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Getting Data Out of Corporate Applications:. Output Tools. The Great Integrators. Busam 4/28/2009. Two Types of Tools. Output Tools Published Data (Data Analysis and Reporting). Input Tools Transactional Data (Data Capture). Input Tools. Designed for Data Entry

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Output tools

Getting Data Out of Corporate Applications:

Output Tools

The Great Integrators

Busam 4/28/2009

Two types of tools
Two Types of Tools


Published Data

(Data Analysis

and Reporting)


Transactional Data

(Data Capture)

Input tools
Input Tools

  • Designed for Data Entry

    • On-Line Transactional Processing (OLTP) design

    • Normalized Database to minimize repeated data

    • Tuned for performance

  • NOT Designed for Data Extraction!

    • Complex retrieval queries

      • Complex joins needed to find data

      • Fewer indexes means fast data entry but slow retrieval

    • Complex and heavily technology driven

    • A world of its own…

Input tools1
Input Tools

  • NRM Products – I-Web (Infra, FACTS, TIM, and NRIS)

    • Some Products have a Spatial ArcGIS Interface for input

    • Accessed through Citrix

    • Product Information

      • http://fsweb.nris.fs.fed.us/products/index.shtml

      • http://basenet.fs.fed.us/

  • NRIS Data Exchange Tools (DEX)

    • Bulk loads existing electronic (legacy) data into NRIS (tabular and spatial)

    • Available for TESP, Invasive Species, Plant Survey, Vegetation point data (ocular macroplot, cover frequency, and line intercept), and Wildlife

    • Coming Soon! - Aquatic Survey and Map Units

  • Portable Data Recorders (PDRs)

    • Bulk loads field collected data into NRIS (FSVeg and IS/FACTS only)

For every


there is an


Output tools a cast of characters
OutputTools A Cast of Characters

  • A Variety of applications provide data from a variety of locations for a variety of uses or…

  • Data Entered Once, Used Many Times…

I-Web User Views

Geospatial Interface





MS Access/Excel



Data Warehouse


Spatial Characters

Geospatial interface gi
Geospatial Interface (GI)

  • The Geospatial Interface (GI) is an ArcMap extension

    • Simple user interface – GI toolbar has 4 buttons

    • Users don’t have to know where the data is

    • Integrates spatial and tabular data

    • Displays layers using preset symbols

    • Can load multiple layers at once

    • Includes maps, queries, reports, and GIS analysis

    • One click export to Excel, Access, Word, or text file

General GI Overview



Fire Apps




Geospatial Interface

End Users

Simple access to their data

Geospatial interface gi1
Geospatial Interface (GI)

  • GI products are available for national applications

  • Custom products that combine data from several sources can be made

  • Works in Citrix or from Desktop ArcGIS

  • Set-up and maintenance of GI connections are centrally managed

    • (requires GI manager training)

  • On-line and virtual training sessions available

I web corporate data warehouse cdw
I-Web Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW)

  • I-Web CDW - Storage for Read-only, historical, aggregated data from I-Web

    • Easy to use - “Flat and Fat” –summarized data

    • Data presented in many different ways

      • Feature classes, reports, views

    • OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing)

    • Query across multiple units

Cdw continued
CDW Continued

  • Three ways to retrieve data

    • I-Web CDW Discoverer Interface (national reports)

    • SDE Connection - PC or Citrix ArcGIS/Arc Catalog

    • Geospatial Interface (best for spatial access)

  • CDW Products documented in the FS GIS Data Dictionary

  • National/Regional extents

  • Iterative Development Strategy

  • I web and edc

    Oracle Content DB

    Enterprise File



    ArcGIS Server


    Oracle Tables





    Oracle Tables

    & SDE




    I-Web and EDC

    I web user views
    I-Web User Views

    • Provides tabular corporate data for export to Excel

    • Accessed through the I-Web Dashboard

    • Tabular only

    • Allows queries across units

    • More flexibility than Standard Reports

      • Allows users to choose fields, sort, and write SQL query statements to retrieve specific records

    • Available for numerous NRM applications

    I web access excel tool
    I-Web Access/Excel Tool

    • I-Web add-in toolbar for Microsoft Access and Excel applications

    • One time desktop download and set up

    • Connect to the I-Web database

    • Provides tabular database returns

    • Explore database tables and views

    • Load data into Access and/or Excel

    • Data can be downloaded as a snapshot of the data or linked to always show current data

    Output summary
    Output Summary

    • Once data are obtained from an Output Tool, the data can be used with other data to perform analyses.

      • GI – ArcGIS Extension that provides access to outputs and data from a wide variety of data sources (PC Client or Citrix)

      • I-Web CDW – I-WEB Data Storage Environment for Fat, Flat, and National/Regional Data, Accessed through ArcGIS or ArcCatalog (Citrix Recommended!) or I-Web CDW (National Reports only)

      • I-Web User Views – I-Web tool to provide tabular, summarized data in Excel, Accessed through I-Web interface (Citrix or Web)

      • I-Web Access/Excel Tool – I-Web add-in for MS Excel/Access that allows a user to link or grab data from the I-Web tables through Access or Excel on their PC

    Getting help
    Getting HELP!

    • Business Application Service Environment (BASE): http://basenet.fs.fed.us/support/helpdesk/

      • Use base to suggest additional outputs!

    • ASK NRIS! (Tues. and Thurs.)

    • http://fsweb-drm.r6.fs.fed.us/administration/newsletters/dr-data/2008/08/news-ask-nris.php

    • I-Web Training Calendar: http://basenet.fs.fed.us:8085/training/iweb_training/

      • GI Training - http://fsweb.gac.fs.fed.us/geoteam/v200/training.html

    • NRIS Outputs Web Page: http://fsweb.nris.fs.fed.us/outputs/index.shtml

    • GIS Coordinator Cheat Sheet: http://sforge.fs.fed.us/sf/docman/do/downloadDocument/projects.nris_transformation/docman.root.outputswebpage.how_to/doc12120