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GAE CMS Analysis (Example). Michael Thomas ( ) (on behalf of the GAE group). Outline. Prepare Code. Collect Results. GAE Analysis. Submit. Monitor. Prepare ORCA Job. Install xcmsi to prepare for local CMS software installation

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GAE CMS Analysis (Example)

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Gae cms analysis example l.jpg

GAE CMS Analysis(Example)

Michael Thomas (

(on behalf of the GAE group)

Korea Workshop May 2005

Outline l.jpg


Prepare Code

Collect Results

GAE Analysis



Korea Workshop May 2005

Prepare orca job l.jpg

Prepare ORCA Job

  • Install xcmsi to prepare for local CMS software installation


  • Install ORCA using xcmsi

    • ./

    • Select packages to install

  • Write and compile the ORCA application

    • cd to ORCA workspace

    • Look at ExRunEvent.cpp in ORCA/src/Workspace as an example

    • More info on using ORCA:

Korea Workshop May 2005

Submit job l.jpg

Submit Job

  • Describe job in Job Description Language (Chimera DAX)

  • Submit job to Grid Scheduler (Sphinx)

  • Sphinx submits job and subtasks to remote sites

  • Use Sphinx job id to monitor job

Korea Workshop May 2005

Describe job in jdl l.jpg

Describe Job in JDL

  • Chimera DAX:

  • Other Job Description Languages being investigated

  • JDL contains

    • Input and output logical filenames

    • Tasks (commands) to be executed

    • Dependency between Tasks represented as a DAG

    • Pointer to application data (ORCA shared libraries, .orcarc)

Korea Workshop May 2005

Submit job to scheduler l.jpg

Submit Job to Scheduler

  • Use client tool to submit to Sphinx

  • Web Service interface provides flexibility for clients

    • Sphinx client application

    • CRAB

    • Web Browser

  • Sphinx returns a Grid Job Id

Korea Workshop May 2005

Sphinx manages job submission l.jpg

Sphinx manages job submission

  • Sphinx locates available resources based on policy information

    • Cpu

    • Input data

    • Network resources

  • Submit job to remote site via BOSS

Korea Workshop May 2005

Monitor progress l.jpg

Monitor Progress

  • Lifelines give immediate feedback on all job status

  • BOSS Job Monitoring

  • MonALISA Monitoring

Korea Workshop May 2005

Job lifeline l.jpg

Job Lifeline

Korea Workshop May 2005

Boss job monitoring l.jpg

BOSS Job Monitoring

Korea Workshop May 2005

Monalisa job monitoring l.jpg

MonALISA Job Monitoring

  • Correlate Lifelines with remote system status

Korea Workshop May 2005

Collect results l.jpg

Collect Results

  • When job is finished, use Logical File Result and Dataset Catalog to obtain result data

  • CAVES used for version control on ROOT session

    • Allows sharing analysis code between users and groups

  • ROOT display for visualization of results

Korea Workshop May 2005

Caves code management l.jpg

CAVES code management

Korea Workshop May 2005

View results l.jpg

View Results

Pz,Px,Py plot of Higgs -> WW

Korea Workshop May 2005

View results15 l.jpg

View Results

Korea Workshop May 2005

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