The Himalayas
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The Himalayas. Tools of the Expedition. Animal Facts. The Team and more. Finding Snow Leopards. 1pt. 1 pt. 1 pt. 1pt. 1 pt. 2 pt. 2 pt. 2pt. 2pt. 2 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 4 pt. 4 pt. 4pt. 4 pt. 4pt. 5pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt.

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The Himalayas


of the


Animal Facts


Team and






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Snow leopards are found in this continent.

What is Asia?

Byantooroi has 100-year old poplar trees

What is an oasis in the Gobi?

The mighty conqueror who founded the Mongolian Empire, created a postal system, and made the first environmental laws.

Who is Ghengis Khan?




What is the Mongolian currency?

Ulaan Baatar

What is the Mongolian capitol?

an electronic device used to track animals

What is radio telemetry?

This has 12 seats, a Jeep-like chassis, 2 big gas tanks and it is a Russian made vehicle used by the expedition team.

What is a Furgon?

This is easy to set up. It is a one room house made of wood and wool. It is a round, canvas-covered felt tent. Also known as this.

What is a ger?

This has a loop of cable that is set off by a spring that tightens on a cat’s leg. It is designed to keep the cat’s safety in mind.

What is a trap?

This is known as “GPS” – it is satellite signaling used to indicate where, and how high, the researchers are.

What is a Global Positioning Unit?

steep, cliffy, broken slopes

What is a snow leopard’s habitat?

an American woodchuck’s cousin

What is a marmot?

A huge black and white vulture with a black mask and long narrow wings – it resembles a great falcon

What is a lamergeir?

Aka: “the Gift from God” (Arabians) or “the ship of the desert” (Marco Polo)

What is a camel?

Vicuna, llama, alpaca, and guanaco

What are 4 kinds of South American camels?

The conservation director of the Snow Leopard Trust

Who is Tom McCarthy?

This person took photographs for this expedition.

Who is Nic Bishop?

Nadia, Kim Berger, Bayara, Munkho, Enkhe, and Sy

Who are the members of the expedition team?

“milk tea,” fried dough, white bread with butter, noodles with mutton

What is a traditional Mongolian meal?

This is a traditional quilted Mongolian robe of blue satin and was worn by Nadia’s grandmother

What is a del?

This is what an animal does to leave its scent as a message to other animals.

What is spray?

animal droppings (or poop) – important to researchers and used to gather data about animals

What is scat?

6 miles a day

What is the average daily travel of a snow leopard?

for their beautiful fur and for their bones (used for medicines)

Why are snow leopards hunted?

This was the first snow leopard found by Tom – a 95 pound snow leopard!

Who is Red?

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