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Global Travel, Trends and Initiatives July 29, 2010

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Global Travel, Trends and Initiatives July 29, 2010. Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen A little more than 100 years ago, on January 31, 1910. Serving the hospitality industry for a century Sole national organization in the United States Represents all sectors and stakeholders,

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Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen

A little more than 100 years ago, on January 31, 1910

Serving the hospitality industry for a century
  • Sole national organization in the United States
  • Represents all sectors and stakeholders,
  • Provides members with:
    • National advocacy on Capitol Hill
    • Education
    • Research and information
    • Bottom-line savings
World’s leading supplier of hospitality training, certification, text books and curriculum
after five years unprecedented growth
After five years unprecedented growth…
  • 2007 credit crisis
  • Lehman Brothers collapse in September 2008
  • Decline in financial resources, bad press
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business dwindled in resort areas
  • Perception became reality
american lodging investment summit and nyu investment conference
American Lodging Investment Summit and NYU Investment Conference
  • Cautiously optimistic in January
  • Greater optimism in June
  • Streamlining budgets, cutting staff and revising service protocols
  • Increased forecasts for this year and next
smith travel research 2010
Smith Travel Research2010
  • Supply growth will be only 2%
  • Demand growth will be 5.7%
  • Occupancy will be 56.7%, an increase of 3% over 2009
  • Average daily rate, will decrease but only by .6% to $97.26

Smith Travel Research projects increases in all three key performance metrics during 2011.

  • Occupancy is projected to increase 2.5% to 58.1%
  • ADR is forecasted to rise 3.9% to US$101.05
  • RevPAR is expected to grow6.5%
  • Supply is projected to grow by just .6%, with demand increasing 3.1%
vital industry
Vital Industry
  • 49,000 lodging properties in the United States
  • 4.7M rooms with $140.6B in sales
  • Employs approximately 1.8M workers at properties
  • Supports more than 7.5M jobs
industry employment
Industry Employment
  • The hotel industry in the United States alone will need 300,000 additional employees by 2014.
  • The United States Travel Association forecasts the U.S. travel industry will add 90,000 American jobs this year.
  • The industry is responsible for generating one in every 12 jobs. That’s 250M jobs or 8.4% of the total global employment.
  • The figures will rise to nearly 300M in a decade.
international travel
International Travel
  • International visitor arrival growth has been down for the past two years.
  • International tourist arrivals fell by 4% in 2009.
  • 2% increase in the last quarter of last year could indicate change for the positive.
  • International tourism is rebounding from 2009, led by Africa and Asia.
  • Asia and the Pacific had strongest first quarter growth this year, up 10%
  • Destinations in Southeast Asia had highest increases in year-over-year tourism, with an average collective gain of 16%
  • Arrivals to Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam
africa and middle east
Africa and Middle East
  • Up 7% in first three months of the year
  • Africa and Middle East reporting favorable results in occupancy, ADR and RevPAR
  • In 2010, the ADR has increased 1.3% and RevPAR up 2.1%
  • Egypt, Jordan, Dubai had an 8.1% increase
  • Abu Dhabi reported the largest decreases in all three key metrics
  • German reporting 3.4% increase in occupancy
  • Italy and Spain, occupancy is up nearly 10%
  • In the United Kingdom, occupancy is up 6.5% and ADR is up 4.1%
  • Athens reported largest occupancy decrease
  • Birmingham, England and Tel Aviv, Israel both saw ADR increase of more than 20%
  • The International Monetary Fund growing faster than expected
  • International tourism arrivals of 3 to 4%
  • Asia is expected to rebound faster
  • Americas and Europe to recover at more moderate pace
  • Middle East and Africa will have strong growth
  • Long-term job potential is strong
  • Expected 67.2M new jobs created worldwide by 2020
bric countries
BRIC Countries
  • Brazil, Russia, China and India have increased middle class resulting in strong demand for internal and international travel
  • By 2015, 400M Chinese and Indians will have sufficient incomes to travel abroad
  • China and India are focal points of international hotel industry
bric countries21
BRIC Countries
  • U.S. has 4.5M hotel rooms
  • China has 1.6M hotel rooms
  • India has 112-thousand rooms
  • China is still underdeveloped
  • India in dire need of more hotel rooms, especially mid-priced facilities
bric countries22
BRIC Countries
  • China will be the number one market for inbound tourism and number four in terms of outbound travelers
  • China’s business travelers love to travel and even extend their trips for leisure
  • Nearly every hotel company is announcing dozens of new projects in China each year
  • 81% of Chinese business travels are optimistic
bric countries23
BRIC Countries
  • China has a strong economy
  • China sustained economic growth
  • India is forecasted to have 50M outbound tourists by 2020
  • Brazil will host the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016
united states visa policy
United States Visa Policy
  • Need to streamline visa process in all countries
  • China has only four consulates that can issue visas; Brazil seven
  • Need to make it easier for people to come here
travel promotion act
Travel Promotion Act
  • March 4, President Obama signed the Travel Promotion Act
  • Creating a public private partnership to create a $100M international advertising and educational campaign
  • Funded by a $10 fee imposed on foreign visitors from Visa Waiver countries.
  • Create $4B in new spending and drive $321M in new federal tax revenue
Technology and environment

are two key issues

  • Internet has forever changed how hoteliers do business
  • Facebook, blogs, Twitter or TripAdvisor provide new methods of two-way interaction between consumer and property
  • Where’s Joe?
  • Mobile marketing has become increasingly important
  • By 2014, 1B people will have smart phones
  • E.I. is now using “aps” very effectively
  • Tourisms position at the forefront of climate change
  • Green jobs and environmentally friendly infrastructure can lead to the transformation to the green economy
  • AH&LA is doing our part to promote green
  • AH&LA launched Green Guidelines January 2009
  • On Earth Day, this past April we launched the Energy Slasher Challenge
  • We have partnered with Green Key Global, Eco-rating Program
  • Democratic party controls the House, the Senate and White House
  • AH&LA’s governmental affairs staff are joining coalitions, working on more than 100 pieces and working on regulatory issues each day.
    • Card check
    • Health care
    • Immigration
    • Tax issues
  • Our Legislative Action Summit in March made a difference
  • 300 members visited Capitol Hill
  • Priorities we took to the Hill
    • ensuring fairness in hotel room taxation
    • keeping democracy strong at the workplace
    • supporting health care reform that works
  • Women comprise more than 40% of the business travelers
  • AH&LA’s Women In Lodging Connect has 670 members
  • Under 30 Gateway Council has 672 members
  • Student Chapters, 1,811 members
  • Cultivating tomorrow’s leaders in the growing and diversifying hospitality community is a top priority for the association

Thank You

God Bless America