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United States Department of Justice. Joan T. McNamara Commander Assistant Commanding Officer Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau. LAPD SAR OVERVIEW. Mandated Suspicious Activity Reporting Special Order No. 11- March 5, 2008 Revised Incident Report Development of MO Codes

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United States

Department of Justice

Joan T. McNamara CommanderAssistant Commanding OfficerCounter-Terrorism andCriminal Intelligence Bureau

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  • Mandated Suspicious Activity Reporting

  • Special Order No. 11- March 5, 2008

  • Revised Incident Report

  • Development of MO Codes

  • Training – Command Staff, Officers, Civilians

  • Community Engagement –

    • i Watch, i Report, i Keep Us Safe

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Draws diagrams or takes notes (building plans, locations of cameras or security personnel, etc.)

Acquires or attempts to acquire illegal explosives / precursor agent

Multiple Passports / ID’s / Travel Documents

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469 Square Miles

570 Critical Infrastructure Locations

Population ~ 4 million

2008 Part I Crimes – 123, 787

1826 SARs YTD

LAX 994 SARs

Central 172 SARs

West LA Area 78 SARs

Harbor Area 54 SARs

West Valley 53 SARs




SAR Analysis / Crime Overlay

Detect Basic Patterns

Strategic Analysis

Tactical Analysis

Top SAR Activity



Critical Infrastructure Location – SAR Reports

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36 Arrests


LAPD Anti-Terrorism Investigation Section

LAPD Criminal Investigation Section

LAPD Criminal Conspiracy Section

LAPD Organized Crime Section

1826 Total LAPD SARS

Critical Infrastructure Location – SAR Reports

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LAPD Bomb Squad

Future of Bomb Related Calls…

Attach Device

X-rays and Photos to each Record

Management Accountability

213 SARS

23 Arrests

7 Post Blast Investigations

Critical Infrastructure Location – SAR Reports

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SAR 08-05-14786

SAR 08-05-14977

1000 pounds of illegal fireworks

Parolee #8

Parolee #10

SAR 08-05-16679

SARs - Bomb Calls


Bomb Parolees

Parolee #12

Critical Infrastructure Location – SAR Reports

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At fence line. Takes Photos

Takes Photos

Fence line alarm activated.

IP observed in driveway

Takes Photos

Displays Police-like badge, Id’s self as PO. Asks questions about security.

Hole in fence line

Suspicious Photography. Front parking lot.

TC Report. Breach of fence

Takes Photos

Cut hole in fence line. GTA.

Takes Photos

Vehicles loitering at fence line

Suspicious Video taping

Takes Photos. In possession of gun and propane

IP observed in driveway

Critical Infrastructure Location – SAR Reports

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Processing of New SARS

JTTF Case Referrals


Better Case Prioritization

Reallocation of Resources

Due Diligence on Each and Every SAR

SAR Management Report - Tracking

Critical Infrastructure Location – SAR Reports

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  • Success Story

  • Hollywood Detective reports that a local “98 cent” store owner is selling illegal high caliber assault rifles.

  • SAR created.

  • Resulted in Arrest of foreign national for 12280 A(1) PC (Transportation of an assault weapon) and 550 PC (Insurance Fraud).

  • Recovery of a cache of weapons.

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  • Success Story

  • Employee at local Cleaner’s discovers detailed photos of the Burbank airport on a thumb drive found in laundry

  • Photos of non-esthetic value

  • Initiates call to local police

  • SAR created

  • Investigation Opened and Closed.

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  • SAR Crime and Arrest

  • LAPD Vice Detectives conduct investigation.

  • Find gaming devices at a local laundromat.

  • Suspect - extremely nervous and agitated.

  • Major Crimes SAR Unit contacted.

  • SAR created.

  • SAR Investigation.

  • SAR Arrest.

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  • Motor officer conducts a traffic stop

  • Driver appeared extremely nervous driver unable to answer routine questions

  • Discovered an expired international drivers license

  • Officer contacted LAPD counter-terrorism Major Crimes Division

  • Officer completed a SAR

  • Further investigation revealed that the vehicle was of interest

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The Success of SAR in Los Angeles

Management Accountability

  • Reallocation of Resources

  • Case Prioritization

  • Dissemination

  • Prevention Strategies