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Beep Baseball

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1. Beep Baseball

2. Who is Beep Baseball for? Beep Baseball is a form of baseball adapted for people with visual impairment All players are required to wear blindfolds except the pitcher, the catcher, and the spotters.

3. What is Beep Baseball? A game lasts 6 innings. Each team has 3 outs per inning. NO 2ND BASE! 1st and 3rd bases are 4-foot padded cylinders with speakers and are placed 100 feet down the lines 10 feet off the foul line.

4. More about Beep Baseball… 1st and 3rd bases have a buzzing sound when activated. The batter does not know which one will be turned on when they hit the ball. The runner must identify the correct buzzing base and run to it before the ball is fielded by a defensive player.

5. 1 of 3 things done when batting: Hit the ball and make an out by being retired by the defense Hit the ball and earn a safe call to score a run Strike out! 4 strikes are allowed, but only 1 ball. The 4th swing must be a clean miss.

6. National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA) The dimensions of a beep ball field are established by NBBA and are standard throughout the country. In 1964, Charles Fairbanks created the first “beep baseball”. The modern beep ball was introduced in 1973 by Pioneers in North Andover, Massachusetts.

7. Equipment and Costs Beep Baseballs - $30 each. To repair - $21 each. Beep Baseball chargers - $10 each, charging pins - $3 each. Any standard softball bat may be used, not to exceed 36”, 38 ounces. USABA (U.S. Assoc. for Blind Athletes) and Sioux Falls blindfolds are recognized as the minimum standard blindfold at $4 each. Bases – A full set with electronic components are $465.00!! (48”-54” height, with sound device centered 36” above ground)

8. Starting a Team 3 things: money, time, and dedicated people Money is for buying and repairing equipment, transportation and lodging for tournaments, uniforms, registration fees. Volunteers: team pitcher, catcher, and spotters; providing transportation to and from practices and games; marking and setting up the field, charging beep balls, maintaining equipment, and fundraising!!

9. More on the game 6 blindfolded fielders to equalize each player’s degree of visual impairment 2 people without a VI when playing defense 1 pitcher w/out a VI 1 catcher w/out a VI Ideal field = flat grassy areas, free of trees and bushes A hit ball must travel at least 40 feet to be considered fair A ball hit more than 180 feet is a 2-run home run!

10. Defense 1 – 1st baseman 2 – right fielder 3 – middle fielder 4 – left fielder 5 – 3rd baseman 6 – back fielder 2 spotters in the outfield who call out the number indicating the general direction the ball is hit to. Defense moves according to the number called.

11. Defense… Outs are earned by fielding the ball before the runner reaches the base and is held up in the air by the defensive player. Interesting… in the NBBA’s history, there has been only 5 documented cases of a hit ball being caught in the air from a fly ball Good defensive players use their bodies and the ground to block and trap the hit beep balls.

12. Offense One of the biggest differences between Beep Baseball and Baseball: both the pitcher and the catcher (w/out a VI) are part of the offense. The catcher and the pitcher must know their hitters very well in order to gain a higher score. The catcher sets the target for the pitcher to throw where the batter is best at hitting the ball.

13. Pitcher Before each pitch, the pitcher calls “ready” to alert the batter and the fielders that the ball is about to be pitched. At the beginning of the underhand throw, the pitcher calls out either “pitch” or “ball”. The batter knows to allow a second to pass before swinging at the beeping ball. When a ball is hit, a sideline official throws a switch that causes one of the bases to sound. Batter must identify the direction to run and reach the base before the ball is fielded to score!

14. Pitching… Consistency is key Each pitch should be the same speed Pitchers must know their hitters Dangerous position! The pitcher is only 20 feet from the batter and usually gets hit every game! Dodging the beep ball and the runner is part of the pitcher’s game.

15. Need to know before you play Usually 2 practices per week for 2 hours per practice. Equipment should be ordered in the off season (September – January) Beep baseballs take about 12 hours to fully charge. And, the beep ball must be completely discharged before it can be recharged… Money, money, money and fundraising during the off season! NBBA fees =$25 per team plus $10 per individual. World Series of Beep Baseball $310 entry fee, transportation and lodging fees.

16. Competition and Skills A highly competitive and skill-oriented game. Requires athletes to dive into the ground to stop a beeping ball and run full speed toward the buzzing base to score a run. Desire, determination, teamwork, skills, competition, and fun make up this game. Not for those afraid of injury or scrapes. Some injuries do occur and players must know this and accept the risks to play the sport they love.

18. Beep Baseball Tournaments Topeka Beep Baseball Tournament Indy Thunder Beep Baseball Tournament Bolingbrook Beep Baseball Tournament Midwest City Tournament (Oklahoma) Viper Classic Beep Baseball Tournament The NBBA World Series of Beep Baseball

19. World Series Beep Baseball 1976 – St. Paul, MN 1977 – Lawrence, KS 1978 – Phoenix, AZ 1979 – Wichita, KS 1980 – Dallas, TX 1981 – Houston, TX 1982 – Minneapolis, MN 1983 – Minneapolis, MN 1984 – Albuquerque, NM 1985 – Minneapolis, MN 1986 – Palo Alto, CA 1987 – Ithaca, NY 1988 – Austin, TX 1989 – Topeka, KS 1990 – Chicago, IL 1991 – Houston, TX 1992 – Minneapolis, MN 1993 – Austin, TX 1994 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1995 – Denver, CO 1996 – Austin, TX 1997 – Topeka, KS 1998 – Oklahoma City, OK 1999 – Sacramento, CA 2000 – Taipei, Taiwan 2001 – Strongsville, OH 2002 – Glenview, IL 2003 – Denver, CO

20. World Series Beep Baseball 2004 – Columbus, OH 2005 – Houston, TX 2006 – Cleveland, OH July 30th – August 5th 2007 – Rochester, Minnesota In the world of Beep Baseball the NBBA World Series is the most important event of the season. Held annually since 1976. Held between late July and early August each year.

21. Score!

22. Caught! You’re out!

23. Nice hit!

24. Find that base!

25. Dive!

26. THERE!

31. Resources = National Beep Baseball Association. Equipment, Tournaments, donations, newsletter, rules, NBBA Teams, contacts, World Series info., Pictures. = Ability Magazine Beep Baseball article by Bob Toye, Costa Mesa, CA. = FAQ

32. Contacts NBBA General Information – [email protected] Website Information – [email protected] PR Director for info on media coverage – [email protected] For a team starter package – [email protected]

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