under the hood on extending the my namespace
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Under the Hood on Extending the My Namespace

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under the hood on extending the my namespace - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Under the Hood on Extending the My Namespace. Joe Binder TLN414 Program Manager Microsoft Corporation. Agenda. Design goals My and the .NET Framework Extensibility Model Customizing My, Step-by-Step Deploying My Extensions and Customizations Questions. The My Namespace Vision.

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under the hood on extending the my namespace

Under the Hood on Extending the My Namespace

Joe Binder


Program Manager

Microsoft Corporation

  • Design goals
  • My and the .NET Framework
  • Extensibility Model
  • Customizing My, Step-by-Step
  • Deploying My Extensions and Customizations
  • Questions
the my namespace vision
The My Namespace Vision

… To provide a highly approachable, unified runtime environment for Visual Basic developers.

design pillars
Design Pillars
  • Task-based APIs
  • Default configurations for extensible components
  • Promote best-practice usage patterns
  • Use .NET Framework constructs directly
example interaction model my application log
Example Interaction ModelMy.Application.Log

.NET Framework 2.0 contains powerful and extensible tracing architecture

  • Highly factored design
  • Enterprise scenarios require extension to existing services
  • Configuration is hard!

My.Application.Log provides a simple entry point and default configuration

inside the my namespace extensibility points

— Add new top-level properties


Inside The My NamespaceExtensibility Points

— Customize application model, events, …

— Add device support, hardware events, …

— Custom authorization and authentication

— Use external store (e.g., settings) for settings

inside the my namespace architectural overview


Namespace My

ReadOnly Property Application As MyApplication


Class MyApplication

Inherits ApplicationServices.ApplicationBase

End Class

End Namespace


Namespace ApplicationServices

Public Class ApplicationBase

ReadOnly Property Log As Log

End Class

End Namespace

Inside The My NamespaceArchitectural Overview
extending my at the root level

Extending My at the Root-Level

Adding My.Devices to the Hierarchy

application model architectural overview
Application ModelArchitectural Overview

Shared Sub Main(ByVal Args As String())


End Sub

Namespace My

Partial Friend Class MyApplication

Inherits WindowsFormsApplicationBase

End Class

End Namespace


Namespace Microsoft.VisualBasic.ApplicationServices

Class WindowsFormsApplicationBase

Inherits ConsoleApplicationBase

End Class

End Namespace


my settings architectural overview
My.Settings Architectural Overview







<setting name="FavoriteColor">

<value>0, 192, 0</value>





Property FavoriteColor As Color

Property LastLoggedIn As Date

customizing my user
Customizing My.User
  • Thin wrapper atop IPrincipal/IIdentity
  • WindowsPrincipal used as default
  • Custom Authentication and Authorization are wired in through IPrincipal/IIdentity






customizing my user15

Customizing My.User

Leveraging ASP.NET Personalization in Windows Forms

extending the my namespace design guidelines
Extending the My NamespaceDesign Guidelines
  • Stateless APIs when appropriate
  • Global Instances.
  • Simple Parameter Types
  • Factory Methods
  • Thread-safe
  • .NET Framework Guidelines still apply!
extending the my namespace deployment
Extending the My NamespaceDeployment
  • Class libraries factored into standalone assemblies
  • Extensibility code factored into Visual Studio Template
  • All components packaged and deployed as .VSI





where to go from here
Where to go from here?
  • Attend HOL TLN023!
  • Stop by Tools & Language Track Lounge!
  • Additional resources:
    • http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/05/07/My/default.aspx
    • http://msdn.microsoft.com/vbasic/default.aspx?pull=/library/en-us/dnvs05/html/vbmy.asp

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