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How to Optimize a Slow PC | One Solution Inc PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Is your system slow? If yes, then watch these slides to optimize your slow pc. We hope that you will be able to boost your slow pc’s speed. We have explained steps in these slides to optimize slow pc. But still you face any kind of issue in optimizing your pc, contact slow pc support by OneSolutionInc.

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How to Optimize a Slow PC | One Solution Inc

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How to

Optimize Slow PC |

Slow PC Support By

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Step 1: Remove Viruses From Computer: Viruses are certainly one of the greatest internet security issues PC meeting. One of the general indications of a PC virus infection is the infrequent PC slowness.

Step 2: Remove the Windows Registry : The Windows Registry is typically organized as a database to accumulate all of user’s Windows settings and programs. As you install and delete software applications, the windows registry can get inundated sooner or later with unsolicited jumbles inhabiting space and slowing down your PC ultimately.

Step 3: Clean Up Your Hard Drive : Insufficient or lack of hard disk space contributes hugely to PC slowness. When the hard disk is running out of storage space, this bounds virtual memory and provisional files. Increase the speed of the PC by removing what you actually don't want.

Step 4: Remove Temporary Files: Most programs on your PC generate temporary files as they are in process... and then don't remove them when they are done. These temporary files frequently take up disk space and slow down your PC. Getting rid of temporary files should be a part of any preemptive PC care plan.

Step 5 : Run PC Defrag : Reestablishing your hard disk and inserting all the data for a specific file together on the hard disk, you will be increasing up how rapidly your PC can admittance files normally. This is often called "defrag" or “defragmentation” and is a vital step in improving the speed of a slow pc.

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