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USDA COMMODITY PROGRAMS UPDATE Cathie McCullough, Director Food Distribution Division, USDA Legislative Action Conference, March 5, 2007 SY 08 Foods Available - Meat SY 08 Foods Available - Poultry SY 08 Foods Available – Fresh SY 08 Foods Available - Fruit

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Usda commodity programs update l.jpg

Cathie McCullough, Director

Food Distribution Division, USDA

Legislative Action Conference, March 5, 2007

Improving commodities l.jpg

  • Enhance the foods available list to support the nutritional needs of recipients

  • Improve customer appeal of commodities

  • Provide product in more convenient form

Improving commodities11 l.jpg

To help meet recommendations from the

2005 DGAs:

  • Offering more whole wheat/grain items for

    SY 2008:

    • Whole wheat macaroni and spaghetti

    • Brown rice, Quick-cooking brown rice

  • Trans Fats

    • Reviewing commodities for trans fats levels

    • Requiring USDA commodity labels to address trans fats

    • Working to eliminate trans fats from frozen potato products

Improving commodities12 l.jpg

  • Lowering sugar

    • USDA offers canned fruits packed in only juice and water, juice, or light syrup (exception is apple slices packed in water only)

    • No canned fruits are offered in heavy syrup

    • Changed spec to require unsweetened applesauce for schools and institutions

  • Lowering sodium content

    • All canned vegetables meet FDA’s

      “Healthy” standard for sodium

      (≤ 480 mg per serving)

Improving commodities13 l.jpg


  • Long-Term Contracts for Turkey

    • Test buys for whole turkey, roast, hams, deli breast, and deli breast smoked

    • Regular bi-weekly purchases for turkey items will continue

  • Reducing the fat in processed poultry products

    • Will allow processors to substitute meat, either dark or white, for fat and skin during processing at a 1 to 10 ratio

    • More flexibility to lower fat content in end products

Commodity fact sheets guidance l.jpg

  • Updating school commodity fact sheets

    • Surveyed States/schools for feedback

    • Fact Sheets to be completed Spring 2007

  • Developed label guidance

    • 2 Fact Sheets on trans fats and allergens

Cfn home page l.jpg

CFN Home Page

Cfn website migration l.jpg
CFN Website Migration

  • In the very near future, the look, feel, and organization of the CFN website will change.

  • The new site will contain all the information housed on the current site and more!

  • Please remember to reset your internet bookmarks since a few of the current URLs or addresses within the site may change when the new site is launched.

  • The new site is expected to be launched by May 1, 2007 or sooner. We’ll let you know.

Sneak preview l.jpg
Sneak Preview

Fy 2008 farm bill proposals l.jpg
FY 2008 Farm Bill Proposals

  • Provide an additional $500 million over 10 years in F&V purchases for schools

  • Increase the overall Sec 32 F&V purchase minimum going to all domestic commodity programs by $2.75 billion over 10 years

Rewrite of 7 cfr part 250 l.jpg

  • Drafting 2 final rules based on comments received during summer

    2006. They address:

    • Food service management companies

    • Commodity processing

  • Also drafting a proposed rule addressing delivery, distribution, inventory and other issues—we welcome your comments when published!

  • Training and information sharing l.jpg

    • Training in 2006:

    • State SNA meetings

    • Regional and State meetings

    • Industry/processor meetings

    • 2006 LAC and ANC

      Training in 2007:

    • LAC Pre-Conference Session

    • ACDA, March 2007 (Orlando, FL)

    • FD-101 for States, May 2007 (Alexandria, VA)

    • Commodity Track, July 2007 ANC (Chicago)

      We have a new training coordinator!

    Dod fresh f v program l.jpg
    DoD Fresh F&V Program

    • DoD Fresh Program is an OPTION that States may OFFER to schools (not required to offer)

    • Since 2002: Farm Bill requires $50 million of entitlement to be spent annually through 2007

    • The Program is intended to provide SOME/MORE fresh produce for schools

    • Section 4&11 funds MAY BE USED to buy more DoD produce in addition to the above entitlement purchases

    Dod today l.jpg
    DoD Today

    • 47 States, DC, VI, PR, & Guam will participate in

      SY 07-08

    • PA, KS, & DE are not setting aside commodity entitlement dollars for this option

    • About 20 States have chosen to utilize Section

      4 & 11 funds in addition to or in lieu of entitlement dollars

    • SY 06-07 deliveries were delayed until Sept 06 as FNS switched to fiscal year allocation system (this system will continue)

    Dod changes l.jpg
    DoD Changes

    • New Procurement System - using Long-Term Contracts

    • Schools will have 24/7 access to “FFAVORS” (web-based ordering system)

    • Some DoD staff will remain in field to handle customer support & complaint issues

    • FFAVORS is expected to improve monitoring of orders at all levels

    Ecos enhancements l.jpg
    ECOS Enhancements

    • Enhancements for Co-ops

      • Co-ops can roll-up member orders into full truckloads, or combine them with other ECOS users

      • Co-ops can access information on commodities available, entitlement, requisitions, delivery orders, etc.

      • Co-ops can manage orders for their members like the State does for recipient agencies

    Questions l.jpg

    Cathie McCullough

    [email protected]

    Ph: 703-305-2680