the AutoPlay tab

  • Select each type in the drop down list

    • Select “no action” for each item in the drop down list (menu)

    • Apply

    • OK

Scan new media l.jpg
Scan new media

  • Use your scanners to scan any media inserted in your computer before opening files on the media

File display l.jpg
File Display

  • Show the extensions on file names

    • Double click My Computer, go to Tools -> file options.

    • Also show hidden files and folders


Firewall l.jpg

  • For a notebook computer, use a personal firewall.

  • Disable the Windows default firewall when you install your software personal firewall.

  • Configure it correctly.

  • Update regularly and automatically.

Encryption l.jpg

  • Encrypt important files stored on your computer

  • Note: important files should be archived to WORM media and stored in a secure place.

E mail l.jpg

  • Deactivate preview panes.