Will gst affect tourism in malaysia
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Will GST Affect Tourism in Malaysia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This video is about the affect of new tax system, GST,on the tourism of Malaysia. The impact is expected to be negative for everything will be pricey after the tax is levied. To experience the best of Malaysia make use of your credit cards and enjoy free gifts, discounts and rewards.For more information click http://www.bestcreditcards.my/banks/affin-bank-credit-cards/

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  • Travelling and shopping are two major source of entertainment for people.

  • But both have a cost attached to them.

  • What if you can travel and shop with less cost?

  • Malaysian Government announced new tax, GST of the best countries to visit for tourism.

  • Fully known as Goods an Services Tax

  • This tax is levied on individual goods and services

  • The point raised here is what impact, if any, will caused on the tourism of Malaysia?

  • Government says that new tax is included into the system to make the tax base more wider and raise more money

  • Also to stop any tax leakage and to raise more money for future projects

  • Predictions are that this new tax will make tourism in Malaysia less attractive than other Indo- China countries such as Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

Conclusion make the tax base more wider and raise more money

  • Only next year will tell that what will be the impact of GST on public and tourists alike

  • Get more information http://morganleejournal.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/will-gst-affect-tourism-in-malaysia/

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