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MTAC Innovation Symposium August 11, 2010. 1.  The Future of the USPS and Mail are Not Exactly the Same. Presented by: Maynard Benjamin eServices Consumer –create secure email linked to physical address Create a secure email certification service Create secure postal email box

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1 the future of the usps and mail are not exactly the same l.jpg
1.  The Future of the USPS and Mail are Not Exactly the Same

Presented by: Maynard Benjamin

  • eServices

    • Consumer –create secure email linked to physical address

      • Create a secure email certification service

      • Create secure postal email box

    • Business-create known sender/receiver verification service

      • Develop identity authentication and address verification service

      • Develop hybrid mail service/system open to business

      • Improve Ad/DM ROI by linking addresses and enabling multi-channel marketing

  • Retail Footprint Expansion

    • Provide banking, financial services, payment services

    • Provide other government services (e.g. social security, dmv)

    • Enable other retailers to use post office locations and manage post offices in ther locations

    • Create a communications / community hub with wi-fi, desks, starbucks, etc.

  • Leverage “Last Mile” and delivery capability

    • Deliver/pick-up other goods and services, recycling

    • Grant license for other firms to use mailbox

    • Census, other government agencies

2 extending the role of usps in payments system l.jpg
2. Extending the Role of USPS in Payments System Same

Presented by: Charles Howard (Harte-Hanks)

  • Create Electronic Payment and Presentment

    • Similar to Paypal model

    • Micropayments

  • Hybrid Services

    • Postal Scanning Center

    • Unique personal ID

    • Notification to consumers

    • USPS eReaders – portable mailbox

  • Split FCM into FCM “lite” (commercial vs. consumer)

    • Kiosk: flat rate envelope or box

    • Drop ship commercial

    • Fractional pricing – preserves consumer FCM

Leveraging data to create solutions and value l.jpg
Leveraging Data to Create Solutions and Value Same

Presented by: Bob Rosser, IWCO Direct

  • Sell New Data Sources

    • Leverage value of information surrounding the mail stream

      • Customer Profile Information

      • Operational Data

  • IMb Innovation

    • Adding delivery confirmation to letters & flats; Certified mail to “ the next level”

    • Leveraging USPS as “trusted source”

    • Digital inbox

    • IMb app developer’s toolkit; outside sources drive innovation

  • Customization

    • Service based pricing

    • Corporate wide view of Customers – reward corporation based on total value of portfolio

    • Customer scorecard per vertical/industry; benchmarking success

4 apply technology to improve effectiveness l.jpg
4. Apply Technology to Improve Effectiveness Same

Presented by: David Robison, Pitney Bowes

Lee Garvey, Click2Mail

Challenge: USPS Needs to Rebrand

  • Cross link physical and electronic address; Leverage USPS as the trusted agency (secure)

  • Leverage richness of Imb information, ie. Secure destruction of UAA mail, appeals to customers.

  • Increase business: remove postal barriers; Leverage technology to increase mail; customer engagement

5 restructuring the postal retail network and improving alternate access l.jpg
5. Restructuring the Postal Retail Network and Improving Alternate Access

Presented by: Ernie Rojas

  • Broadening the USPS Retail Role in Parcels

    • Return solution

    • Parcel lockers

    • “Doorman”

    • Access to PO boxes to FedEx and UPS

  • Rent Out Retail Space

    • Utility companies

    • Government agencies – Federal, state and local

    • Cell phone tower locations

  • USPS Franchiser

    • Control Cost

    • Control Service

    • Expand Service

      ** Must have the communications/education/marketing for any of these ideas to be successful.

6 improving partnerships l.jpg
6. Improving Partnerships Alternate Access

Presented by: Wanda Senne

  • Create a new product development organization that engages industry and creates customer-centric growth initiatives

  • Create a USPS “geek squad” (sales) organization that will create tools and resources that industry can use to sell mail

  • Create a program that develops and sustains enterprise-wide understanding of the mailing industry supply chain.

7 the package market growth market share l.jpg
7. Alternate AccessThe Package Market – Growth & Market Share

Presented by: Jody Berenblatt

  • “Fun & Easy”

    • Remove ridiculous rules and regulations (when do you want to get it there ? perfume hazmat)

    • Market to the next generation and to business

    • Everyone else offers payments terms/invoices – close the gap to compete

    • Create consistency in implementing shipper release options

    • Brand Management – Communicate postal strengths (we love our postwoman)

    • We could go on … but we won’t

  • Bundle front-end promotion with backend fulfillment across all existing USPS mail products

    • Cataloguer agrees to use USPS to fulfill orders – offer an incentive

  • Launch Green Initiatives – Recycling Product Offerings

    • Small consumer electronics (Cell phones), ink cartridges

    • Rebate program

    • Flat rate box or bag protective for recycling

8 the future of the usps and mail are not exactly the same l.jpg
8.  The Future of the USPS and Mail are Not Exactly the Same

Presented by: Steve Lopez

  • Collaboration for Public/Private Partnerships (PPP)

    • (transportation, gov’t services/retail)

  • Direct Mail (DM) Growth

    • (targeted to include digital to physical and physical to digital, more two-way communication, recipient creates demand for DM, focus on parcels, focus on Flats growth, creative formats cut bureaucratic process for new ideas)

  • Customer Total Value

    • (USPS value prop to new clients, use technology to drive personalized messages on USPS website, & all product classes – price by total value to the USPS,)

  • Parcels

    • (Saturday delivery, negotiated pricing , total wave of the future – “New Mail Moment”)

9 enhancing the mail moment by delivering what customers want l.jpg
9. Enhancing the Mail Moment by Delivering what Customers Want

Presented by: Dennis Farley, Red Tag News

  • Advertising campaign to describe unique advantages of mail vs. alternatives (IPost)

  • Leverage physical and online retail space to generate mail volume (Best Buy kiosk; periodicals/catalog kiosk)

  • Offer prospecting rates

10 improving innovation at usps l.jpg
10.  Improving Innovation at USPS Want

Presented by: Chuck Chamberlain & Ty Taylor

Idea : Create a culture of innovation


Slide12 l.jpg

Benchmarking Want







  • Community Involvement

  • Employee

  • Customer

  • Partner


Identify &








(Components of Culture)