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Yakisugi: Japanese Charred Wood Siding

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Yakisugi: Japanese Charred Wood Siding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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YakiSugi is well known as a wonder wood \nRich, tasteful, Well-planned custom from Japan transect with dull, emotional siding molded by system known as Yakisugi (otherwise called Shou-sugi-boycott) particularly in western nations. Yakisugi picking up prominence all over world. Presently it is not confined just in Japan but rather past. The course of this wood makes it more sturdy, no compelling reason to take care of, heat proof and spoil and irritation free. Siding made by this technique has a normal existence of more than roughly 100 years, Just purpose of nearness of carbon while smoldering of wood. \nWe can accomplish different surfaces and gleams for inside and outside utilization, from significantly blaze to the satiny and sparkly surface. \nNakamoto Forestry fabricates diverse sort of carbonized wood items that are rich and appealing as well as have extraordinary safe influence. Nakamoto Foresty offer fundamentally three sorts of finished wood: Suyaki, Gendai and Pika-Pika\n

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Nakamoto Forestry

World’s Largest “Shou Sugi Ban” Supplier

about nakamoto forestry
About Nakamoto Forestry

Nakamoto Forestry is the world’s largest producer and supplier of Shou Sugi Ban Wood. They owned by Nakamoto Family and headquartered in Hiroshima prefecture on the west side of Japan. They have four mills in Hiroshima and Tokushima, produce high- quality and affordable Yakisugi wood. With increase in demand of Shou Sugi Ban wood in North America, they expanded their distribution center in Oregon, Portlandand serving customers including interior designers, Architectures and fence designers across USA and Canada.

what is yakisugi
What is Yakisugi

Yakisugi is a traditional Japanese wood plank that is time- tested and durable in terms of pest, fire, UV and water resistant material. It has been charred from outward face, which makes its surface beautiful. It has not purely black look, it can be brushed and oiled to achieve a range of high finished wood for siding and flooring. Charring improves the lifetime of the planks by preventing it from insects, fire, and water. Yakisugi is suitable for both interior decorations when it is polished with oil or exteriors of living and work premises too.


Suyaki is most traditional original Charred Japanese wood and often called alligator in the west. It has heavily Charred surface, which makes it long lasting and durable. Suyaki is mostly use for exteriors because it is non polished original surface but it has stunning and effervescent shimmer.


Gendai surface is most commonly used Yakisugi wood used for exteriors. A single brushed traditional surface through machine makes this wood silky, smooth and consistent. Gendaiwill always be dark in color.

pika pika

Pika-Pika is brushed twice, the second brushing removes all charring from the wood and leaves charred stripes on the wood ridges. It is a three- dimensional textured surface similar to abrasive blasted wood. Pika-Pika takes stains to produce and exotic looks and mainly used in interior applications.


Contact Nakamoto Forestry:

3010 Southeast 54th AvenuePortland, Oregon 97206 USA


Phone: 1-503-512-6780

E-mail: [email protected]