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ColumbiaBarnard Moving In Tips 2006

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1. Columbia/Barnard Moving In Tips 2006 Moving In Day Dormitory Rooms Places to Eat Banking Convocation Things to do! Revision 1 July 2006

2. Columbia: Moving In Day Carman Hall: B’way & 114th

3. Columbia Moving In Day: Carman Hall unloading zone– after the rush

4. Columbia Moving In Day: Unload the SUV. Student volunteers in the yellow T shirts

5. Columbia Moving In Day: get a box on wheels

6. Get on line for the elevator (about a 35 minute wait)

7. Carman Hall entrance

8. Welcome to Carman

9. Columbia/Barnard: Moving In Tips NO ROOF BOXES on the SUV or minivan (you can’t get into a NYC garage) Get there early Get there the night before – it worked for Matt’s roommate Bring three people: one to park, one to check in, one to wait on the box line. Or get a student volunteer to help.

10. Columbia/Barnard: Moving In Tips Hope for cool weather: the elevators are very overcrowded, so you may have to walk up – even thirteen flights Forget parking on the street - use one of the garages

11. Columbia/Barnard: Just how far is it? Michigan to NYC is 645 miles or about 11 hours

12. Barnard Moving In Day: Barnard Front Gate

17. Carman Hall: Your new room

18. Carman Hall: Your new room

19. Carman Hall: Your new room

20. Columbia/Barnard: Room Set up Computer: Microsoft XP Professional is required by the University. Visit University computer center at Download University Virus Protection before you arrive on campus Bring a 25 ft. network cable to stretch across the dorm room Get a rug: floors are cold in Carman Rent a refrigerator/ or buy one at HD in NJ

21. Columbia/Barnard: Room Set up Useful stores in the neighborhood are listed in the family handbook BB&B service: buy it in MI, pick it up in NJ Home Depot: Secaucus NJ 07094 Bed Bath Beyond: Edgewater NJ 07020

22. Restaurants for Lunch & Dinner Free Lunch on the Van Am Quad Café Pertutti B’way & 113 Café LeMonde B’way & 112 Deluxe or Tom’s: B’way & 113,112 Koronet Pizza: B’way & 110 Dinner at Carmines:B’way at 91st Dinner at Gennaros: Amst at 92nd

23. Columbia/Barnard: Free Box Lunch on the Van Am quad

24. Columbia/Barnard: Get Lunch Cafes, Diners, Pizza

25. Columbia/Barnard: Get Lunch Tom’s Restaurant @ B’way & 112

26. Columbia/Barnard: Tom’s Restaurant home of the lumberjack special

27. Columbia/Barnard: Dean’s Welcome and Academic Convocation

28. Columbia/Barnard: Local Banks Citibank: on campus & at 112th , Citibank student accounts Register but you first need a student ID to activate Citibank Student account Washington Mutual at 113th Better idea: join Chase here in Michigan Chase is on Broadway near 112th

29. Columbia/Barnard: Citibank B’way and 112th

30. Columbia/Barnard: Meet Old Friends. Very old friends

31. Columbia/Barnard: The Parents are Gone What is there to do at Columbia?

32. Columbia/Barnard: Join the World’s Cleverest Marching Band

33. Columbia/Barnard: Join the Crew Team and row New England’s many streams

34. Columbia/Barnard: Join Spectator! New York’s fifth largest daily newspaper

35. Columbia/Barnard: Football games

36. Columbia/Barnard: go to the Hip Hop Concert at the library

37. Columbia/Barnard: Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

38. Columbia/Barnard: Very Important GO TO CLASS! Come home Come back and see us Go to graduation in 2010

39. Columbia/Barnard: Class of 2010 Meagan Eardley Gabriel Schubiner Whitley Granberry Elizabeth Lamoste Constanza Jacobs Katherine Park Kelly Rodal Anna Brower

40. Columbia/Barnard: Class of 2010

41. Columbia/Barnard: Class of 2010 Lixing Qi Xi Guo Austin Lawrence Anastasia Lugo Mendez Shu Yang Abby Sugar Jillian Clark Katherine Martin-Browne

42. Columbia/Barnard: Moving Out Day Tips Saturday after exams is jammed, shown here Carmen Hall has a 12 Noon deadline to clear out Try packing up the Saturday during exams: very easy Fly your student home

43. Columbia/Barnard: Moving Out Day Tips Use a local storage company instead of carrying it all home

44. Columbia/Barnard: notes All Photos: Tom and Tim Reuter, except pages 13-17 (Barnard College), page 27 Columbia College Today, page 36 Char Smullyan Columbia College Financial Aid Map from

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