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How to line up millions of people in few minutes? read carfully

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How to line up millions of people in few minutes?

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اجمل ما قرأت

The most beautiful

thing I read

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هذه مكة المكرمة

This is a picture Mecca

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More than three Million people.

Different languages ​​.

Different colors. Different habits. Different ideas.

Different characters. In one place.

At one time

اكثر من ثلاثة مليون شخصلغات مختلفةالوان مختلفةعادات مختلفةافكار مختلفةشخصيات مختلفةفي مكان واحدفي وقت واحد

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Showing some of the preachers on the American person a district of the Haram in Mecca..It is packed with worshipers before the establishment of prayer - and had a breakfast in Ramadan -..Then asked him: -how much time they need to line up in your opinion?

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عرض بعض الدعاة المسلمين على رجل أمريكي مشهد حي للحرم المكي .. وهو يعج بالمصلين قبل إقامة الصلاة - وكان فيه إفطار في رمضان- ..ثم سألوه :-كم من الوقت يحتاج هؤلاء للاصطفاف في رأيك ؟

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فقال :- ساعتين إلى ثلاث ساعات ..He said: - two to three hours..

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فقالوا له :- إن الحرم أربعة أدوار ..فقال :- إذاً نحتاج 12 ساعة They said to him: -the campus (Haram) contain of The four roles He said: - i think it need Twelve-hour

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فقالوا له :-انهم مختلفوا اللغات. They said to him: - They are different languages

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فقال :-هؤلاء لا يمكن اصطفافهم ثم حان وقت الصلاة فتقدم الشيخ السديس وقال :- (( استووا ))

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He said: - these can not be line up, no one can organize them. Then it's time for prayer. Sheikh Sudais shall submit said:( one word ) estawoo(we will be between God hands)line up

Everyone stood in orderly lines in a few moments l.jpg

فوقف الجميع في صفوف منتظمة في لحظات قليلة Everyone stood in orderly lines in a few moments

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Proud to be muslim muhammadyassein@yahoo com l.jpg

Proud to be

Islam organize our life

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