The effects of the industrial revolution on the industrial proletariat
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The Effects of the Industrial Revolution on the Industrial Proletariat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Effects of the Industrial Revolution on the Industrial Proletariat. Industrial Revolution in Britain.

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Industrial revolution in britain l.jpg
Industrial Revolution in Britain Proletariat

  • The Industrial Revolution has been very controversial in relation to its time period and occurrence in Britain; however, regardless of when or if it happened, something occurred that developed a need for working classes and a class of people to rule those laboring classes.

Britain s new class structure l.jpg
Britain’s New Class Structure Proletariat

  • Introduced to Britain were new classes of workers, the industrial proletariats, and a new class of rulers, the industrial entrepreneurs.

New classes l.jpg
New Classes Proletariat

  • These new classes have been discussed in works of David Cannadine, E.P. Thompson, Frederick Engels, and Charles Booth.

Booth poverty map l.jpg
Booth Poverty Map Proletariat

Hard times by charles dickens l.jpg
“Hard Times” by Charles Dickens Proletariat

  • Dickens’ “Hard Times” discussed the mechanization of human beings which can be seen through out the book from Gradgrind’s children to the ‘Hands’.

Inequalities develop l.jpg
Inequalities Develop Proletariat

  • The Industrial Revolution developed inequalities in areas such as living locations, wealth, and working conditions that further divided and also dehumanized society.

England switching from an individualistic hierarchy l.jpg
England Switching From an Individualistic Hierarchy Proletariat

  • Britain developed a more dichotomous structure between the ‘haves’, the bourgeoisie which were replacing the landed aristocrats, and the lower working classes which were referred to as the ‘have nots’.

Summary l.jpg
Summary Proletariat

  • The adoption of a utilitarian system of ethics combined with the industrialization of Britain led to exploited, mechanized working classes that were too fragmented to produce a change in harsh working conditions and overcome the power held by the new bourgeoisie.