Safe Family Summertime Fun
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Senior Care & Caregiving Tips: Summer Safety for Grandkids and Seniors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To help ensure summertime adventures are enjoyable for pre-schoolers to seniors, a number of safety precautions can help. Right at Home Ann Arbor, a senior care company in Ann Arbor, MI, provides these summer safety tips. For more articles and information about senior care and caregiving tips, visit

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Safe Family Summertime Fun

for Grandparents and Grandkids

Keep the fun in summertime togetherness with these safety tips for outdoor activities.

• Amusement Parks–Take a 15-minute break or so between high-speed rides.

Watch for nausea, dizziness and headaches as signs of bodily stress.

• Biking–A stable, comfortable bike fitted well for each body size will reduce the

risk of falling and injury. Cruisers or hybrid bikes that put riders in a better upright

position are best for seniors.

• Boating –Essential boating safety includes wearing life jackets, avoiding

alcohol use and knowing weather forecasts and local conditions.

• Camping–Always follow basic camping safety. Pack a first aid kit and

emergency supplies including a flashlight, knife, map, compass and waterproof

fire starter. Apply liberal amounts of insect repellant. Be aware of how to respond

to wildlife encounters.

• Swimming –A key to swimming safety is not swallowing chlorinated or natural

ocean, river or lake water. Every hour, both adults and children are advised to

take a bathroom break, reapply sunscreen and rehydrate.

Before beginning any activity, grandparents and grandchildren should review current

9-1-1 and other emergency numbers and have those numbers handy in their

smartphones in case of emergency.

Right at Home Ann Arbor is a leading provider of in-home care and assistance, helping

seniors live as independently and actively as possible. Contact us at or by calling (734) 971-5000.