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What will the future of gaming look like?. State of Art Technology Advances Devices & Displays User interfaces Haptics/Feedback Handheld convergence Consoles Mobile Gaming Continuous play Find me/follow me Other PC, Arcades, Theme parks, Education, Training, etc. New Gaming Consoles.

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What will the future of gaming look like?

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What will the future of gaming look like l.jpg

What will the future of gaming look like?

  • State of Art

  • Technology Advances

    • Devices & Displays

    • User interfaces

    • Haptics/Feedback

    • Handheld convergence

  • Consoles

  • Mobile Gaming

    • Continuous play

    • Find me/follow me

  • Other

    • PC, Arcades, Theme parks, Education, Training, etc.

New gaming consoles l.jpg

New Gaming Consoles

  • Xbox 360

  • Sony Playstation 3

    • 2 TFLOPS

    • Demo 1

    • Demo 2

  • Nintendo Revolution

New entertainment consoles l.jpg

New Entertainment Consoles

  • Xbox 360

  • Sony Playstation 3

    • DVD

    • Internet/Communities

    • HD Video

    • Surround Audio

    • Disk/DVR

  • Micro-transactions

Driving forces technology l.jpg

Driving Forces: Technology

  • 3D perf doubling every year

    • Movie quality: 4.8BT/s

    • Global illumination, subsurface scattering, shadows, photon tracing

  • Speech recognition

    • $22.6 billion in 2003

  • Beyond WIMP

    • Natural language, gestures, expressions, words

  • Wild Cards:

    • Quantum computers

    • Photon computers

    • Nanotechnology

  • Worldwide internet 2004 @12.5% (800M)

Hardware networked world l.jpg

Hardware:Networked World


  • Broadband: 20% US, 70% Korea

    • 4x game expendatures

  • Wireless games $50-100k vs. $5-10M

  • RFIDs

  • GPS

  • Networked home


  • Overwhelming preference pc’s vs consoles for online gaming

  • Growth in online gaming is relatively flat

  • Favorite genres are puzzle, board and trivia…not action

  • Less than 8 percent are paying to play online.

Hardware displays l.jpg


  • LCD, Plasma

  • StereoScopic:

    • Sharp $1500

    • SeeReal -> $500

  • Cinefourtheaters in Logan, Utah has midnight Xbox. Teams of four play against each other on the theater's huge screens

  • OLEDs

  • HMDs

Hardware user interfaces l.jpg

Hardware:User Interfaces

  • “We believe [user interface] advances—improving the way a player connects to his game—are at least as vital as enhanced on screen graphics because they make games play better—not just look better.”-Nintendo Executive VP Reggie Fils-Aime

Hardware haptics and force feedback l.jpg

Hardware:Haptics and Force Feedback

hap·tic ('hap-tik)adj. Of or relating to the sense of touch; tactile.

  • Phantom

  • Cybergrasp

  • Flight-force Joystick

  • Cell-phone haptics

    • SMS: high-frequency high-five slap , low-frequency belly laugh

    • screen tactile feedback

  • Psychophysics study subjective perceptual dimension

Hardware wearable internet appliances l.jpg

Hardware:Wearable Internet Appliances

  • Vanderbilt's Anesthesiologists

  • Call center

  • Maintenance


Hardware handhelds l.jpg


  • Convergence

    • Dual Screens

    • Chat, SMS

    • Touch Screen

    • Wireless

    • Voice Recognition

    • MP3, Video

    • GPS

    • Telephone

  • Convergence is nice, but….

Hardware caveat the ironphone l.jpg

Hardware:Caveat: The IronPhone

Just because we can doesn’t mean we should!!

  • What technologies belong together?

  • Content transportability?

    • Timex DOOM?

State of the industry l.jpg

State of the Industry

  • $11B US Industry…

  • This is a problem?

  • Yes…Market is currently relatively flat!!!!

  • Why????????

  • Who is the customer?

Customer l.jpg


  • Pays $20-70 for 20-40hrs entertainment ($1-$2/hr)

  • Under 18: 34% PC, 45% console

    • 90% adult purchased

  • Average 28 y.o., (27 female)

  • 43% female

  • 5 out of 7 dollars is on console gaming

  • 20M Xbox, 80M PS2

  • How many Xbox 360s does MS want to sell?

  • …………1 BILLION!

Gaming future where are we heading l.jpg

Gaming FutureWhere are we heading?

  • How does game industry expand?

    • Better games for hardcore gamers

    • Reach the Casual Gamer!!!

  • How?

    • Better Graphics….DONE!

    • Expand hardcore gamer communities/marketplace

    • Expand gaming market through new game paradigms…beyond the console

    • Reach the Casual Gamer (via new consoles)

      • Create emotional bond

      • More variety of games

      • Better/simpler interfaces

Expanding hardcore market consumers as producers as consumers l.jpg

Expanding Hardcore Market:Consumers as Producers as Consumers…

  • Game Mods

    • Consumers modify game

  • Virtual Properties

    • Build, buy, sell…some professionals

    • $200M+++

  • Professional Gamers

    • 3 channels, big $$

  • Advertising & Commerce

    • Order pizza while playing

  • Cross Media

    • Which came first, the video game or the movie?

New paradigms ubiquitous gaming l.jpg

New Paradigms:Ubiquitous Gaming

  • convergence of sensing, computing and digital communications

  • embedded computer technology to support users’ activities wherever and whenever it is needed


  • Environment-aware

    • Location, context, bio

  • VR,AR,MR

  • Pervasive Games

    • always available

Ubiquitous gaming environment aware l.jpg

Ubiquitous Gaming:Environment Aware

  • Location

    • Pirates!-

    • Uncle Roy All Around You

    • The Go Game – corporate training

  • Body Sensing

    • EyeToy

  • Bio-feedback

    • The Journey to Wild Divine

  • User information: skill, specifications, etc.

  • Experimental: SIGGRAPH Interactive Theater

Ubiquitous gaming augmented reality l.jpg

Ubiquitous Gaming:Augmented Reality

  • HMD, Tracking, Power, Haptics, Digital “flats”

  • Current Uses:

    • NFL 1st down marker

    • Night-vision obstacles

  • Who could use this?

    • Service/Repair

    • Tourists

    • Soldiers

  • Holodeck?

    • USC & Army -> $100M Institute of Creative Technology. Richard Lindheim (UPN Star Trek)

  • Gaming

    • AR Quake –Wearable Computer Lab, U. of South Australia

Ubiquitous gaming pervasive games l.jpg

Ubiquitous Gaming:Pervasive Games

The Commander stared at the ice forming on the pilot window…“Switch on No. 8 auxiliary!” he shouted. “Switch on No. 8 auxiliary!” repeated Lieutenant Berg… The crew, bending to their various tasks in the huge, hurtling eight-engined Navy hydroplane, looked at each other and grinned. “The old man will get us through,” they said to one another. “The Old Man ain’t afraid of Hell!”...

“Not so fast! You’re driving too fast!” said Mrs. Mitty. “What are you driving so fast for?” -The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber, 1941.

Ubiquitous gaming pervasive games20 l.jpg

Ubiquitous Gaming:Pervasive Games

  • played continuously even if intertwined with daily activities such as working or sleeping

  • variety of channels to reach the players: Internet, press, radio, email, phone and TV

  • Pervasive games need to facilitate communication and creativity to their audience


  • Assassin – no computer required, only a hand!

  • Nokia Game – 600,000 in 28 countries

  • Botfighters

  • Majestic

Casual gamer how to reach them l.jpg

Casual Gamer:How to reach them?

  • Different games

    • Emotional bond

    • Eliminate negatives (difficulty, violence, stress, etc.)

      • Katamari Damacy, Eye-toy Groove

  • Less investment required

    • ‘Inter’-tainment—action occupying short bursts of time between other activities

    • Less ramp-up

Dumb down eliminate controller l.jpg

Dumb down/Eliminate controller

  • Nintendo Revolution Controller

    • 3D Pointing. Sensors for up, down, left, right, forward, backward.

    • Tilt Sensitive. Controller can be rotated or rolled from side-to-side.

    • Buttons Included. Has a trigger on its backside, face buttons, and a D-Pad.

    • Multifunctional. Has an expansion port which can be used with different types of controller peripherals. Analog stick with two trigger buttons for left hand.

    • Wireless.

    • Rumble Built-in.

  • Playstation Eye-toy

    • Demo

Quotes from the industry where are we heading l.jpg

Quotes from the Industry:Where are we heading?

  • “Absence from cyberspace has a cost.” - Michael Benedickt, Cyberspace, First Steps

  • "It means that for a persistent game, you really can just pick up and play anywhere..”- Dominic Mallinson, director of R&D for Sony Computer Entertainment

  • “.. in the world of financial gaming, being off-line – even for a few minutes – can have enormous consequences. This is the harbinger of the gaming environments to come. Gaming is about to extend into everyday life, continuously and deeply; each of us will find the kind of challenge that suits us best - and engage a far-flung but ever-present community of players.” – Mark Pesche, VRML inventor

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