Weaving the Fabric of Our Faith

Weaving the Fabric of Our Faith PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Multiple paths to spiritual growth from meditation to social justice. ... story for every session or workshop conveniently from the

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Weaving the Fabric of Our Faith

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Presentation Transcript

Slide 1:Weaving the Fabric of Our Faith

Slide 2:A new era of curricula for all ages that nurtures…

Slide 8: What’s New about Tapestry? Emphasizes Community, Interdependence, and Relationship

Slide 9: What’s New about Tapestry? Consistently uses anti-racist anti-oppressive multi-cultural lenses

Slide 10: What’s New about Tapestry? Draws from all six UU Sources

Slide 11: What’s New about Tapestry? Family Friendly

Slide 12: What’s New about Tapestry? Intentional about faith development

Slide 13: What’s New about Tapestry? Intentional about UU growth

Slide 14: What’s New about Tapestry? Adaptable for diverse methodologies

Slide 15:What UUs want from Tapestry

Slide 16:Tapestry of Faith is focused on outcomes including . . .

Slide 17: UU Identity

Slide 18: Spiritual Growth

Slide 19: Ethical Development

Slide 20: Faith Development

Slide 21:UU IdentitySharing in the Living Tradition Universalist Heritage: love, faith, hope

Slide 22:UU IdentitySharing in the Living Tradition Unitarian Heritage: freedom, reason, tolerance

Slide 23:UU IdentitySharing in the Living Tradition UU History

Slide 24:UU IdentitySharing in the Living Tradition Principles and Sources

Slide 25:UU IdentitySharing in the Living Tradition Grounded in religious community

Slide 26:Ethical Development:Becoming Our Best Selves Living our values and Principles

Slide 27:Ethical Development:Becoming Our Best Selves Moral agency: making the world a better place

Slide 28:Ethical Development:Becoming Our Best Selves Right relationship

Slide 29:Ethical Development:Becoming Our Best Selves

Slide 30:Ethical Development:Becoming Our Best Selves

Slide 31:Ethical Development:Becoming Our Best Selves

Slide 32:Spiritual Development: The Longing of the Soul Feelings of wonder, awe, mystery, holy

Slide 33:Spiritual Development: The Longing of the Soul Connection to God, ultimate, transcendence

Slide 34:Spiritual Development: The Longing of the Soul Sense of being part of something larger

Slide 35:Spiritual Development: The Longing of the Soul Spiritual mindfulness, spiritual practices

Slide 36:Spiritual Development: The Longing of the Soul Worship, rituals, sacred texts

Slide 37:Faith Development: Growing in Faith Together Making meaning and finding purpose

Slide 38:Faith Development: Growing in Faith Together Acting on values, reflecting on action

Slide 39:Faith Development: Growing in Faith Together Addressing the Big Religious Questions

Slide 40:Faith Development: Growing in Faith Together Exploring, articulating one’s theology, philosophy, beliefs

Slide 41:Faith Development: Growing in Faith Together Knowing what I set my heart to

Slide 42:Faith Development: Growing in Faith Together Finding a sustaining faith in UUism

Slide 43:Our Stories: From our Sources, affirming our Principles

Slide 44:Praxis

Slide 45:We envision children, youth, and adults who:

Slide 48:realize that they are moral agents, acting in the service of diversity, justice and compassion

Slide 49:affirm the importance of family, community, connection

Slide 50:value spiritual practice and living faith

Slide 51:experience hope, joy, mystery, healing, and personal transformation in the midst of life’s challenges.

Slide 52:ChildrenThe Wonder Years An integrated curriculum for grades K-6 that will bring in families, and keep kids coming

Slide 54:Children need: To learn with their minds, hearts and hands

Slide 55:Children need: To engage in integrated experiences that are anchored by soul-stirring narratives

Slide 56:Children need: To learn faith by doing faith

Slide 57:Children need: To be empowered as knowers, practitioners, and creators of Unitarian Universalism

Slide 58:Children need: To know the transformative power of justice and love

Slide 59:Children’s programs include: Central narratives or core stories

Slide 60:Children’s programs include: Activities that engage children in active, meaningful learning

Slide 61:Children’s programs include: Community building

Slide 62:Children’s programs include: Faith in Action activities for children and multi-age groups

Slide 63:Children’s programs include: Enrichment materials for teachers

Slide 64:Children’s programs include: Follow up and outreach activities for families

Slide 65:Children’s programs include: Flexibility for different sizes and models of religious education

Slide 66:Children’s Program: A Snapshot

Slide 67:Duct tape symbolizes flexibility Hammer symbolizes power Seashell symbolizes listening and 13 other sessions on Faith, Questioning, Humor, and more…

Slide 68:Toolbox of Faith: Sample Activities Expression through Music Heaven and Hell Game Kore Chant Clown Painting Tambourine Making . . . and many more

Slide 69:Toolbox of Faith: Sample Stories Answer Mountain Creation Fire, Water, Truth, and Falsehood Stargazer who Discovered a Comet . . . and many more

Slide 70:Toolbox of Faith: Sample Faith in Actions Integrity Bulletin Board Candlelight Vigil Oral History Congregational Stewardship . . . and many more

Slide 71:Youth Program: A Snapshot

Slide 72:Families Our Families Methods of Gathering Narratives And Texts Claiming a Point of View and 9 other sessions on Families Functions, Stories, Celebrations, and more…

Slide 73:Activities from Families Family Continuum Creating a Group Covenant Writing Family Prayers Families, Emotions, and Change Media Awareness Photography as Interaction . . . and many more

Slide 74:Families: Sample Faith in Actions Absent Loved Ones Honoring the Work of Families Weight Discrimination Identity in a Changing World . . . and many more

Slide 75:Adult Program: A Snapshot

Slide 76:Spirit in Practice Workshops Personal spiritual practices Communal worship practices Spirituality and the mind Spirituality and the body Spirituality and social justice and 5 other workshops toward a rich and meaningful Unitarian Universalist spirituality

Slide 77:Spirit in Practice: Sample Stories The Wandering Teacher Siddhartha’s Awakening Mind Meets Body The Wise Fool . . . and many more

Slide 78:Spirit in Practice: Sample Activities Naming Our Experiences Discussion with the Minister The Mind and the Religious Journey Justice Work as Spiritual Practice . . . and many more

Slide 79:What does Tapestry look like online?

Slide 80:Leader Reflection and Planning

Slide 81:Taking It Home

Slide 82:Activities

Slide 83:Stories

Slide 84:Handouts

Slide 85:Leader Resources

Slide 86:Tapestry Staff Judith A. Frediani, Director Aisha Hauser, Children’s Programs Susan Lawrence, Managing Editor Jessica York, Youth Programs Gail Forsyth-Vail, Adult Programs Adrianne Ross, Project Manager Alicia LeBlanc, Administrative Assistant

Slide 87:Tapestry of Faith Online Lifespan Curricula

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