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Talitha flowers
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Talitha flowers


Our business


THALITHA FLOWERS SAS is a bussiness with the purpose to export Flowers to Canada and the United States. It is from Colombia, it was born Bogota in 2007 It is bussiness from family Leon, and his founder is the Mr. Alirio león.The principal office is ubicated in Bogota city, of the Neighborhood modelia, his warehouse in the industrial zone of modelia. THALITHA FLOWERS SAS has a cultivation in around the city. It count with group of workers formed with 14 people approximately.

How we do it


follwing passion, through our staff with more tan 15 years of experience, we make sure of running a wide selection process in between our farm and postharvest, ensuring quality control procedures , base on international standards



To establish a recognition and target presence in traditional and not traditional markets and contact search of new markets, offering a range of fresh cut flowers , with fair competition and high quality product.



To develop as an international Company recognized for its quality, service and accomplishment seeking for continues improvement. One step direct Talitha farms program, Only ONE Phone, for all your alstromerias , carns , minicarns, roses and more, all year round availability, 7-12 service.

Our products


It has a fruit in the form of a capsule that houses numerous seeds, which is characterized by its colors



It is a colorful multi-petal flower, with excellent resistance, long life and versatility

Talitha flowers sas


It is provided with roots from which leaves are born; The leaves have an image similar to arrows, since they are sharpened towards the tip and with the central vein very pronounced, besides they are fleshy and accompanied by a brilliant color.


It is the best known flower of the world, Flor del Rosal, stands out for its beauty, its fragrance and its color generally of a pink tone little raised, with its cultivation it is obtained great variety of colors and classes.

Talitha flowers sas


Perennial herbaceous plants with long and straight stems with fan-shaped flowers. Its distribution is as extensive as the immensity of varieties that exist in half the world.


It is composed of 5 to 9 opposing leaves of dark green color, it is a climbing plant, can reach a large size.

Talitha flowers sas


It is considered resistant to temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius and prefers a protective mulch or shade during the afternoon in extremely hot temperatures, can grow up to 120 cm, vary in color from white, pink and salmon to Bright orange, red and purple., And its flowers, appearing around late spring

Talitha flowers sas

Feel free to talk to our representatives at any time.

Please be patient while waiting for response.

General Inquiries: +1-305-447-2985

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